These were taken for the Rock Island County Biographical List.Even though they were in Rock Island their addresses are P.O Preemption. The year is 1877.


Rural Township

Allen Esbon farmer; Sec. 32; RichlandGrove; dem; Chris.

Allen Joseph, farmer; Sec.29; P.O.Richland Grove; dem; Cath.

Domady S. laborer; P.O. Richland Grove;dem; Cath; from Ireland.

Haefley Geo., Jr. farmer; Sec. 33; P.O. Richland Grove; dem; Evang.

Housche John, Sec. 30; P. O. Richland Grove; dem; Meth; from Germany.

Krub Michael, tenant; Sec. 32; P. O. Richland Grove; Luth.

McDONALD JAMES B. Farmer; Sec. 29; P. O. Richland Grove; born in Brown Co., O., March 5, 1822; came to this Co. in 1848; Dem; Meth; owns 620 acres of land, valued at $35,000; son of Jesse and Mary (Butler) McDonald, of Kentucky; the former died Feb..9, 1873, the latter died in 1825; at the age of 16 he moved into Tippecanoe Co., Ind; lived there 14 years; then, with very small means to make a start with, moved to this Co.; married Jane, daughter of John and Losada Spivey, Feb. 15, 1848; she was born Dec. 19, 1829; have five children, Jasper N ., born Nov. 22, 1848; Francis M., Sept. 5,1852; Lawrence M., June 6, 1854; Etta Ann, April 8, 1859; Sherman J., July 4,1865; Mr. McDonald's residence was finished in the year 1873.

McDonald Lawrence, farmer; Sec. 29; P. O. Richland Grove; dem.

McMEEKIN ANDREW , farmer; Sec. 29; P. 0. Richland Grove; born in Co. Down, Ireland, July 8,1826; came to this Co. in 1851; Rep; Presb; owns 200 acres of land, valued at $7,000; son of James and Mary (McAnce) McMeekin, of Ireland; came to the United States in 1847; lived four years in Penn., thence to this Co.; Vol. in Co. A, 37th Ill. Inf.; was under Col. Black in the battles of Prairie Grove and siege of Vicksburg; also the siege of Fort Blakely, near Mobile, Ala.; after three years and one month's service was honorably discharged, June 12,1865; married Mary Elenor, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Allely, Oct. 20, 1853, who was born Sept 2,1833; have six children, Joseph A, born March 4, 1855; Isabella, Sept. 9,1856; Francis, June 1, 1858; Mary Lucinda, Jan. 4,1861; John, April 9,1867; James William, Nov. 13,1869.

SCHOENING MRS. FREDERIC ,Farmer; P. O. Preemption; born in Goeppingen, Wittingbury, Germany, May 16, 1819; came to this Co. in 1846; Luth; estate of 500 acres, valued at $10,000; Mr. Sheening was born March 1, 1820 ; was in the German Army six years, then came to the U. S. in 1847 ; was married Aug. 29 of the same year, by Esq. Bridgford, of Mercer Co.; died June 25, 1873, leaving six children, Rebecca M., born Jan. 28, 1848 ; Ann Mary, Aug. 4, 1849; J. Frederick, April 20, 1851; John, Aug. 8, 1853; Han nah, Oct. 25, 1855 ; Lewis J., July; 13, 1858 ; Ann Mary married Henry Allimany, of Mercer Co. Scott Josiah, farmer ; Sec. 10; P.O. Milan;dem; Presb; from Pennsylvania.

Spivey A. farmer; Sec. 32; P.O. Richland Grove; dem; Lib.

Weiss M. farmer; Sec. 30; P. 0. Pre-emption;dem; Lib; from Germany.

Wilson William, tenant; Sec. 3; P. O. RichlandGrove; dem; Meth.


Bowling Township

ARMSTRONG CHRISTOPHER, farmer; Sec. 34; P. O. Pre-emption; rep.

Armstrong Foster, renter; Sec. 34; P. 0. Pre-emption ; rep; Meth; from Ireland.

Armstrong John, farmer, lives with C. Armstrong ; rep; Ind; from Canada.

Armstrong Thos. farmer; Sec. 34; P. O. Pre­emption; rep; Meth; 360 acs, val. $16,200.

Bauers Jacob, farmer; Sec. 24; P. 0. Pre­ emption; Cath; 155 acs, val. $6,200; Ger.

Blakely Jas. farmer; Sec. 33; P.O.Pre-emption ; rep; Epis; from Ireland.

Blakely John, Sr. farmer; Sec. 34; P. O.Pre­ emption ; rep; Epis; 520 acs, val. $23,000.

Blakeley John, Jr. farmer; Sec. 34; P. O. Pre-emption; rep; Ind; born Illinois.

Clark Wm. farmer; Sec. 33; P. O. Pre-emp­ tion; rep; Ind; 160 acs. val. $8,000; Irel'd.

CLARKE DAVID , Farmer; Sec. 36; P. 0. Pre-emption; born in County Ferma­ nagh, Ireland, Sept. 22,1822; came to this country in 1838, and to this Co. in 1841; lived here thirty-six years; Rep; Epis; 355 acres, value $15,000; School Director; wife was Miss Alice Blakely, who was born in same Co., in 1835; married Nov. 1, 1853; seven children, four boys and three girls.

Clark Jas.; Sec. 36; P. O. Pre-emption; rep; Epis; born Illinois.

Clark John, farmer; Sec. 36; P. 0. Pre-emption ; rep; Meth; 215 acs, val. $10,750.

Copley M. P. farmer; Sec. 25; P. O. Pre­emption; ind; Ind; 40 acs,val. $1,600.

Doonan Jas. farmer; Sec. 33; P. 0. Pre-emption ; rep ; Epis ; born Illinois.

DOONAN THOS. Farmer; Sec. 32; P. O. Pre-emption; born in County Fer­ managh, Ireland, Jan. 1 , 1814; came to this Co. March 19, 1848; lived in Mercer Co. three years; on his present farm twenty-six years; Rep; Epis; 480 acres, value $19,200; wife was Jane Blakely, who was born in same County, in 1819; married Sept. 15, 844; three children, two boys and one girl.

Doonan Wm. farmer; Sec. 33; P.O. Pre­ emption; rep; Epis; 160 acs., $8,000 ; Ire.

FREEBERG WM. Farmer; Sec. 23; P. 0. Pre-emption ; born in Holland, Apr. 29, 1827; came to Ill. in 1847; lived in Dubuque four years and Galena three years; came to this Co. in 1854; wife was Isabella Foster, born in Co. Fermanagh, Ire., Feb., 1830; married Apr. 15,1852; three children, Abraham.born in Dubuque, Nov., 1853; Margaret Jennie, born here, Sept. 15,1854; Mary A., June 30,1857; Rep; Meth; 2091/2 acres, value $8,380.

Groden Peter, renter; Sec. 28; P.O. Pre­ emption; dem; Cath; from Ireland.

Johnston Jno. W. farmer; Sec. 26; P.O. Pre­ emption ; rep; Epis; 540 acs., $25,000; Ire.

Johnston Robert R. farmer; Sec. 29; Pre­ emption; rep; Epis; 480 acs., $20,000; Ire.

Johnston RobtW. farmer; Sec. 35; P.O.Pre­ emption ; rep; Epis; 320 acs., $15,000; Ire.

Johnston Thomas H. farmer; Sec. 28; P. O. Pre-emption; rep; Epis; 160 acres, $8,000.

LATHROP H. S. Farmer; Sec. 23; P.O. Pre-emption; born in New Orleans, La., Jan. 24, 1824; came to this Co. in Aug., 1863; Dem; Presb; 80 acres, value $3.000; wife was Mrs. Sarah Love, born in Co. Fermanagh, Ire., July 18, 1830; married Jan. 11,1857; three children, two boys and one girl.

Martin Andrew, farmer; Sec. 14; P. 0. Milan; rep; Meth; 200 acs, val. $8,000.

Schoening Fred, renter; Sec. 36; P. 0. Pre emption ; dem ; Ind ; born Illinois.


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