Cemeteries of Mason County


Cemetery photo, courtesy of Jeanie Lowe

This compilation is a work-in-progress. If you have data or
tombstone photos on any Mason county cemetery that you
would like to contribute, please
email us and we'll gladly
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Sherry McCullough will gladly do look-ups in the cemetery book covering Forest City, Manito and Quiver cemeteries.

Thank you for your generosity!

Name Alias Township Section QtrQtr QtrSec
Albright Heyl Manito 14 NE NE
Allens Grove   Allen's Grove 8    
Ashurst-Friend   Bath 34   NW
Baker   Kilbourne 12   SE
Baldwin, Lydia   Havana 30   SW
Bath   Bath 18    
Baxter   Salt Creek 32    
Bethel   Bath 8 NE SE
Big Grove   Salt Creek 34 NW NE
Bishop Zion Forest City 15   SW
Bowman-Cooper-Keith   Bath 26   NE
Carter   Crane Creek 19 NW SE
Chaney   Havana 36 NW NW
Cherry Grove Green Mound Mason City 34 NE NW
Conover, Susan   Bath 16   SW
Coon Grove   Manito 32 NW NW
Crites   Salt Creek 14 NW SW
Danville   Salt Creek 18   SE
Deverman   Bath 9 N 1/2 SE
Dierker   Bath 32    
Easton   Sherman 35 or 36    
Eckard Point Pleasant Havana 26   SW
Fairview   Lynchburg      
Finch   Lynchburg      
Forest City   Forest City 12    
Fosket   Manito 6   NW
Fullerton Old Soldiers or Locust Grove Havana 5    
Green Mound Cherry Grove Mason City 34 NE NW
Hancock Pioneer   Havana 11   SE
Heater   Sherman 8   SE
Heston Pleasant View Havana 12 NE SW
Heyl Albright Manito 14 NE NE
Holstlaw Yardley Crane Creek 9 SW SE
Horstman   Bath 4   SE
Hoyt-Parker   Salt Creek 30 NE SW
Jones Lane or Mastick Kilbourne 16    
Kilbourne   Kilbourne 33    
Kolb-Horstman   Bath 4   SW
Lane Jones or Mastick Sherman 16    
Langston   Manito 1 SE NE
Laurel Hill   Havana 5    
Lease's Grove   Salt Creek 5   NW
Leveldale   Pennsylvania 29   SW
Lewis   Sherman 30 SW SW
Liburger Quiver Presbyterian or Tight Row or Pleasant Row Quiver      
Locust Grove Fullerton or Old SoldiersHavana5  
Long Branch Steging or Mowder Havana 15 SE NW
Martin   Forest City 28 NW SW
Mason City   Mason City 8    
Mason County Poor Farm   Pennsylvania 32    
Mastick Jones or Lane Sherman 16    
Matanzas Saint Johns Luthern Bath 2   SW
Meadow Lawn   Manito 22 SW SW
Melton   Mason City 27 NW NE
Minturn   Bath 35 SW NW
Montgomery   Crane Creek 2 NW SW
Morgan Webb Kilbourne 24 NE NE
Moslander   Salt Creek 6 SE SE
Mount Carmel   Quiver      
Mount Zion   Bath 36   SW
Mowder Steging or Long Branch Havana 15 SE NW
Neikirk   Forest City 12   SW
Netler   Havana 12   SW
New Hope Walker's Grove Crane Creek 11 NW NE
New Lebanon   Kilbourne 24    
Oak Grove   Manito 21    
Old Bishop Wahfeld Forest City 22   SW
Old Soldiers Fullerton Havana 5    
Patterson   Bath 25 SW SW
Paul-Scovil-Cross   Havana 5 NW NW
Pleasant Hill   Forest City 19   SE
Pleasant Row Quiver Presbyterian or Tight Row or Liburger Quiver 14   SE
Pleasant View Heston Havana 12 NE SW
Point Pleasant Eckard Havana 26   SW
Pratt   Kilbourne 5    
Quiver Presbyterian Pleasant Row or Tight Row or Liburger Quiver 14   SE
Rakestraw Ringhouse   15   SW
Ringhouse Rakestraw   15   SW
Roat Yetter Havana 3   SW
St. Charles Catholic St. Marys Catholic Havana 12   SE
St. Fredericks Catholic   Manito 21 SE NE
St. Johns Lutheran   Forest City 27   NE
St. Johns Lutheran Matanzas Bath 2   SW
St. Marys Catholic St. Charles Catholic Havana 12   SE
Samms   Havana 25 NE NE
Sears   Crane Creek 16 SW SW
Sisson   Bath 28 SE SW
Snicarte   Lynchburg 9 NW NW
Speckman   Havana 14   SE
Steging Mowder or Long Branch Havana 15 SE NW
Swings Grove   Mason City 22 SE SW
Tight Row Pleasant Row or Quiver Presbyterian or Liburger Sherman 14   SE
Tracy   Salt Creek 9    
Wahfeld Old Bishop Forest City 22   SW
Walkers Grove New Hope Crane Creek 11 NW NE
Webb Morgan Kilbourne 24 NW NW
Wehmhoff   Forest City 27 NE SE
Yardley Holstlaw Crane Creek 9 SW SE
Yetter Roat Havana 3   SW
Young   Salt Creek 29    
Zion Bishop Forest City 15   SW


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