The following list gives practically all physicians (with place and time of graduation,also location), who have located in Mercer County

Mark Willits, place and date of graduation unknown; location, New Boston.

Thomas Willits, place and date of graduation unknown; location, New Boston.

T. M. Stewart, place and date of graduation unknown; location, Eliza.

Samuel Kelly, place and date of graduation unknown; location. Keithsburg.

A. B. Campbell, place and date of graduation unknown; location, Keithsburg.

J. B. Rathbun. place and date of graduation unknown; location, Richland Grove.

J. F. Woods, place and date of graduation unknown; location, Aledo.

W. D. Craig, Rush Medical College, 1878, Aledo.

A. L. Craig, Rush Medical College, 1878, Aledo.

H. D. Browning, Rush Medical College, New Windsor.

John C. Furlong, Rush Medical College, 1891, Aledo.

M. G. Reynolds, Rush Medical College, 1880, Aledo.

A. Ashbaugh, Rush Medical College, 1878, Reynolds.

Eugene Smith, Rush Medical College, 1878. Viola.

Walter Miles, Rush Medical College, 1898. Viola.

W. S. Ryan, Rush Medical College, 1895, Viola.

J. W. Ramsey, Rush Medical College. 1902.

P. H. Bowen, Rush Medical College, 1902, Seaton.

H. S. Allen. Rush Medical College, 1902. New Boston.

J. D. McKelvey, Rush Medical College. 1895, Eliza.

T. D. Coe, Rush Medical College, 1884, Keithsburg.

Frank D. Rathbun, Rush Medical College, 1878. New Windsor.

J. C. Close, Rush Medical College, 1894, Eliza.

L. B. Doxey, Rush Medical College, 1894, Joy.

E. L. Emerson, Rush Medical College, 1881, New Windsor.

W. B. Martin, Rush Medical College, 1888, New Windsor.

M. B. Hoffman. Keokuk Medical College, Cable.

James F. McCutehen, Keokuk Medical College, Norwood.

J. S. Roseberry, Keokuk Medical College, Cable.

T. C. Hainline, Keokuk Medical College, 1897, Seaton.

V. A. McClannahan, Keokuk Medical College, 1894, Viola.

J. S. Hamilton, Keokuk Medical College, 1898, Viola.

C. T. Lytle, Keokuk Medical College, 1898,New Boston.

E. L. McKinney, Keokuk Medical College, Viola.

A. C. Sells, Keokuk Medical College, 1892, Aledo.

Wilbur F. Kelly, Keokuk Medical College,1882, Keithsburg.

George Irvin, Jefferson Medical College, 1853, Aledo.

Nathaniel Derr, Jefferson Medical College,1853, Joy.

M. Criswell, Jefferson Medical College, 1876, Joy.

E. S. Cooper. Jefferson Medical College, 1877, Alexis.

John P. McClannahan, Jefferson Medical College, 1854. Norwood.

W. W. Nye, Jefferson Medical College. 1878, Swedona.

Albert Trego, Jefferson Medical College, 1861, Richland Grove.

James H. Seyler. University of Pennsylvania, 1869. Preemption.

Walter F. Suiter. Castleton Medical College, New Boston.

D. I. McMillan. Chicago Medical College, 1869, Sunbeam.

T.. L. Marshal!. Bell Medical College, Keithsburg.

Edwin E. Kendall. University. Buffalo, N. Y., 1853. North Henderson.

Thomas H. Bras. Eclectic Medical College, Cincinnati. Ohio. 1855. New Boston.

Charles W. Carter. Physicians and Surgeons' College. Chicago. 1897. Aledo.

H. H. Sherwood. Physicians and Surgeons" College. Chicago. 1901. New Windsor.

James A. Mannon, Physicians and Surgeons' College, Chicago, 1894, Sherrard.

J. E. Swanson, Physicians and Surgeons' College, Chicago, 1899, Swedona.

A. N. Mackey, Bellevue Medical College, New York, 1893, Aledo.

E. J. Hay, Bellevue Medical College, New York, 1896, Millersburg.

John S. Allen, Hahneman Medical College, Chicago, 1878, Keithsburg.

Louis W. Wright, Hahneman Medical College, Chicago, 1884, Aledo.

H. E. Morrison, Hahneman Medical College, Chicago, 1891, Aledo.

E. H. Cutts, Hahneman Medical College, Chicago, 1899, New Boston.

I. E. Burtnette, Hahneman Medical College, Chicago, 1898, Joy.

Wiiliam B. Warrell, Chicago Homeopathic College, 1894, Cable.

James M. Wallace, Columbus Medical College, Ohio, 1879, Aledo.

A. P. Willits, Certificate State Board, Keithsburg.

O. B. Stafford, Certificate State Board, New Boston.

H. H. .Fletcher, Barnes Medical College, St. Louis, 1899, North Henderson.

J. Neil Cox, Wooster University, Ohio, 1889, North Henderson.

John P. Chowning, New York City College, 1876, Millersburg.

J. V. Frazier, Rock Island, Ill., 1849, Viola.

Charles Stewart, Ann Arbor, Mich., North Henderson.

Charles S. Bigelow, Ann Arbor, Mich., Ferdinand.


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