Women Pioneers

This webpage is dedicated to all of the women pioneers who have gone before us.  Biographies and published information about our women ancestors are few and far between.  Here a few that I have found.  If you would like to submit a biography of one of your own female ancestors, email me anytime.

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Early Women's Clubs in Knox County

Women's Relief Corps

Women's Clubs of Galesburg

Photographs of Women identified with Knox College

12th Annual Reunion of Women Who Attended Ewing University



Mrs. Frances Barry               Mrs. Sarah Morse
Mrs. Ellen Behringer Mrs. Albina Perry
Celia R. Bevier Hattie Porter
Eleanor Blue Mrs. Martha Reed
Emma Boydston Jennie H. Reynolds
Mary J. Boydston Mary A. Roberson
Mrs. Elizabeth Byram Mary Roe
Mrs. W. A. Chase Mrs. Martha Seiboldt
Eliza A. Coleman Mrs. Cynthia Shaw
Mrs. D. W. Davis Sarah Sloan
Mary E. Davis Mrs. Susan S. Snider
Mrs. Matilda F. Dunlap Mrs. Jane Stephenson
Mary Garrett Mrs. Caroline Swanson
Fredericka Goldquist Mary A. Templeton
Catherine U. Greep Anna Volk
Lydia M. Hall Mrs. Sarah Webb
Anna O. B. Krans Mrs. Elizabeth West
Mrs. Elizabeth Liden Miss Mary Ellen West
Mrs. Annie McClang Angeline Whipple
Mrs. Agnes McKie more to come...

Autobiobiography of Margaret Alexander


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On your left is a picture of my grandmother Adela Sherman Mitchell
 taken in 1906 when she was 16 years old.