William W. Denton

The inscription on the stone states that he died at age 52 years, 7 mos, 25 days, indicating his birthdate as Feb 24, the Denton genealogy gives his day of birth as June 5. He was either born in Va or Harrodsburg, Ky, died Curtis, Menard Co., Illinois. When settlers first came to Harrodsburg in 1775 and 1776, this area was part of Virginia. Old-timers may have preferred to say, even later, that they were born in Virginia, when it may have already become a county in Kentucky. Mercer county was formed in 1785 from Lincoln County, Kentucky.) In the 1880 census, Menard County, Ill, three sons of William Denton state the palce of birth of their father as Virginia.

William W Denton m. at Stanford, Lincoln Co., Kentucky (or in Va) on Mar 28, 1815 to Mary Cogil. He buried at Rose Hill Cemetery with his wife Mary Cogil. He was a PVT 2 Regt Ky Militia "War of 1812" and has a marker to state that. A lot of his children are buried in the same cemetery.

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