Clarinda Belle Denton

Clarinda Belle Denton was born January 19, 1857 and died Jul 29, 1919. She was the daughter of James Monroe and Elizabeth (McDonald) Denton and married Ned Swiney in 1879.

Larry Lousie (Swiney) Churchill, Rochester, Illinois related the following event as her only recollection of her grandmother, Clarinda Belle ( Denton) Swiney.

"In the evening of Jul 20, 1919, the day after my third birthday. I was playing in the yard close to our house. Grandma was sitting in a screened-in porch, on a small, low, armless, rocking chair. She was called to me, "Weisie, come here. ( Weisie, was the nickname given me when I was small, as I couldnt say Louise.) I reached up to grasp the knob to open the screen door just as Grandma fell over and off the rocking chair onto the floor, breaking one of the rockers when she fell. Others in the family came running and carried her inside and placed her on a bed. But it was too late for help as Grandma had suffered a fatal heart attack and died as she fell off the rocker.

" Family friends were visiting that evening and one of them. Bernita Hornback, immediately took me and my sister, Mabel, who only a year old, to a place down the road in order to get us little ones away from all the confusion. I still remember the rocker, as it remained in our family, for many years, and was always referred to as Grandma's rocker.

"Grandpa Ned Swinney died at the rather young age of 27 Grandma remarried sometime later to a Mr Butterfield, I dont know anything about him, but in her late years, grandma always went by the name of Swiney.

"In 1909, Grandma's house, which was just down the road from us, burned down. After the loss of her home, and during her remaining years, she lived and visited for various periods of time with members of her family; her daughter, Mabel Heyse of Colorado Springs; her brother Chandler Denton, Colony, Kansas, her brother-in-law Elijah Swiney; and her son Guy Swiney, Greenview, Illinois with whom she was living at the time of her death.

I have heard it said that Grandma Clarinda (or "Aunt ___, as she was called by family members) was a woman of short temper.

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