Easton Cemetery

Easton Cemetery is located on the southwest edge of the town of Easton.

Photos contributed by Jeanie Lowe

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Perry Stevens

Sophia & Elisha Davenport

Closeup of Davenport stone

Photos contributed by Jeanie Lowe


Currently, we don't have a complete cemetery listing but we do have a
listing of veterans, gleaned from the 1956 Veterans' Honor Roll.

1956 Veterans' Honor Roll

Name War Rank Brnch Unit Death Date Stone
ALLEN, George W.         1916 PHS
BEARD, Joshua Civil War          
BUCHANAN,  W. H.         May 16, 1913 PHS
CARLIN, Leo F. WW1/WW2 Maj Army Dental Cps Aug 27, 1951 GHS
COOPER, M. Civil War   Army Co Gl 38 Ill Inf Jan 5, 1900 PHS
CURRY, Harold James W. W. 1       Jul 7, 1946  
DOBSON, Harvey L. W. W. 2 T/4 Army Co C 58 Sig Bn Jul 27, 1942 GHS
FINNEY, Martin S. Civil War Pvt Army Co A 3rd Ill Cav Jan 23, 1917 GHS
FURRER, Diebold Civil War   Army Co A 28th Ill Inf Nov 18, 1926 PHS
FURRER, George Civil War       1927 PHS
HAGAN, Arthur W. W. 1 Pvt Army 1st Repl Depot Nov 11, 1952 GHS
HAGAN, Glenn A. W. W. 2 T/5 Army 127 Evac Hosp Ill May 4, 1947 GHS
HAGVALL, James Elmer W. W. 1 Mus 3/c Army 116 Inf Dec 11, 1948 PHS
JOHNSON, Ralph H. W. W. 2 App S USN   Dec 16, 1954  
LUCAS, Thomas J.   Lt Col Army 1504 Base Unit Jul 23, 1906 PHS
LYNCH, Louis Augustus W. W. 2 Maj Army Dental Cps Air Cps Apr 24, 1953 GHS
SAMUELL, John D.         Dec 23, 1953 PHS
SCHUSSELE, Donald L. W. W. 2 Lt Army AAF Oct 30, 1944 PHS
SEVERNS, William A. W. W. 1 Pvt Army Batt D  312th FA Jun 17, 1951  
STEVENS, Perry W. Civil War       Jan 23, 1921 PHS
UMBACH, William J.         1955  
VAN ETTEN, Charles E. W. W. 2 Pvt Army 349 Inf 88 Div Jul 17, 1944 GHS
VAN ETTEN, Earl G. W. W. 1 Pvt Army   Oct 11, 1954 GHS
WILLIAMSON, William H. Civil War       Nov 12, 1924  


NOTE: PHS stands for "Private headstone"
GHS stands for "Government headstone"

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