______________  The Petersburg Observer July 28, 1933  ______________


Above: Mentor Graham's burial place in Farmers Point Cemetery, Rt. 97 South of Petersburg, IL
Picture taken by Stan Lowe June 2007


On Sunday, July 23, a beautiful and impressive memorial service was held at Farmers Point cemetery when the remains of Mentor Graham were returned to remit beside his wife and family.

A great nephew, Rev. Jerry Wallace, rector of Christ Episcopal Church, of Springfield, read the burial service, the audience joining with him in repeating the Lord’s Prayer. E.  M. Augrapurger, Superintendant of Menard county schools gave a brief  inspirational talk, drawing out the likeness between the Great Teacher and those who,  like Mentor Graham, emphasize the sacredness of public trust, and the responsibility of their relationship toward their pupils. He paid a loving tribute to the Pioneer Schoolmaster, Mentor Graham, on behalf of he teachers of Menard county.

Mr. Augapurger introduced Dr. Nichols, Vice President of the Central Division of the Illinois State Teachers Association. Dr. Nichols gave an example of a man who can say much in a brief space of time. He stressed the insight of Mentor Graham and was able to recognize the calibre of the mind of the young man, Abraham Lincoln; the never-failing guidance in the right direction when Lincoln
Expressed a desire for public life; and the training in those studies necessary for such a career. He closed his remark by quoting from R. B. Rutledge, “I know, from my own knowledge that ‘Graham did more than all others to educate Lincoln”.

Dr. Nichols was followed by Judge Stringer of the Logan County Court, a diligent student of all Lincoln biographies, who gave one of his rounding tributes to the man, Abraham Lincoln, and to his teacher, Mentor Graham. He too, emphasized the sympathy and understanding when Mentor Graham felt for Lincoln, who .. Only nine years younger than himself.  He spoke with conviction, the life-long influence of Mentor Graham’s tutorship upon Lincoln and ..  His too brief talk with a generous tribute to those who had been
Instrumental in returning the pioneer schoolmaster to his natural resting place in Menard county.

…  Carol Propst Barnett sang “A Perfect Day”, sweetly and tenderly, .. Rounding out most fittingly the history of Mentor Graham, brought back from among strangers by his grandchildren to rest in peace and security among those with whom he lived and labored, and by whom he was beloved.

Four of his former pupils in Menard county acted as pallbearers, all past seventy years of age. They were John Terhune of Sweetwater, and Will Clark, Septinius Weatherby and Willard Henderson of Petersburg.

A large number of person attended these services, among whom were Hon. Logan Hay, president of the Abraham Lincoln Association of Springfield; several representative members of the Menard county Chapter of D.A.R. and the Old Salem Lincoln League; Mr. Lukenbill, Supt. Of Logan county schools; County Superintendent of Mason County Schools Mr. Stoddard and his wife; former County Superintendent of Menard, Wm. Small and family;  many teachers still in the profession as well as several who have retired from active service, and a large number of members of the Fortnightly and Womans Club of Greenview.

Mr. Lukenbill of Lincoln was able to decipher the inscription on the tombstone at the head of the grave of Sarah Rafferty Graham, the wife of Mentor Graham. It is, “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might for there is no devise, no knowledge, nor no wisdom in the grave whither thou goesth.” which precept was a  favorite of Mentor Graham’s

Source: The Petersburg Observer newspaper, (Menard County) Petersburg, IL July 28, 1933
Transcribed by: Jeanie (Hale) Lowe

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