HAINES ANCESTRY – Dalton letter Feb 5, 1961

Extracted information from a letter from Mary Lou Dalton of Carrollton, MO. She was trying to gather genealogical information about the descendants of Abraham and Eleanor Dean Haines who were the parents of Sarah Haines, your early ancestor who migrated to McDonough County Illinois in the 1830’s as pioneers of that area.

“Sarah married her cousin, Joseph Haines of Harrodsburg Kentucky, at her home in Carroll County Kentucky before leaving there for Illinois.

Sarah and Joseph are buried in the Argyle Cemetery north of Colchester -- I believe their graves are close to that of their daughter, Lucy Jane Parish in the same cemetery. When I visited McDonough Co to do research there I was told Sarah and Joseph Haines were buried in the cemetery named above -- I went there to get dates from their tombs but could not be sure. I found their stone. I found one that said Sarah and being close to that of their daughter. I decided it must be Sarah Haines. It was white marble and one that probably toppled from its foundation after many years so someone set it deep in the earth in an effort to keep it standing and in doing this has hidden the rest of her name and birth and date from view.

Sarah was a sister of my great grandfather, Jesse Haines. He remained in Kentucky and lived and died there. His son, John Haines, was my grandfather. John migrated to Missouri in the 1850’s and lived and died here in the county where I now live. I was also born and reared here.

While in your area in October 1960, I met a young man, Bonner Haines, son of William Haines and Garnett Miller Haines, and found that he is trying to assemble facts about his Haines ancestry. He is descended from Richard Elzy Haines and Martha Jane Newcum (Newcomb)...

Extracted by Vilma Valentine Kinney Feb. 2008




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