This list is a work-in-progress. If you see that a church is missing or would like to contribute data, please email me anytime and I will gladly add your submission to this web page. Thank you very much!
Adair Community High School  

Bardolph High School  

Bean School  

Birds School  

Blandinsville School

Blandinsville High School

Blazer School  

Brickyard School  

Brock School  

Browns School  

Buncombe School  

Burnsville School

Bushnell Grade School 

Bushnell High School

Bushnell-Prairie City Elem. School

Bushnell-Prairie City High School

Camp Creek School  

Cane Patch School  

Centennial School  

Center Point School  

Center School  

Chalkey School  

Cherry Grove School 

Coker School  

Colchester Elementary School

Colchester High School

Colchester Junior High School

Colchester Public School

Coloma School  

Cottage Corner School  

Cottonwood School  

Crabb School  

Crowl School  

Crown Point School  

Curtis School  

Deckers School  

Dixie School  

Eagle School  

East Bethel School  

East School  

Ebenezer School  

Egypt School  

Elm Grove School  

Emory School  

Excelsior School  

Fairmont School  

Fairview School  

Fandon School  

Foster Point School 

Foster School  

Fourth Ward School

Franklin School  

Frog Pond School  

Gooseneck School  

Grant Elementary School

Guy School  

Hagan School  

Hainline School  

Hamilton School  

Hanson School  

Hardscrabble School  

Harmony School  

Harris School  

Harvey School  

Hickory Grove School  

Hicks School  

Hills Grove School  

Hume School  

Huston Lawn School  

Independence School  

Industry Elementary School

Industry High School

Jackson School  

Jones School  

Lawyer School  

Liberty School  

Lincoln Elementary School

Litchfield School

Locust School  

Logan Elementary School

Lombard School  

Long Nine School  

Lynn Grove School

MacArthur Elementary School

Macomb Female Seminary  

Macomb High School

Maguire School  

Maple Grove School  

Martin School  

McKamey School  

McKee School  

McNair School  

Mound School  

Mount Holly School  

Mount Pleasant School  

Mount Solan School  

Mount Zion School  

Mud Acre School  

Muddy Lane School  

Nevada School  

New Era School  

New Philadelphia School  

North School  

Northwestern Elementary School

Northwestern High School

Northwestern Junior High School

Oakwood School  

Pennington Point School  

Pilot Grove School  

Pittinger School  

Pleasant Grove School  

Possum Hollow School  

Prairie City High School  

Prairie School  

Presbyterian School  

Price School  

Rabbit Burrow School  

Ragtown School  

Railroad School  

Rich School  

Robin Glenn School  

Rock Creek School  

Runkle School  

Saint Paul School

School Number 16  

School Number 5  

School Number 84

Scottsburg School  

Shanghai School  

Spiker School  

Stickler School  

Stookey School  

Summit School

Sunnyside School  

Tennessee Public School  

Thompson College School  

Timber School  

Union School  

Victor School  

Ward School  

West Bethel School  

West School

Western Academy  

Western Illinois University

Western Normal College

Wetsel School  

White Flock School  

Wiley School  

Willow Grove School  

Wilson Elementary School

Yard School  

Yokum School




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