Colchester Free Methodist Church


submitted by Sherry McCullough


The first record of the Colchester Free Methodist Church is of a meeting held November 7, 1886. Apparently they were organized as a Free Methodist Church at the time, for records show they were assigned a a pastor in 1886.

In the beginning, a meeting was held every other Sunday afternoon at the Christian Church. Later their meetings were held in another building where they could have evening services as well.

By the fall of 1890 a new church building had been erected and it was dedicated in September of that year. Through the years a coal house, well, cave, and a barn were added to the adjoining parsonage property. Then in 1959 a new parsonage was completed adjacent to the church.

In 1968 the Colchester Church and the Macomb Church merged, with the Macomb congregation worshipping in Colchester until a new building could be erected.

The Colchester Free Methodist Church was razed in 1973.



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