Benway/Blatchley Families


George Blatchley b. 19 Nov 1821 d.12 Nov 1889 married Delilah (Delila) Green (Greene) b.11 Feb 1832, d. 16 Dec 1895 in Menard County

Their daughter Nina Blatchley born 29 Aug, 1858, died 12 Nov, 1921 was my great grandmother.

Nina had one brother George Edward Blatchley, born 17 Jul 1868, died 22 Nov 1885.

Nina married Henry C. Benway 02 Oct 1876 Mason Co.,Ill Vol 003 lic399

Henry C. Benway was born Aug 1852 Died 1931

Henry C. Benway was the son of Eli Willard Benway born 1827 in New York and died 1892 in Kansas

Henry and Nina had five sons and one daughter

Carrie Elizabeth Benway born 18 Nov 1880 in Tallula, Illinois and died 16 Apr 1949 in Fresno, CA

Howard Wallace Benway born 15 Jan 1885 in Tallula, Illinois and died 10 Sep 1943 in Detroit. Michigan

William Graham Greene Benway born 13 Jul 1886 Tallula, Illinois and died 1964 in New York

Frank J. Benway born 27 Nov 1877 in Tallula, Illinois and died 27 Aug 1879 in Tallula, Illinois

Arthur R. Benway born 15 Oct 1900 in Tallula, Illinois

Carrie Elizabeth Benway Married George Oliver Ratliff 30 May 1900 Menard County, Ill//.Petersburg

George Oliver Ratliff born 03 Jul 1878 Newmansville, Illinois, died 17 Jan 1946 San Francisco, CA

George and Carrie had four children:

Frank Leone Ratliff born 07 Mar 1901 Tallula, Illinois, died 07 Sep 1959 Home Creek Resort, Huntington Lake, CA

Frank Leone Ratliff later changed his middle name to Jerry.

Ralph Harold Ratliff born 05 Nov 1903, Tallula, Illinois, died 16 Mar 1963 Sequoia, Hosp. Redwood City CA.

Baby Boy Ratliff born 18 Dec 1907 Tallula, Illinois, died 20 Dec 1907 Tallula, Illinois

Nina Mardel Ratliff born 14 Nov 1909 Lincoln, Illinois, died 12 Feb 1985 Mills Hospital, San Mateo, CA

Nina Mardel Ratliff Married Richard George Lutz 05 Dec 1942 in San Francisco, CA

Richard George Lutz was born 28 Apr 1913 in Oakland, CA and died 20 Sep 1980, Forest Grove, Oregon

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