Menard County Courthouse
102 South 7th Street
Petersburg, IL 62675

Menard County Courthouse
Welcome to our Courthouse!
We hope you enjoy the "tour" showing how things look inside the Courthouse and what records you can find here. Hopefully the pictures will make it easier for a new visitor to find what they are looking for.

Front door of courthouse

County Clerk's Office

Door to County Clerk Office
Clerk & Recorder: 217-632-2415
Located on the 1st Floor

County Clerk has death, marriage, and birth records

Menard County Courthouse Prices:
$3.00 for death cert. over 20 years old - not certified
$3.00 for birth cert. over 75 years old - not certified
$3.00 for marriage cert. over 50 years old - not certified

In order to obtain copies of these certificates, you need to have the names of the people you are seeking, dates if possible, and any certificate numbers if you have them - makes the process work faster.


Inside the County Clerk's Office
                                    County Clerk's Vault

Old Birth & Death Records,
not generally open to the public

Circuit Clerk's Office

Door to Circuit Clerk's Office
Circuit Clerk: 217-632-2615
Located on the 2nd Floor

Circuit Clerk has probates, wills and court records

Copies are as follows:
$1.00 - first page
$.50 each - next 19 pages
$.25 each - all pages after the first 20

Entry into the Circuit Clerk's Office

Circuit Clerk Records, 2nd Floor

Court Rooms

Interior of the 3rd Floor Court Room,
where Abraham Lincoln tried cases

Interior of 3rd Floor Court Room

Door to the 3rd Floor Court Room

Lincoln documents on display on 2nd Floor


Interior of 2nd Floor "New" Court Room

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