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List of all veterans (as of 1955) who were buried in Knox County



Cemetery  Name

Location Description
Cedar Abingdon Just NW of Abingdon off of Memorial Dr.
Brush Creek NE quarter of Sec 12 off of Knox Hwy 26
Cherry Grove SE quarter of Sec 29, 730N off of Route 41
Humiston Sec 17, 1000N off of Route 41


Bragg Sec 4, on 600N, between Hwy 8 & 900E
Harper Section 3 off of Hwy 20, 5 m. west of Maquon
Hermon Christian Sec 18 on Co Hwy 8
Hermon Methodist Sec 18 on Co Hwy 8
Moon Unknown


Grim (one grave) 2 miles south of Victoria on HWY 15
Headland Unknown
Martin NW quarter of Sec 11, off of Coal Road
Old Scotch
(aka Copley)
SW quarter of Sec 14, 1 m. W & m. S of Victoria on 1650E
Sage (one grave) m. SE of Oneida, on Post Road
Smith Near the Grim marker
Westfall W of center of Sec 29 on 1350E
Elba Catterton SW corner of Sec 8, corner of 1000N &1900E
Elba(aka Dalton or Jones) NW corner of SW quarter of Section 15, Cnty Rd. 18
Kightlinger NW quarter of Sec 27, on County Rd. 18
Clesson Family (aka Pleasant Hill) Southeast quarter of Sec. 26 on a farm (Knox Road 2300E)
Galesburg Brookside On Linwood Rd. in Galesburg
Clay (aka Mosser) NW quarter of Sec 30, SW of Galesburg on Hwy 10, 200th Ave.
East Linwood
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W. Main St. & Linwood, Galesburg
Hope W. Main St., Galesburg
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W. Main St. & Linwood, Galesburg
Memorial Park
(aka Dunndale)
2368 W. Main St., Galesburg
Remembrance Rock 331 East Third St., Galesburg
St. Joseph’s Catholic Just west of Galesburg on Monmouth Blvd.
Haw Creek Clark Chapel
(aka Housh)
NW quarter of Sec. 20; off of Hwy. 97 on 900N
Gilson East of Gilson off of Co. Hwy 12
Harshbarger NW corner of SE quarter of Sec 15
Maquon (aka Simkins) Section 34 on Co. Hwy 20, 650N
Pickrel NE quarter of Section 8
Russell NE quarter of Sec. 6; go west on Hwy 17 turn left just before 1200N
Henderson Fuller SE quarter of Sec 6 on Moshier Hill Road
State of Illinois (formerly Galesburg State Research Hospital) NE quarter of Sec 27, north of Galesburg off of 2000 N Co. Hwy 1
Gum (aka Bergstrom) SE quarter of Sec 22 on 2000N
Henderson Sec 14, north east of Henderson
Henderson Grove NE quarter of Sec 20 off of Hwy 37 (2100N) on 150E
Junk NW quarter of Sec 2; moved to Henderson Cemetery
Log City
(aka Lewis family)
NW of Galesburg on Log City Trail
Oak Lawn Memorial
Southeast quarter of Sec 21; 2040 Hwy 150 North
Philip Nance
SE quarter of Sec 9, on 2200N, between 200E & 300E
Rice-Blue SE quarter of Sec 9, road off of 2200N, going north
(aka Mormon)
NE quarter of Sec 20; on 200E (Soperville Rd.)
Indian Point Boydston-Dawdy Sec 16 east of Hwy 41
Hunt Center of NW quarter of Sec 32, 125E off of 100N
St. Augustine Union Twp., Fulton Co. Section 5
Knox Alm's House Market St, north side of Knoxville
Butterfield Just west of Knoxville
Knoxville Market St, north side of Knoxville
St. Mary’s Catholic Lake View Dr (near the lake), East Galesburg
Swedish Lutheran Division St., south side of Knoxville
Union (aka Shragel) North of Knoxville (SE quarter of Sec. 4) on Cnty Highway 7.
Van Gilder Go north on Barefoot Rd past Blaze Rd; when it curves to the left, it's behind the 2nd white house on the right.
Lynn Fraker’s Marker Hwy 17 west of Lafayette
Galva NW corner of Section 3, on Highway 17
Maquon Housh
(aka Sumner or Walter)
NE quarter of Sec 5, on Hwy 20 w. of Maquon; 2nd road on the left
Ouderkirk NW quarter of Sec 4, 1/4 mile W of Maquon
Thurman NE quarter of Sec 21 Hwy 97; 2 mi. south of Maquon
Ontario Oneida SE quarter of Sec 25
Ontario SE quarter of Sec 30 on Hwy 6
Orange Cook NW quarter of Sec 36
Ferguson Section 11 on 1080N on a farm
Haynes Sec 20; go north on Co. Hwy 8 turn left on 800N
Mather SE quarter of Sec 14, Haw Creek Rd. & 1075E
McCallister SW quarter of Sec 12, off of Rt 97 near 1030N
Persifer Bradford NE quarter of Sec 26
Henderson-Myers SW quarter of Sec 9; go north on Cnty Hwy 12 past the Old Wagon Rd; it's between 2 houses on your left.
Trenton SE quarter of Sec 25 next to Route 150, near Trenton Corners
Rio Bruner NW quarter of Sec 25, near Interstate 74
Deatherage (aka
Timber or McMurty)
NE quarter of Sec 33 off of Rt. 150 on 2500N
Rio SW quarter of Sec 16
Rio Baptist Center of Sec 28, off of Route 150 on 2550N
Salem Blakeslee NW quarter of Sec 30, south of Uniontown on 1800E
Summit-Douglas SE quarter of Sec 6, north of Douglas, off of 1900E
(aka Shinntown)
SE qrter of Sec 19, off of Rt 8 on 1900E & Bear School Rd.
Yates City Washington St. in Yates City, NE qrtr of Sec 14
Sparta Robbins NW quarter of Sec 4, corner of Rt. 36 & 2350N
Wataga SE quarter of Sec 16, Coal St.
Truro Armstrong(Anderson-Greep) Section 12, off of 1660N.
Cadwell Family West of center of Sec. 11, off of Hwy 180 on 1650N
Corbin NE corner of SW qrtr of Sec 30, south side of Rt. 150
Cummings burial Section 1 in a wooded area
Fink SE qrter of SW qrter of Sec 20 on a farm
Parker NW corner of Sec 15, 2 miles northwest of Williamsfield on 1600N
West Truro
(aka Cook)
SE quarter of Sec 6 on Truro Turn Rd.
Williamsfield SW corner of Sec 14, north of Williamsfield on 1500N


Center Prairie Section 25 on 1950E off of Route 180
Etherly (aka Smith) Center of Sec 30, off of Hwy. 15 on a dirt road
Garrett Sec 20, off of Hwy 28 in Snakeden Hollow area
Salem W. Half of Sec 28; off of Hwy 28 on 2030E
Victoria NW quarter of Sec 7; Knox Road 2250N

Walnut Grove

Altona NW quarter of Sec 21 on S. Station St.
Larson NE quarter of Sec 15, on the corner of Hwy 4 and 1600E
Walnut Grove Section 21, Co. Hwy. 12


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