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Family of Jonathan Rice and Margaret Edwards
submitted by Susan Vargas Murphy

more to come...


I have, in my possession, a family bible that was passed down to my husband by his mother. The bible lists the records of Jonathan Rice and Margaret Edwards (daughter of David Edwards and Elizabeth Ross). It appears that the bible was then in the possession of Jonathan and Margaret's son Jacob E. Rice and his wife Ailsey Ann Heflin, as their children and marriage is listed. Next, it went to Jacob and Mary Rice's daughter, Mary E. Rice who married Theodore M. Jones. Their daughter, Bessie Jones, who married Louis Kitt passed this bible on to my mother-in-law, Bettejo Kitt Murphy who gave it to her son, my husband.   I will post here all the entries and retain the spelling and repetitions that I find in the bible. There is no date for the bible as the front pages are missing. These names and dates are from the family record section in the middle of the book. The pages have printed headings with the words, Family Record-marriages, Family Record, Births, and Family Record-deaths. --S. V. M.


Johnathan Rice and Margaret Edwards was maried October the 15..1807

Jacob E. Rice and Ayey Ann Heflin was maried March the 22nd 1829
(***this does look like 1829, but that date is wrong as the consent for marriage was given by their fathers on March 20, 1839, and I have a photographic copy of that record found in the Knox County, Illinois, Marriage register 1, page 11 -svm)

Archibald A Rice (record not finished)

Amelia A. Rice and Charles H. Remington was maried September the 17th 1869

William R. Royston and Amelia Remington married December 25th 1872

Theodore M. Jones and Mary E. Rice married Sep 25 1871


Jonathan Rice was borne March the 8, 1788

Margaret Rice wife of Jonathan Rice was borne February the 20..1786

Nicholas Rice the eldest child of Jonathan and Margaret Rice was borne Nov the 11..1808

Eliza Rice was borne November the 20 1809

David Rice was borne Decembr the 13..1811

Mariah Rice was borne February the 2..1814

Rachel Rice was borne September the 15..1816

Jacob Rice was borne February the 9, 1818

Hanah Rice was borne April 29th 1820

Lucinday Rice was borne February the 23..1822

Sarah Rice was borne February the 11..1824

Eleanor Rice was borne January the 17..1826

Alexander Frakes Rice was borne March teh 23 1828

Jacob E. Rice and Family
Jacob E. Rice Feb 9th 1819

Ailey Ann Rice
Ailey Ann Rice born Sept 22, 1819

Archibald A. Rice born Jany 12th 1839

Margaret E. Rice born Apr 15th 1842

Amelia A. Rice born June 12th, 1844
Died (in other handwriting) Feb 29 1917

Mary E. Rice born Feb 4th 1847
died (other handwriting) July 1st 1913

Sarah E. Rice born Feb 12th 1851

Hattie C. Rice born May 19th 1855

George A. Rice born March 24 1859
died....(other handwriting)

Alice A Rice born Jany 17th 1868


Nicholas Rice Segn died May 1809
(**I believe this to be the father of Jonathan Rice-svm)

Christenan Peckenpaugh died May 1814

Mary Rice died May 1814

David Rice died August 1818

Hanah Rice died June the 4 1822

Nicholas Rice died March the 1..1850

Margaret wife of Jonathan Rice died April 10th 1855

Jonathan Rice died Aprile 27th 1855

Sarah Elly daughter of JE and AA Rice died

Sarah Elly daughter of JE and AA Rice died Aprile the 27th 1861

Eliza McMurtry Rice wife of James McMurtry died Sep 23rd 1879

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