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Mar. 26, 1887 Worthington-Post Contest
A Minister Surprised
College and School
Railroad Items
Damaged by Fire
A Galesburg Company
Hymeneal (Harshbarger-Libenthon)
" (Wallingsford-Dilworth)
Personal News

Apr. 2, 1887

Oratorical Contest
Temperance Convention
Liberal City Convention

Apr. 9, 1887

The Election
Against Extension
A Lively Runaway
Liquor at the Polls
Objects to an Epithet
Tried for Theft
Business Club Officers
Public Installation
Personal News

Apr. 16, 1887

Building and Other Jottings
The New Railroad
Patriarch's Militant
Sudden Death (Ed. Morrisey)
Memorial Day
The New Opera House
Board of Education
Higher Rates
Personal News

Apr. 23, 1887

A Lively Fire
Nearly a Panic
Grist Mill Burned
Hay Barn Burned
Knox College Items
Board of Education
Hymeneal (Bartell-Webber)
" (Ehn-Hoey)
" (Ballou?-Tompkins)
" (Johnson-Keeling)
" (Wright-Bruner)
Personal News

Apr. 30, 1887

Grand Lodge A. O. U. W.
Fining A Mayor
Personal News

May 7, 1887


A Horrible Death (Henry Thurman)
Hymeneal (Mills-Wilcox)
Barns Burned
Peace at Knoxville
Building and Other Jottings
Knox College Items
The New Party
Eli Perkins
Personal News

May 14, 1887

A Murderous Assault
That Poison Case
A Bad Place Raided
Reception and Banquet
Hymeneal (Swain-Twineham)
" (Stephen-Goetler)
Bound Over
Personal Items

May 21, 1887

College and School
Building Notes
Railroad Items
Hymeneal (Dudley-Darling)
" (Lacy-Russell)
The Opera Hose Project
Personal News

May 28, 1887

Business Suggestions
No Opera House
No Cemetery Donations
Railroad Items
Hymeneal (Ohls-Martin)
" (Ives-Hultgren)

" (Clong-Anderson)
Personal News

June 4, 1887

The Brown Condemnation Suit
We Will Celebrate
Monroe Sustained
A School Rumpus
A Dastardly Crime
Hymeneal (Weinman-Bender)
" (Dyke-Swanson)
" (Willoughby-Siebke)
" (Carey-Wood)
" (Purdy-Foote)
" (Stevens-Belding)
Badly Injured
A Bad Runaway
Personal News

June 11, 1887

Knox College (whole page)

June 18, 1887

Lombard University
Comment on the Panic
At Work at Last
Hymeneal (Jones-LaHann)
" (Morlan-McQuillen)
" (Coombs-Bohannon)
Personal News

June 25, 1887

A Woman Commits Suicide
(Mrs. N. G. Johnson)
A Narrow Escape
The Electric Light Enterprise
Hymeneal (Lundstrum-Nelson)
" (Nelson-Holt)
" (Reichman-Eppsteiner)
Personal News

July 2, 1887

Burglary in Yates City
The Goose Egg Shoot
Social Items
Hymeneal (Rowan-Babcock)
Personal News

July 9, 1887

The Races
"Sells Day" Almost Here
Personal News

July 16, 1887

City Council
Regrets the Deed
Social Pleasantries
Hymeneal (Bacon-Thompson)
" (Lucas-Foster)
" (Redfield-Smith)
" (Messplay-Morgan)
" (Small-Campbell)
Personal News

July 23, 1887

A Sad Suicide (Jacob Kightlinger)
Hymeneal (Hunt-Dunbar)
" (Kiernan-Hilton)
" (Comber-Squires)
The Cedar Fork Nuisance
An Injunction
Death from Sunstroke
Personal News

July 30, 1887

In Ashes
Mr. & Mrs. Belden Surprised
Selling without License
An Expensive Ride
Personal News

August 6, 1887

The City Fathers
Injunction Granted
Nearly a Murder
The Park Side Party
Damage Suits
Personal News

August 13, 1887

Rexroat a Thief
The Camp Fire
C. E. Judge Lodge Picnic
Board of Education
Personal News

August 20, 1887

A Sudden Death
Hymeneal (Swanson-Olson)
" (Horton-Cater)
" (Whalen-Cole)
" Kirlin-Reeves)
" (Winter-Kruger)
Dumped into the Creek
A Close Shave
Among the Railroad Boys
Personal News

August 27, 1887

Council Meeting
A Graveyard Scandal
Personal News

September 3, 1887

The Knox County Fair
European Scenes
Personal News

September 10, 1887

A Desperate Deed
A Railroad Accident
The Elegant Picnic
That Knoxville Case
Arrested on Suspicion
Hymeneal (Johnson-Taylor)
" (Richardson-Gash)
Personal News

September 17, 1887

The Mayor Sustained
Killed By Cars (Charles Lindstrum)
Grand Jurors
Railroad Items
Hymeneal (Clark-Stroup)
" (Busch-Holtz)
" (Smith-Freeman)
" (Wagoner-Hemstreet)
" (Modine-Olson)
" (Moore-Everest)
" (Hagstrom-Rosenquist)
" (Taylor-Wiles)
" (Blackert-Smith)
Personal News

September 24, 1887

Parachute Experiment
Railroad Items
The Hospital Project
The Harvest Excursion
Hymeneal (Stuckey-Clay)
" (Crosby-Armstrong)
" (Marry-Brown)
" (McCone-Baldwin)
" (Applegren-Blumberg)
" (Dyer-Chandler)
" (Nelson-Landstrom)
Personal News

October 1, 1887

The Water Experiment
Jail Delivery
Railroad Items
Rev. C. G. Nelson Surprised
That Princeton Wreck
A Suit Brought
Personal News

October 8, 1887

Col. Clark E. Carr Home
The Club Reception
Home from Italy
Hymeneal (Morrissey-Brechwald)
" (Peterson-Eckstrand)
" (Larson-Ruden)
" (Mason-Hopkins)
" (Cliff-Magner)
Personal News

October 15, 1887

The Races
The Harvest Excursion
Railroad Items
Personal News

October 22, 1887

A Business Change
Closed Up
An Anniversary Celebration
Dr. Dickenson Dead
Instantly Killed (Wm. Forehope)
Hymeneal (Steele-Benedict)
" (Larson-Allgren)
" (McNamara-Fahey)
" (Hamilton-Ferry)
" (Berry-Brown)
" (Bowlin-VanTuyl)
" (Bear-VanTuyl)
Personal News

October 29, 1887

Killed by Cars (Thomas Sullivan)
Attempted Bank Robbery
The New Opera House
Rev. Mr. Eagle Surprised
The Dorcas Society
Sad Fatality (Rosa Kane)
The New Superintendent
Hymeneal (Patty-Williams)
" (Bair-Schwerer)
" (Graham-O'Connell)
Personal News

November 5, 1887

Railroad Notes
Our Colleges
Finding Them Homes
Hymeneal (Bellows-Ferris)
" (Sharkey-Wilbur)
" (Frisk-Swanson)
" (Welter-Main)
" Grimes-Simpson)
Personal News

November 12, 1887

Drowned Herself (Ida Swanson)
The Santa Fe
Railroad Items
An Interesting Study
Circuit Court
Personal News

November 19, 1887

Board of Education
Railroad Items
A Barn Burned
Sensational Elopement (Woods-Woolsey)
An Exciting Runaway
Personal Items

November 26, 1887

Mrs. Charles Woolsey Back
Anniversary Celebrated
(Hon. & Mrs. O. F. Price)
Little Child Poisoned
Alonzo Raymond Dead
Badly Injured (albert Peterson)
Hymeneal (Colton-Smith)
" (O-Shea-Carmody)
" (Salisbury-Moloney)
Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Pugh
Personal Items

December 3, 1887

What is It?
The End Near
Our Colleges
The Opera House
Circuit Court
Hymeneal (Barr-Nelson)
" (Loomis-Atwood)
" (Anderson-Myland?)
Personal News

December 10, 1887

The Kellogg Concert
Hymeneal (Peterson-Olson)
The Rogers Divorce Suit
Accidently Killed (Gus Lindeck)
That Beast Again
Club Reception
Personal News

December 17, 1887

The New Opera House
Our Colleges
K. of P. Dance
Strong Men
Railroad Items
Hymeneal (Peterson-Hyde)
" (Roesch-Magoon)
Personal News

Christmas Issue, 1887

Chicago, Santa Fe & California Railroad
Real Estate Deals

December 24, 1887

The Democratic Club
Our Colleges
Accidently Killed (Albert Allen)
Hymeneal (Carlson-Johnson)
" (Peterson-Swanson)
" (Clovis-Henderson)
" (Robb-Griggs)
Personal News

December 31, 1887

The Stag Party
The Camp Fire
Masonic Installation
Hymeneal (McWilliams-Cramblet)
" (Miller-Longwell)
" (Hughbanks-Young)
" (Ensminger-Wilcox)
Personal News



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