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James & Jane Shirley

My family appears in the 1900 census in Isabel, Fulton County, Illinois. Until I found that census, I understood that James and Jane Shirley lived in Mason County since they arrived in about 1870. I see from a map that Isabel Twp is not too far from Mason County. I assume they left for work (with children James, Martha & William John). Their children are back in Mason County by 1910 census along with Jane living with Martha. Son, Robert, stayed in Mason County, living next to his Uncle John.

I would appreciate hearing about work and travel conditions at the beginning of the 1900's which might lead the family to move away and then return. As far as I know, James did not own land in Mason County, but his brother, John did. Any information about the Shirley family would be appreciated. I have their names and dates but not much about their lives.

Shelley Shirley Nuss's email


Is anyone related to these people?
Surnames: Rogers or Rodgers, Elmore, Lane, Morgan, Buck, Dietrich and Herwig

     I am looking for any information on a John Rogers and Biddy E. Elmore Rogers, married 1868 in Mason County, Illinois.  They are my GGG Grandparents.  They had two children, John and Nora May.  Their daughter, Nora May Rogers Morgan, is my GG Grandmother.  The only things that are known about them is from my Grandfather, Tommy Dietrich.  He was a young boy when his Grandmother, Nora Rogers Morgan lived with his family until her death in Mason City, Illinois in the 1940's.  He is the last living legacy to this side of my family.  He remembers his grandmother telling him that she was not raised by her parents, but by an Uncle Barney that was born in Cork, Ireland.  However, according to the 1880 census Nora (age 9) was living with her Uncle Jacob Herwig and Aunt Sarah Elmore Herwig(Biddy's sister).  I would love to know what happened to Nora's parents and brother between the census years of 1870-1880?  Most likely they died, possibly from the Cholera outbreak of 1873 in Salt Creek Township, where they were residing.  Where are they buried?  Who is Nora's Uncle Barney?  Is he the Bernard Rogers (born 1844) that I found records for that lived in both Mason and Fulton Counties during those years?  I anyone has information regarding these people, I would love to hear from you.  Thank you.

Shannon Russell's email


Where is David Carter buried?

     I am looking for information about David Carter, He ran a ferry boat on the Sangamon River & was murdered in 1894. Cannot find any documents except a few census documents. He and his wife- I believe named Janetta and called Minnie had 7 children. Minnie died first & David was left with the children who were scattered to various family &/ friends. Can anyone help me with the Carter cemetery location, newspapers of that time, funeral home records etc. I have been to Kilbourne, Oakford & New Lebanon cemeteries . His belongings were sold and the papers state he died in Kilbourne. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Where is Francis Dorrell, husband of Huldah Dorrell nee Denman, buried?

From: 1876 Centennial History of Mason County, By Joseph Cochrane, Rokker's Steam Printing House, Springfield, Ill., 1876 -

FRANCIS DORRELL, Page 205 - "...During the war of the rebellion, a son had entered the army and taken sick. Mr. Darrell went to his relief, at Bolivar, Tenn., was himself taken seriously ill, and not having the care and kindness that a home afforded, nor even what might have been done in the soldier's camp, he returned homeward, but never reached there [Easton], having died in Havana, Jan. 15, 1863, much regretted by his many friends. The funeral was conducted under the ritual of the Masonic order, of which he was an honored member. "

Francis Dorrell is not listed in any of the Mason County cemetery books (I have checked them all). Huldah Dorrell is buried at Leveldale Cemetery as are some of their children, including Susanna C. Thompson nee Dorrell (my direct line).

Thank you for your assistance!

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