Smoot/Curtis School



Smoot/Curtis School 1895

This article appeared in the Petersburg Observer on March 20, 1969. My husband's father, Nathan Martin, is shown in the 2nd row with his hands on the shoulders of the young man in front of him. Nathan was 14 1/2 at the time. All of the students are identified.
    The article says the photo was owned by Kate Park Faith. Faith was the maiden name of Nathan's maternal grandmother (Sarah Faith Kinney). We would like to get in contact with whoever may have this photograph, or any descendants of Sarah Faith Kinney.

Submitted by Carole Martin




Curtis School 1943

Shown in the above photo, are pupils of Curtis School, in 1943.
The original photograph is the property of August Albert, who
was able to identify some of the pupils, but not all.
From the left, are: Tommy Fitzsimmons; Dolly, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. August Albert; Mary Fitzsimmons; Patty Shockey;
Charles Albert, brother of Dolly; Joe Simmering;
back row, another Simmering boy, unknown first name; next
are two girls; unidentified teacher, Mrs. Theresa Wood, wife
of Charles Wood; next are tow boys unidentified.

Submitted by Jeanie Lowe

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