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Janes Bentley

Ammi Bissell

Milton S. Boise

Washington Boone

William C. Breckenridge

*Lewis Brewer

William Briggs

Harison Brown

Charles Cabeen

*Hon. Robert Cabeen

Peter Cameron

Mark Cannum

Dr. James Campbell

Mathew S. Campbell

Jessie Carver

Rendding Carver

David Andrew Clark

Martin Coffland

William A. Cole

William Connolly

Joseph Conway

George M. Cool

William B. Cullison

Dr. E.B. David

*John W. Dilley

*John W. Ditto

Andrew Douglass

Courtney Drury

William Drury

Sidney Durston

Samuel Durston

Nicholaus Edwards

M.F. Felix

Robert Foster

Fredrick Frick

William Fuller

William C. Garrett

John Geigee

William C. Gillespie

Joseph Glancey

William F. Graham

*Minerva Greer

The Gilmore Family

William Hammond

*John Henry

*Wesley Henry

Robert Hicks

Loris Holmes

William H. Holmes

D.R. Johnston

John Y. Johnston

Thomas L. Johnston

*Milton Jones

Daniel Mack

William Main

William S. McClannahan

Joseph McKee

*James Kellogg

Henry Kimmel

John Lafferty

William Lafferty

*John W. Landers

Thomas Likely

David W. Little

Henry Kimel

John A. Maxwell

Alexander McArthur

John F. McBride

James McLaughlin

Benjamin F. Morey

Tyler McWhorter

Timothy Merryman

William P. Morgan

* Edwin Morris

*George Morris

*John Morris

James K. Morrow

*Jasper Ogle

*Lewis Ogle

Julius Orro

James W. Page

Hon. John C. Pepper

Alexander Petrie

Cornelius Petrie

George W. Pinkerton

Wallace W. Pinkerton

*Samuel Pollock

James H. Ramsey

Asa W. Ransom

Charles Samuelson

*Duncan Seaton

*John J. Seaton

James H. Seyler

Roswell Sexton

A.P. Shroyer

Willaim Simpson

George Smith

John B. Smith

* Lucius E. Smith

Nathan P. Smith

*Warren L. Smith

Reuben Spicer

Thomas Spicer

Alson Streeter

Luke Strong

Andrew Trask

Rev. Thomas B. Turnbell

Jacob W. Unangst

*James Vance

Snowden White

*Thomas Whitehall

Kenneth M. Whitham

Levi Willets

*Sarah Willits

William M. Willits

*W.A. Winchester

George A. Wright

T.G. Woodhams

Alexander Woods