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While transcribing the census, I noticed that some of the names were difficult to read at times.  When there was a question in my mind as to the actual spelling, I noted this with a "?".  There also seems to be obvious spelling errors, but I tried to keep true to the census taker's records.  In those days, many words were spelled phonetically.  Once you've located your ancestor in the pages below, please check the actual census image to verify this transcription.

Thank you for understanding!

1830 Federal Census
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1840 Federal Census
Roll M704_62

The census taker did not record the township/range name for some of the census data. 


Indian Point Twp Cedar Twp Galesburg/
Galesburg Twp
Henderson Twp
Henderson Twp
Rio Twp Chestnut Twp Orange Twp Knoxville/
Knox Twp
Sparta Twp
Walnut Grove Twp Unknown Twp Unknown Twp Unknown Twp Unknown Twp

Grand Totals



1850 Federal Census
Roll M432_113


Cedar Twp.
Chestnut Twp.
Copley Twp. Elba Twp. Galesburg Twp.
Haw Creek Twp. Henderson Twp.
Indian Point Twp. Knox Twp. Lynn Twp.
Maquon Twp.
Ontario Twp. Orange Twp. Persifer Twp. Rio Twp.
Salem Twp. Sparta Twp. Truro Twp. Victoria Twp. Walnut Grove Twp.


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