He (deceased) was the son of Porter and Margaret Bissell, and was born in Mahoning county, Ohio, in 1833. In 1854 the family, consisting of the father, mother and six children, came t6 Mercer county. Ammi first bought land of John Geiger in section 1, in Greene township, and began farming for himself. During the war he availed himself of the excellent opportunities the prices then afforded to either make or break, and. began dealing in stock. During the remaining years of his life he dealt largely in live stock, and added every year to his large tracts of land.

Mr. Bissell was married in May, 1857, to Miss Mary Mclennan, and the couple had five children born to them, whose names in the order of their ages are : William H., Cleon (deceased), John L. (deceased), Ethelbert, and Frank. Mr. Bissell was an excellent financier, and by shrewd management he accumulated a large amount of property, having at the time of his death nearly 1,100 acres of land, besides a great deal of stock. He was a man who would trade for anything, and, although a close dealer, was never accused of dishonesty, or of taking advantage of the poor. He died from the effects of injuries sustained by being thrown from a horse, and was buried November 26, 1873. His death was deeply mourned by the entire community. Mrs. Bissell now resides in Viola, where she recently erected a handsome residence, and where she has a large circle of friends



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