The "Wesleyan Methodist was the first to organize, December 7, 1855. In the spring of 1833, E. R.Powers and George Keneday moved with their families from Ohio to Illinois. Being members of that church in the former state, they brought their letters of recommendation with them. They purchased land in Perryton township. There was no religious organization near where they settled, and they were anxious to promote the cause of Christianity, and had a preference for a church that did not recognize slave-holders and which did exert its influence against intemperance, war, and secret oath-bound societies. They had been in Illinois nearly
a year before they found a member of that order. Finally learning that there were Wesleyans at Millersburg, they went there to obtain a
preacher, and after a short time the Rev. Mr. Mekpam came to their place and preached the first sermon listened to in Perryton, and
preached by a Wesleyan. About two weeks after this, a young man named B. F. Haskins preached at the same place. These sermons
were delivered some time in April, 1854. In the month of July following, the Rev. J. M. Snyder visited the neighborhood, and
preached by appointment. His field of labor included Perryton, and here he made appointments to preach once in four weeks on Sabbath.
These exercises were held, alternately, at the houses of Mr. Powers and Keneday. At the beginning of the next conference year the citizens
of Perryton erected a school house near the Hamlet postofiice, where the services were then held. The Rev. Mr. Snyder having dispensed
with his former field of labor, he was now able to preach to them once in two weeks, on Sunday. Durino- this time a revival was held and
twenty-seven members were added to the church. Mr. Powers and Keneday, with their families had, a year previously, joined the church
at Millersbusg, but by request changed and joined the church in their own neighborhood. The first ofiicers of the church were : J. M. Snyder,
ofticiating elder ; Levi Cooper, clerk. The first members were Ebenezer R. Powers, Cornelia Powers, George Keneday and his wife,Celestia Keneday, Levi Cooper and his wife, Lucy Cooper, Jonas Fender, John Cooper, M. Welch. On the 16th of December of that year, were added to the church : Daniel Bopes, Henry Freeman, Joseph F. Cooper, D. H. Cooper, Sarah Cooper, Sarah Mclntyre, Ann Asquith. Up to 1856 they had thirty-one regular members and twentyone probationers. This church was prosperous from the first; but having no place in the township large enough to accommodate all who thronged to the place of worship, they accordingly built a church of their own on the center of section 24.

Antioch Baptist church was organized July 22, 1866. This church owes its existence to George Miller, who, living at Sugar Grove, was
a prominent member of that denomination, and church services were held at his house at an early period. When Mr. Miller left thiscounty for Oregon, the place of holding meetings was changed to Lunn's school-house. This was called the Sugar Grove church. It increased in membership until finally they were joined by a few from Edgington, and a new church formed at the above place. The members
most prominent in the movement were : John Young, James Young, L. H. Castor, B. F. Miller, and Frederick Yolkel, At the schoolhouse preaching was held until 1870, at which time a new church was erected on section 1. This edifice was built bj subscription at a cost
of $2,300. Among the first early preachers were: Henry D. Kline, John Young and Alexander Sutton. A revival took place in 1807,
under the preaching of one Pickert, an e\'angelist, which was the first revival after occupying the new church. The next was under the supervision of James Young, in 1803. The next, conducted by J. E. R. Young, added fifty-three new members to the strength of the church.
Among the early membership of the church were : Lewis Landreth and wife, John Downing and wife, IVEilton Elliott and wife, James Elliott and wife, L. C. Elliott and family, E. W, Miller and wife, B. F. Miller and wife, John McLaughlin and wife, T, C. Lewis and wife.

Among the first organizers of the Buftalo Prairie church, of Duncan, Jesse L. Adams took an active interest. He was born in Bucks
county, Ohio, March 23, 1808. He subsequently moved from that state to Madison county, Indiana, and settled in the wilderness. In 1822 he went to visit his older brother, who was then living on the Wabash river. While sojourning he united with the Church of Jesus Christ, and was called to the oflice of elder in 1835. In 1835 hemoved to Mercer county, settling near Glancey's lake, in Eliza township. He being enthusiastic in the faith, immediately began the agitation of establishing a church, and accordingly in 1802, the church
was organized with eleven members. Winthrop Holmes was called to the eldership. The first meetings were held at the houses of the different members. The services were conducted by Elder J. W. Gillon, J. H. Gurley, and AY. Holmes. The latter named dying in 1865, his place was filled by J. F. Adams. Up to 1805 the church had a membership of twenty-seven. In 1808 a revival took place, at which time 103 were added to the church, making in all 130 members, and they immediately set about building a church by subscription.
This was dedicated September 5, 1808. In the fall of 1873 J. F. Adams resigned the eldersliij) of the church, and David S. Holmes was called ; he resigned in 1875, and E. F. Bryant was called. Lender his administration the church reached 250 members.

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