Hello, folks! I’m about to embark an a new adventure but before I start, I would like to introduce myself. My name is William Cyrus Grosboll but plain old “Bill” is what I answer to. I was born in Petersburg in 1941, the son of Kermit (Cy) and Marie and raised, along with my two sisters, Pat and Sue, on a farm about three miles northwest of town. I graduated from Petersburg Harris High School in 1959. After one semester of partying at the University of Illinois, Dad felt his money could be spent on better things so I returned to the farm. Shortly thereafter, I enlisted in the U.S. Army and spent three years stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas along with two other young men from Petersburg, Dean Nissen and Powell Grosboll. After service I worked at various jobs in Springfield for a period of about ten years. I finally found my niche in life when I began working for MAPCO, Inc. at Indian Point, near Athens, building fertilizer equipment. Later on, I became involved with the design and manufacturing of chemical reactors which were also used in the fertilizer industry. After building one of these machines for a company here in the state of Washington, I was required to train the people out here on the operation of the machine. After seeing this desert country, I decided to pack my bags and move out to Pasco, Washington in 1997 and here I remain.

As a child growing up, I always enjoyed listening to stories told by the local old timers and now that I have become one of those “Old Timers” myself, Jeanie Lowe thought I should relate some of my old stories and past history of Menard County as I saw and experienced it. I am hoping to entertain all the readers, bring back memories to the older folks, and give the younger readers a better understanding of how things have changed in the Petersburg area. So with that, let the journey back in time begin……


Submitted Articles by:

Bill Grosboll  

The Buttered Tracks:

July 8, 2007  

Party Line:

July 8, 2007  
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by Powell Grosboll
September 4, 2007  
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