Churches of Mason County

This listing of names was taken from the USGS online database. The locations
and mapping information were taken from, the EPA
mapping site, and other online sites. Please verify their accuracy.

If you have any additional information such as location, history, or photos, please email me.

Additional Information
Assembly of God 118 E. Arch, Mason City 217-482-3806  
Bethel Church East Creek 320N Road, east of Saidora    
Central Christian Church Havana    
Christ Lutheran Church 114 E. Walnut, Mason City 217-482-5168 Email
Christian Church on Manito Rd east of CR 1950E, south of Buzzville    
Church of Christ 305 S. Broadway, Havana   Email
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 220 W. Main, Havana 309-543-2010 Includes Fam. Hist. Center
Church of the Nazarene 328 S. Broadway, Havana 309-543-4200  
Easton United Methodist Church 108 E. Main, Easton 309-562-7410  
Egypt Union Church on CR 2180 east of CR 3200, SE of Manito    
Fairview Church on CR 310N west of CR 800, southeast of Snicarte    
First Assembly of God Church 629 W. Tinkham St, Havana 309-543-6313  
First Baptist Church (historical) Havana    
First Baptist Church of Easton Rt. 10 & Main St., Easton    
First Baptist Church of Havana 101 S. Charlotte St., Havana 309-543-3115 Church History (off-site link)
First Baptist Church of Mason City 222 N. Morgan, Mason City 217-482-3365 Email
First Christian Church 120 E. High, Mason City 217-482-3874 Email
First United Methodist Church 101 S. Broadway, Havana 309-543-4725 Website
Grace Baptist Havana    
New Life Ministry 301 S. Dale Drive, Havana 309-360-0496  
Havana Southern Baptist Church 425 N. Pearl, Havana 309-543-6164 Email
Kilbourne Baptist Church Kilbourne    
Leases Grove Church (historical) Co. Hwy 6 & CR 1000N, south of Teheran    
Mason City United Methodist Church 100 E. Pine, Mason City 217-482-5551 Email
Mount Olive Church (historical) CR 700 & CR 2900, south of Teheran    
Mount Zion Church on CR 1500E north of CR 500, southwest of Kilbourne    
New Lebanon Church CR 2200 & CR 850, southwest of Easton    
Pennsylvania Lane Church Co. Hwy 6 between CR 3250E & CR 3330, northwest of Mason City    
Presbyterian Church on Manito Rd west of CR 2100E, southeast of Buzzville    
Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church 420 N. Plum St, Havana 309-543-2430 Website
Saint Columba Catholic Church Mason City    
Saint Johns Lutheran Church 10844 CR 1400E, Bath 309-546-2434 Email
Saint Lukes Church south of CR 1600 & CR 3600, southwest of Allen    
Saint Lukes Lutheran Church Mason City 217-482-5822  
Saint Patrick Catholic Church 437 S. Orange St, Havana    
Saint Pauls Church CR 2180 east of CR 3300, southeast of Manito    
Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church 121 N. Pearl St., Havana 309-543-4850 Email
San Jose Christian Church 101 E. Pine, San Jose 309-247-3312  
San Jose United Methodist Church 114 Salem Ct., San Jose 309-247-3232  
Union Church CR 3400 between Hilst & Lippert Roads, on Mason/Tazewell Co line    
United Presbyterian Church Main & High Streets, Mason City 217-482-5438 Email


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