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News Articles

The Petersburg Military Band
The Markwell Familiy-5 Gens.
Oldest Veteran Congratulated--William Thomas Martin
Taking Down Colonel Rogers Place
Menard Co Teachers Institute, 1890
3 Members of the Long Nine [Photo]
Picture of New Salem

Legion Parade in Petersburg: late 30's or early 40's (photo #1, photo #2, photo #3): submitted by Phyllis Hansen


Henry Balster 90th Birthday
Mary Balster 82nd Birthday
Alice Baum 83rd Birthday
Alice Baum 84th Birthday
Mrs. Harold Smoot Wedding Reception
Mary Hohimer Watkins 91st B-day
Balster-King Wedding
White-Powers Wedding

Deaths & Disasters

Abner Feagans Accidental Death
Three Drown in the Sangamon
Barney Adams Stricken Down: Auto
Execution of Charles Houlden
Henry Luke Suicide Poisoning
Pvt. Harris Osborne Wounded
Henry Reitz Suicide Drowning
Herman Reitz Suicide Shooting
1903 Athens Mining Accident
1900 Athens Mine Fire
Murder of Maud Cooper-Mar. 1921
Marion Baum Train Death
Smallpox in Athens

Lincoln-related News Items

Photo of Lincoln's Funeral Cortege
Lincoln During Civil War [Photo]
Lincoln's Old Home [Photo]
Lincoln's Dog [Photo]
Ann Rutledge
The Lincoln Home
Lincoln's Home in 1860
Woodcut Illus. of Lincoln's Home
Lincoln's Old Homestead
Sketch of Lincoln's Home
Lincoln's Tomb 1900

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