The Martin Brothers

The 3 men in the pictures are the sons of John A. Martin and Rachel (Kinney) Martin of Petersburg, Illinois.

After John returned from the Civil War, he married Rachel, who was 24 years his junior. They had 6 children. Two girls, Polly & Eliza, died very young and a 4th son, lived only 11 hours. We believe Rachel died giving birth to that little boy on Feb. 8, 1884. Because John's health was not good, these 3 boys were sent to an orphanage on Feb. 20th, 1884. The orphange was the Soldier's & Sailor's home in Normal, Illinois which was established for the children of Civil War veterans.

Tom rejoined his father in 1887. Cal & Nate followed in 1890. John died in 1898 and is buried in Baker Prairie Church Cemetery.

At some point, the boys moved to Iowa where Tom & Cal lived the rest of their lives.

Tom joined the US Army at age 44 during WW1. He married but had no children. He apparently farmed in the Oakland, Iowa area all his adult life and is buried there.

As far as I know, Cal did not serve in the military. He married an Iowa woman and fathered 5 children. Cal farmed in several Iowa communities and is also buried in Oakland, Iowa.

Nathan traveled on to Canada, joined the Canadian Army during WW1 and married a Canadian woman, 20 years his junior. He fathered 11 children, 1 in Canada, 3 in Iowa and the last 7 children were born in the Pekin, Illinois area. I am the youngest of those 11 children. Nathan is buried in Pekin, Illinois.

Allen L. Martin
Pekin, IL

Submitted by: Allen Martin


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