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Hal's Brick Wall

Carl A Carlson b 29 Jul 1858 in Knox Co, IL  His parents were Andrew Carlson and Edla Olofsdtr b unknown date in Sweden.  Any help welcome.

(posted September 8, 2013)

Hal's email

Mary Ann's Brick Wall


HENSHAW: Elias C. Henshaw married Sarah A. Dossett, 1853 in Knox County, IL. Mary Henshaw gave her permission for her son, Elias C. Henshaw to marry. The County Clerk was Cooley Henshaw. Who was the father of Elias C. Henshaw? I have the Dossett information. Thanks to anyone that has information.

(posted July 31, 2012)

Mary Ann's email

Hal's Brick Wall


I am looking for Carl (Charles) Bernhard Rylander b 1883 in Sweden. Married another Swede Kate Oker b 1860 also in Sweden. They settled in Ontario, Knox Co., IL.

Their children were Simer Carl b 1884, Dansel Eric b 1885, Lydia Irene b 1886, Lillian b 1894, and Bernhard b 1889.

Thank you for your help!

(posted July 31, 2012)

Hal's email

Mary's Brick Wall


Looking for information regarding the Samuel STONE and Ella RANDLESON (or RANDELSON) STONE family. Also looking for information regarding their daughter, Hortense (Pat) STONE GURRY.

SAMUEL STONE, born April 24, 1850 in Belfast, Northern Ireland died October 12, 1925 in Galesburg, IL
Parents: Samuel STONE Sr. and Jane MCKIBBEN Stone, both of Belfast
Spouse: Ella RANDLESON
Children: Joseph; Nancy; Hattie; William; Gillette; Samuel Jr. (III); and Hortense

ELLA RANDLESON, born November 1862 in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada died: unknown, Galesburg, IL
Parents: Dr. Joseph Briscoe RANDLESON originally from Carlisle, Cumberland, England, and F Cornelia NORMAN (though this may be incorrect), may have been from New York
Spouse: Samuel STONE
Children: Joseph; Nancy; Hattie; William; Gillette; Samuel Jr. (III); and Hortense

HORTENSE (PAT) STONE GURRY: born circa 1904 in Galesburg, IL died July 4, 1989 in Galesburg, IL
Parents: Samuel STONE Jr. and Ella RANDLESON
spouse: Lester GURRY
children: Louis GURRY and Melvin Sanford (Red) GURRY

Any and all information would be welcomed! Thank you

(posted July 31, 2012)

Mary's email

Sharon's Brick Wall


Am looking for information on Bushrod Huff.  Bushrod and Lucinda Palmer Huff, both born in Virginia around 1820, moved to Ohio by 1850.  In 1860 they moved with their children to Knox County.  1860 census lists him as Bushrod Hoff living in Lynn, Knox, Illinois with Lucinda and 6 children.  Their daughter, Ellen, my g grandmother, was born in Knox Co. in 1860.  Bushrod never appears in the census again although Lucinda lived to be 91 years old.  If there is an obit or death certificate or place of burial for Bushrod I would love to know.  Thanks for any help.

(posted November 10, 2010)

Sharon's email


Phyllis's Brick Wall


I'm researching the Storicks of Pennsylvania. Their daughter Maria Storick married Henry H. Beamer. They were married in Gettysburg, Pa in 1868. They moved to Knoxville, Ill. in 1875. I'm looking for obits for Maria, and their children. I have Henry's obit.

Death dates: Maria Beamer, Knoxville Cemetery died- Nov 28, 1927 - Charles W Beamer died - May 19, 1999 - Alice Bessie Beamer - died - Feb 21, 1913 - Minnie Young - Died 1954 - Anna Wiley Knox Co. - Miles S. Beamer - Leslie Wiley, - died Jun 17, 1897.

Anyone having access to these obits, I would love to have a copy. If you have any info for me please let me know.

Thank you very much,

(posted April 4, 2010)

Phyllis's email


Joyce's Brick Wall

John Flynn and Mary Spears are the family line I am researching in Knox Co.  I often find members of a Daniel Flynn family.  Has anyone ever found a connection between John Flynn and Daniel Flynn?

Thank you so much,
Joyce Cravens

(posted Feb. 15, 2010)

Joyce's email


Kimberly's Brick Wall

Searching for information on the Doty Family in Knox County in the late 1840's to 1860's. Specifically looking for information for Reuben Warren Doty b 1833 Ohio married to a Mary Elizabeth b 1838 NY or NJ? Had four sons : James b 1855 William b 1858 Frank b 1860 Warren b 1862. Reuben died in the Civil War - he was in the 13th Cavalary of Illinois - Killed in Oct 1864.

I believe he is the grandson of Ebeneezer and Pheebe Doty. Ebeneezer and his sons migrated from Mass to NY to Ohio to Knox County IL then to CA. Ebeneezer is a direct descendent of Edward Doty who came to America on the Mayflower as an indentured servant to Stephen Hopkins.

Any information would be helpful. Thank you very much!

(posted July 18, 2009)

Kimberly's email


Joan's Brick Wall


I am researching Thomas and Sarah McClain. Sarah McClain lived at one point in Knox County, Illinois. Family oral history says Sarah McClain and her husband were removing from Ohio to Illinois by covered wagon. While in Illinois, he left camp to ride his horse into the nearest town for supplies. On route, he was robbed and killed.

Sarah then stayed in Illinois in Knoxville and wove rugs for a living. Her daughter Margaret Ellen corresponded by letter with
George Washington Stotts who was then residing in Columbia, Marion, Iowa. In her letter she mentions that he was a gentleman and a stranger and that their mutual friend was a Mrs. McCorkle. The letter is postmarked from Knoxville, Illinois.
Thomas McClain died 16 Feb 1885 in McClain County, Illinois according to Pension Records.

I have found Sarah McClain, born in Virginia, in the 1860 Federal Census in Chestnut, Knox, Illinois living with her daughters, Susan, age 16, Phebe, age 14, Malinda, age 13, and Emmeline, age 7 all born in Ohio. Also in the household was W. H. Webb, age 40, Jane 25 and Henry H. age 10.

I have found Sarah McLain in the 1870 Federal Census, in Chestnut, Knox, Illinois living with her daughter Emmeline age 16 and William, age 6.

She is in the 1880 Federal Census, in Chestnut, Knox, Illinois living by herself with occupation Carpet Weaver.

She is in the 1885 Iowa State Census, in Washington, Marion Co. Iowa living with her daughter Margaret Ellen and her son-in-law, George W. Stotts.

She is in the 1900 Federal Census twice, on June 1, 1900 in Woodburn, Clarke, Iowa living with her daughter Margaret Ellen and her son-in-law George W. Stotts. She is listed on June 11, 1900 in Montebello, Hancock, Illinois living with her daughter Susan and Bernard McGee. In both listings she is stated as having 8 children/two living.

Sarah McClain, Margaret Ellen McClain Stotts, and Susan McClain McGee are all buried in the Woodburn Cemetery, Clarke Co. Iowa.

Does anyone have any information on Sarah McClain, her husband Thomas McClain, and her children:
Susan McClain McGee
Phebe McClain
Malinda E. McClain
Emmeline McClain
William McClain.

Thank you very much!

(posted January 5, 2009)

Joan's email

Jenny's Brick Wall

I was able to find an obituary for Thomas A Buck who came from OHIO and born in Penn due to your website. He married a Mary Lowman and lived in Haw Creek Township and died in home of Edward Buck in Maquon in 1900. I am looking for any information regarding them, their parents or their children.

Thank you very much!

(posted January 5, 2009)

Jenny's email

Margaret's Brick Wall


I am looking for any Cubbage, Cooper, Brown, Meekers, Mann, Hunter, Patterson, Dunn connections. This is my mother's family tree that takes me back to Knox and Mercer County, IL......I knew of the Meekers, Mann's , Brown's , Cooper's coming from North Carolina in the 1800's....My great great great grandfather was Richard Cooper.

I would love to connect with the Cousins. Thank you very much!

(posted July 18, 2008)

Margaret's email


Chris' Brick Wall


I have reached a brick wall and need some assistance...

O'Reily- O'Riley- O'Reilly ...the spelling vary on different documents.

Peter O'Reily (born in Ireland in 1848) lived in Oneida, IL. On Sept. 21, 1876 he married Maria Tierney (also born in Ireland) who was from Ontario, IL. They were married at St. Patrick's Church and I have obtained a copy of the marriage certificate showing that he was 28 yrs old and she was 23. The next information I have is the 1880 census revealing that she was a widow with 2 children and lived in Aurora, IL.

I have not located any information on their families in Oneida or Ontario. I do not know how they got to IL, what they did for a living , what happened to Peter to die so young or where he is buried. Any information is greatly appreciated!!

Chris Riley Hubbard

(posted July, 7, 2008)

Chris' email


Frederick's Brick Wall

Seeking information about Squire Robert Ward. Want to find his parents he came from Ohio to Knox County and settled near Gilson. Was a Justice of Peace.

Thank you for your help!

(posted July 1, 2008)

Frederick's email


Connie's Brick Wall

I am looking for information on William Ogren.  We believe that he came to this country from Malmo Sweden in 1866.  We believe that William worked for the T. P. and W. Railroad.  He married Caroline Starr (Stahr) October 14, 1874 in Henderson County.  We believe that she was from Galesburg.  They must have first lived in Galesburg where their first child, Charles William, was born in 1875.  They later farmed near Raritan Illinois and are buried in the Raritan Cemetery.  Any information on how and when William arrived from Sweden or about either the Ogren or Stahr family would be very welcome!
Thank you for your help!

(posted May 10, 2008)

Connie's email



This is a picture of the James T. Vaughn family. Harriet Weed Vaughn and
James T. Vaughn are buried in the Henderson Cemetery. James was the son
of Charles Hansford Vaughn and Helen Duval. We are searching for
information on Charles Vaughn father, John who came to Knox Co. in 1828.

(posted March 3, 2008)

Thank you
Shirley Vaughn's email


Jan's Brick Wall

Oliver Perry Harper was born in 1841 in Knox Co., IL. (per his Civil War records).   In 1860 he is shown as living in Millbrook Twp., Peoria Co., IL with the family of Vetchee M. Cutter as a farmhand.  (The census shows as Oliver H. Harper but I believe it's Oliver P. Harper).  I have no census records for Oliver for 1850 and have no idea who his parents are.  There are two other Harper children (girls) living with other families in Millbrook Twp. in 1860 and am wondering if they might all be of one family who was displaced when the parents passed away?  Oliver P. Harper enlisted in the Civil War from Peoria Co. and was in Company C.  My brick wall is, who are the parents of Oliver Perry Harper? 

(posted December 25, 2007)

Jan's email


Frederick's Brick Wall


I am searching for the parents of Squire Robert Ward who lived in Gilson and came to Il from Ohio. Thank you for your help!
(posted December 8, 2007)


Frederick Richard's email

Kelly's Brick Wall


Hello. I am trying to find any information about a restaurant in Galesburg called The Log Cabin. It was opened in the late 1940's and closed in the early 1950's. It was owned by the Burns family. Either J.C. Burns or his son Donald Burns.

Also, any information about Margaret "Maggie" Benson Burns would be greatly appreciated. She was a longtime Galesburg resident who died in 1952. (posted January 20, 2007)


Thank you!

 Kelly Girnas's email

Valerie's Brick Wall

I am searching for any information on Etta May INGRAM LONGWELL WAGNER, who was born in Plymouth, IL in 1879 to Uriah and Permelia (BOX) INGRAM.  Etta "May" met Thomas LONGWELL of Maquon, Knox Co. IL around 1897, and were married in Washington Co IOWA that same year. They had one son, Charles Forrest LONGWELL in 1898.

Thomas and May were divorced in Maquon, Knox County, IL in 1900. Thomas was granted custody of the son Charles, and later moved to Galesburg, then to Moline, IL by 1915. The son, Charles, never saw his mother after the divorce.

We found records that May LONGWELL later marred C. H. WAGNER of Roseville in Monmouth, Warren, Co., IL in 1903.  I am trying to find out where C. H. and May WAGNER may have moved after their marriage. From Newton INGRAM's obituary  (May's brother)  who died in 1944 in McDonough County, the article says that sister "May WAGNER" was living in Vermont, Fulton Co IL at the time of his death.
I have been unable to  find record of "May Wagner"'s death in any of the surrounding counties, nor can I find her in the census records, even though she was indeed living in Illinois - a distant elderly relative remembered going to her funeral in IL around 1955 - but cannot remember where.
We have been unable to trace any steps of May since 1903 and would love to find out more -- did she have any other children?  Where is she buried? Thank you. (posted November 28, 2006)

Valerie's email

Elayne's Brick Wall


I am searching for a record of my 2nd great grandfather, George (Lorenzo?) Gould, born 1809 in New York. He was in Kansas in 1860 and it has been found that he came from Galesburg, IL. However, I have been unable to locate him here. His wife was Charlotte Hensley born 1810 in New York and she stated in the 1880 Census that her father was born in Germany. There daughter, Lucinda or Cynthia, is said to have attended school in Galesburg and her father came to get her to teach school in Kansas. Any help you might give me would be greatly appreciated. (posted October 12, 2006)

Elayne's email

Paul's Brick Wall


Children of John S. LEVALLEY of Knox County, IL

John S. LEVALLEY (b. c.1782) m. Betsy DURHAM and their younger children were born at Davenport, Delaware County, NY. They moved to Hendersonville, Knox County IL, in 1844. Children included:

Christopher 1815-95 =Harriet GAINES
Angeline 1819-97
=John Dales +++
=Austin Gaines*
Lydia 1820-68 =Nelson BRESEE* +++
(Daughter) c.1823-
Margaret 1824-90 =Gideon HAWKINS +++
(Daughter) c.1826-
Eleanor c.1827- =Francis STEPHENS +++
(Son) c.1828- ...?

Can anyone supply the missing names? There was a $1 land sale to a D. F. BLAIR, who may have been a son-in-law. We are wondering whether the youngest son could be the Erskin or John Erskin LeValley (1824-75) of Charter Oak IA.
The dates of John and Betsy are another mystery. They seem to have gotten a little younger with each census. Their graves have not been located. Thank you very much!

(posted July 7, 2006)

Paul's email

Dr. Richard's Brick Wall
 My Brick Wall is Squire Robert Ward who lived in Gilson and is buried in the McAllister Cemetery. I am seeking his parents and where he came from. I think he came from Ohio and Virginia but I'm not sure.

Thank you very much! (posted July 1, 2006)

Dr. Richard's email

Dale's Brick Wall


My brick wall is Millard Fillmore Wilson and Mary Elizabeth Law, who are my ancestors.

Millard was born May 11,1852 Brooke Co, West Va. and died March1,1939 in Galesburg , Il, Mary Elizabeth Law was born Jan 3,1855 in Illinois, and they where married Feb 15,1881 in Warren Co, Illinois. Mary died January 24,1921 and I don't know where she is buried.
I would like to know if they had any children.

Thank you for your help!

(posted May 15, 2006)

Dale Charles email


Robyn's Brick Wall


Here are my brick walls concerning the HALE family:

Elva (Alva) HALE married Henry GEE. Not sure when. We know she died around 1877 or 1878 but can't find any proof of death or burial. She died young leaving behind three young children who were then raised by her brother Marquis HALE.

Solomon Smith HALE has been credited with the development of the Hale Heaven Peach according to family lore. I can find references for a Hale Peach but cannot find any information on who developed it. Any information on this peach would be greatly appreciated. He was a farmer who was considered a horticulturist. 1849-1933

John Riley HALE - born in 1851 in Knox Co. Considered to be the only mean person in the Hale family. He was married twice. First to Olive Gee in 1871 then to Letitia Flake. There is a stone in one of the Hermon cemeteries for Letitia (could be spelled differently) HALE but there is no Date of death listed for John Riley. Some think he is buried in Babbit Cemetery near St. Augustine, IL. Any info on where he is buried for certain and when he died would be greatly appreciated.

Martha HALE born in 1863 in Knox Co. That is all I have on her for sure. She is thought to have married a Gillam but all trace of her has been lost. Any information on her would be appreciated.

Moses HALE born in 1822 married Nancy J. Woods. They packed up their kids, Rily and Mary HALE and headed for California in 1850. He died along the way and was buried on the plains. Hoping there might have been a record made somewhere about his leaving or his death. Newspapers etc.

Those are my HALE brick walls. Thanks for any help! Please email me at  if you have any information.

Robyn MacMillan's email

David & Jeanette's Query


I am looking for descendants of:

Clinton Gilbert Taylor b 23 July 1810 Denmark, Lewis Co NY
d. 16 July 1882 Galesburg, IL bu. in Hope Cem. Galesburg, IL.
marr Eliza Marie Barnes 06 Oct 1835 NY

Had children:

Leona A. b 1836 NY marr Finn A. Cobb,
Annette E. b 1839 NY marr Andrew P. Gibson,
Marquis B. b 1841 NY marr Mary Johnson,
Grandison H b 1845 NY,
Arthur Leray b 1848 (poss) IL marr Annie M. McMillan,
Asa Gilbert b 1851 IL d 1853 IL,
Ella Colburn b 1854 IL marr Edward O. Taber.
(posted December 9, 2005)

Wish to share information about this family!

David and Jeanette Childs' email

Terry's Brick Wall

I need help I have been looking for my gggrandmother for a year now and I'm at a dead end so its time for help tryin' to find her parents.  Her father's last name is of course McCarty and her mother's last name is Shay, both born in Ireland. I hope you can find her as she was born in Knox Co., Illinois so here she is:

Jenny Mary McCarty
born: Dec 2, 1863  Galesburg, Knox Co., Illinois
died: May 31, 1942  Los Angeles, Riverside Co., California
married: William Lloyd Cronenberg

I have him but not Jenny. (posted October 25, 2005)

Any help will be very, very great and I thank you!

Terry's email

Sam's Brick Wall

I am looking for my great grandmother, Ann White, aka Ann Medhurst, who was living in the household of Joseph Medhurst according to the 1860 census of Floyd twp, Warren Co. Joseph Medhurst, her son, moved to Rio twp, Knox County in 1863. Ann, his mother, died, according to James White, another son, after his 25th birthday (July 1,1866). She is not buried in Floyd twp., Warren Co. and she is not listed as being buried in any cemetery in Rio Township, Knox Co. Galesburg doesn't have any microfilmed newspapers for 1866 which is unfortunate as I believe she most likely died in the last half of 1866.

(Her maiden name was Ann Bevans, b. England in 1799 or 1800. Her first husband, Joseph Medhurst, died in Seneca Town, Ontario Co.,NY, and she married Richard (?) White in Ontario Co. NY who also died there in about 1842. She had children by both husbands. She is Ann White on the 1850 census and Ann Medhurst on the 1860. (posted September 22, 2005)

Any help you can give me is deeply appreciated.

Sam's email

Sharon's Brick Wall

I am searching for information about the family of John A. Buffington b.1833 in Dearborn Co., IN, and moved to Knox Co. ca 1855. He married Cintha LEWIS, daughter of Samuel and Nancy. He had a sister Mary Jane BUFFINGTON who married Samuel Myrick or Merrick, then Daniel Miller. The Miller marriage ended in divorce. There is also a Hannah Buffington (1785-1890), and I am not sure if she is John's mother or grandmother. Any info on these people would be appreciated. (posted September 22, 2005)


Sharon's email

Marilyn's Brick Wall


I am searching for information on the following family members. Any help with knowledge of persons living/dead; places lived, churches attended or occupations; children or parents or any historical mentions in Memory books or Bibles would be ever so greatly appreciated. Please contact me with anything you think pertinent.

SPRINGSTEEL: Theodore m. Clara Merita ARMSTRONG, James m. several times (1) Mary Jane Hendrickson (2) Mercy Ann CROWELL (3) unknown; Thomas J. b. 1846 m. Sarah HIVELY; William b. 1826 m. 1851 Uriah LOMAX; another Thomas b. 1850; Frank SPRINGSTEEL d. 1862, father was James; Hattie Springsteel, mother was Martha GEER father was James SPRINGSTEEL. (posted August 28, 2005)

Thank You in advance!

Marilyn's email

Georgia's Brick Wall


I am searching for any information on George W. Burnaugh, his wife Rebecca Cramer and their daughter Mary E.. I would love any other information on these three. George is the twin brother of my great-great grandfather John Burnaugh. He is a son of Joseph and Lydia Black Burnaugh. So any information on the Burnaugh family during their stay in Knox county will be greatly appreciated. (posted August 4, 2005)


Thank you all in advance!

Georgia's email

Judith's Brick Wall


I've done lots of research on Hiram and Darius MILLER of Knox Co, IL.....I'm pretty certain they were brothers as Hiram's name is in Darius MILLER's Will.  Is there ANYONE out there who might know who their father and mother were?  I'm also pretty certain they were from VT.  Hiram MILLER is written up in a Fulton Co, IL History and it says he was raised on a "sterile farm" in Vermont. Darius died very young in 1845 and his wife, Eliza Jane OUDERKIRK remarried to John CARROTHERS.  Any help would be appreciated! (posted July 27, 2005)

Judith's email

Karen's Brick Wall

I am trying to learn the relationship of Lafayette Swegle of Knox Co. IL to Mathias Swegle [1797] and Daniel Swegle [1801] of Fulton Co. IL.

Mathias and Daniel were brothers. We know that their father John Swegle was b 1769 Germany d 24 Sept 1845 Fairview, Fulton Co. IL. Mathias b 08 Jun 1797 Morris Co NJ [the first settler in Fairview Twp, Fulton Co. IL left Illinois 1848] d. 28 Sep 1861 Marion Co. Oregon. Daniel b 16 Apr 1801 Morris  Co. NJ, d 07 Aug 1871 Fairview, Fulton Co. IL.

We do not know who Lafayette Swegle’s parents are but census records indicate they were born in NJ. Lafayette Swegle b 24 Sep 1824 Sussex Co NJ, d 17 Jun 1889 St. Augustine, Knox Co. IL. (see complete bio). The 1850 census lists his name as A. Lafayette Sweegle.

We have one clue that these men are related in the autograph book of Sarah F. Swegle b 1860. Sarah’s ancestors were father Isaac Daniel b1828; grandfather Daniel b1801; great-grandfather John b1769; all lived in Fairview, Fulton Co. IL. The transcript of the autograph book includes the persons name, relationship to Sarah and for some the place they lived. Autographs were recorded in the book between 1881 and 1884.  Of the people listed, there are eleven identified as her cousins. I can account for seven being her first cousin [grandchildren of Daniel Swegle] and one a second cousin, and all born in the 1860s living in Illinois in Fulton & McLean Counties. We do not know how the following three cousins fit in the family. (posted June 20, 2005)

From Autograph Book

Flora L. Swegle cousin     



Ella Swegle cousin  St. Augustine, Knox Co.


Nettie Poland Ft. Madison, Iowa


What I know

Flora was born 1867 [the daughter of Lafayette Swegle b 1824,  Although it is not recorded in the autograph book, 1880 census shows her living at home in St. Augustine, Knox Co. IL]

Ella could be a nick name but we do not yet know who she is. Perhaps a child of Lafayette Swegle as she lived where that family resided.  

no other information


 Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Visit Karen’s website to write her...

Lisa's Brick Wall

I am looking for any info or connection to the MANN family. What I have so far is:
Clifford E. Mann, born May 9, 1905 in Canton to Grover C. Mann and Emma C. Haack-Mann. He married Grace Watts on March 25, 1931 in Galesburg. Grace was born December 30, 1910 in Green Valley to John Watts and Edna Lathan Watts. Grace died July 13, 1994. Clifford died April 19, 1995. (posted May 01, 2005)

Thank you!

 Lisa's email

Linda's Brick Wall

Jennie BARNARD VICKERY told her children that she was born in Vermillion County IN, 10 Aug 1848 but that she was raised by the David WOODMAN family in Rio, Knox County, IL.  Despite a page-by-page search of Rio Township census in 1850 and 1860, we don't find Jennie.  She is not among the other members of the WOODMAN household.  By 1870 she is living with the Almon BARTLETT family in Rio, working as a domestic.  By 1872 she has married Roger VICKERY from Peoria and Knox counties. 

The WOODMAN census detail did show an Amelia A. in 1870.  Jennie told her children that Amelia was her sister but Amelia always went by the name of Woodman as far as I can see.  She married Sylvester Arnold and all those folks are in Oneida Cemetery.

There is no contemporary record of Jennie's parent's names.  Vermillion County's birth records don't go back as far as 1848 and we don't know the city of birth. A professional researcher suggested "Jennie" is most surely a nickname and that her given name may have been completely different.  Jennie is the only name she ever used in her adult life, both for her marriage license and will. 

Our only clue is that David WOODMAN's wife, Lorena b. 1822 in Ohio, had the same maiden name, BARNARD.

In the Index of wills in the Knox County Clerk's office, there is an entry for "Indow BARNARD", which may be "Widow BARNARD".  Personnel there say though there is an index entry, they find no documents to match. (Posted April 23, 2005)

[See her obit for more details.]

Update: The document does exist and is now in Linda's possession!

Thank YOU!


Linda's email


Vickie's Brick Wall

I am working on my REAM family tree (Reams Ross, Champaign and Union Counties of Ohio) 


1. Bible Records show that Mary A. Ream was born 9 Aug 1850 and died 3 Feb 1883 as Mary A. Frieze (Daughter of Daniel Ream).  
2. Newspaper article in Champaign County Ohio, Urbana Citizen newspaper dated 1 Mar 1883 stating that "We note also the death of Mrs. Mary Freeze at her home in Knox county Illinois.  She was a sister of Mr. Thomas Ream of this vicinity, and was formerly well known in the vicinity of North Lewisburg.  She went west some twelve years since and there married and at her death left a family of three children."
3. Went to the Illinois state records for marriages found
Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900
FREEZE, JOSEPH REAM, MARY 12/02/1873 00E/0154 00003051 KNOX
Don't exactly understand how to obtain downloaded the IRAD and saw that Knox was listed, feeling stupid but was unable to figure out how to obtain them.
4. Viewed the pre-1916 state death records no luck.
5. Found on findagrave.com:
Freeze, Mary (DOB questionable same year but DOD agrees with bible
b. Oct. 10, 1850 d. Feb. 3, 1883 Herman Methodist Church C...
Knox County
Illinois, USA
6. Requested an obituary from a Knox county obituary volunteer (roots site). She was unable to find a obituary for this time frame.
7. Also did a 1880 Census from Family Search there is a Joseph and Mary (her age was 36) which doesn't agree.
Okay, that is what I have done so far. Can anyone help me to determine if this Mary Freeze is the daughter of Daniel and Harriet Ream? Thank you very much! (posted April 13, 2005)

Vickie's email


Jana's Brick Wall

I am searching for Alexander TOWNSEND, my great-great-great-grandfather. He was born in Athens County OH circa 1825 and moved to Knox County around 1838. He married Sarah Jane STEGALL on September 16, 1845 in Knox County. Their children are as follows: Daniel, Sarah, Charles, Margaret, Susan, Francina, Elizabeth, Solomon and Irene. Sometime after 1873, Alexander reportedly moved to Kansas, possibly with his son, Daniel and his wife Mildred CALHOUN. From that point, we do not know where he lived or when he died. His wife, Sarah died in 1898 and is buried at Hope Cemetery in Warren County. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I would be glad to exchange information. Thank you. (Posted on Feb. 21, 2005)

Note from Janine Crandell: Jana, please contact me when you have a free moment; your email address is obsolete. Ronald would like you to contact him. He might be able to help you!

Jana's email

Norma's Brick Wall

I am looking for my Grandfather's family from Galesburg. Rudolph Garfield Whitehead was born Dec. 1879, Cloud County Kansas. His father was Joseph H. Whitehead and mother was Ducey Dean from Knox Co. Ill. They lived in Galesburg, Ill and Cloud County Kansas where four more children were born. He had a photo of a relative named J. Richard Whitehead who graduated from Galesburg High School in 1921. I found Richard's parents were John M. and Easter Mumed Whitehead. They lived on Kellogg St. They had a daughter, Garnette Lucile, who taught school in Galesburg until the late 20's and then in Springfield, Ill. After 1930 John, Easter and Richard are not listed in the Galesburg Directory. Easter died in 1932. Garnette is listed in the Springfield Directory and then nothing.  

I believe John is my Grandfather's brother but I haven't been able to find proof and no one could find a birth certificate on my Grandpa. Another thing I found was a wedding date for John and Easter in 1899. Another John M. and Easter Minnier were married on the same date in Galesburg. I think they are the same people. If that is right then John's Father is Joseph H. Whitehead.

My Grandfather went by Robert not Rudolph. He worked as an electrician in Utah and Montana. He had three children. The youngest was my Dad, Ephriam Alvin Whitehead. My Grandparents and their children are buried in Butte, Mt.

I would appreciate any information on these people.

Anyone with information my email is normaking2506 "@" hotmail.com or king1norma "@" yahoo.com.


Mike's Brick Wall

My brickwall is finding the rest of the family of Edward and Michael Huston. I found these two brothers on the 1870 census living in Galesburg. Michael, 23, was married to Ellen Minhon and Edward was single living with them, he was 25 years old.

My great-great-grandfather, Edward married Ellen Bertha Dean Daughter of Samuel Green Dean of Henderson, Knox County. It's possible that Edward worked for his present father-in-law as a shoemaker. Later on he worked for the railroad.

The story of these Hustons was told to me by my Mildred Huston, the wife of Raymond Dean Huston, son of Samuel Dean Huston, son of Edward Huston, born in Ireland. As the story goes, the mother of Edward and Michael, when her husband died and her in-laws wanted to take her children, fled to the America with her 4 or 5 children and changed her name to Huston.

I was told many of the Hustons still live in the general area. I would love to find out more about this mother who left Ireland and any Hustons who still live in Illinois. Thanks! (Posted on July 10, 2004)

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Beryl's Brick Wall

My brickwall is about N. Briggs, a photographer/artist, who lived in Galesburg. I have two photos taken by N. Briggs.  On one it states "N. Briggs, Artist, Galesburg, Illinois" and affixed to that board is an aging photo of my great grandfather, Thomas MUIR who emigrated from Glasgow Scotland, first to Allegeny County, Maryland, and then to Knox County, IL.

The other photo of a small child sitting in a fancy "photographer's studio chair" is affixed to a printed board that says at the very bottom "No. 5, Briggs' Old Stand" . Printed above it and partially covered by the glued on photo is a word beginning with a capital letter (more about this below), a space, then what I believe to be an "&" , space, then "Co." "Galesburg, Ill."

The first word showing only the bottom of each letter could begin with a capital "P" followed by two lowercase letters than have shapes that could be "n" or "h", then an obvious "p", and "o" or a "b" and the final letter is probably a "t" or an "l". I cannot come up with a word that the above would indicate, but it obviously reads "? and Co., Galesburg, Ill".  I have no idea what "Briggs' Old Stand" is but it has to be connected somehow to N. Briggs, Artist, who evidently was the photographer of the first photo.

I really would like the dates that Briggs was in business to help me determine the child in the second photo. I am guessing that the photos were taken in the 1865-1880 time frame but I may be wrong. My grandfather, Hunter H. MUIR, (son of Thomas MUIR) was born in 1870. (Posted on August 30, 2003)

Any help or clues that you can provide would be appreciated.

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Jude's Brick Wall

I am researching the Jeremiah Coffey family of Galesburg between 1865 and 1915. Jeremiah, a shoemaker, married Anna Flynn in Chicago in the mid-1860's and shortly after, they moved to Galesburg, Illinois, and raised a family of 8 children. Jeremiah and Anna both came to America from Newport, County Tipperary, Ireland. Anna died in 1884; Jeremiah in 1907. I'm trying to locate their date of arrival on American soil, and their parents names. I am also researching Anna's family in Galesburg, especially her brother Daniel W. Flynn, a well-known liquor dealer at the turn of the 20th century. He married twice, first to Catherine Norton, who passed away, and second to Nano Ryan. (Posted on June 17, 2004)

Any and all information is welcome!

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Madonna's Brick Wall

Here's my Knox County brickwall! I am looking for information regarding Leonard Sykes who was born (according to his death certificate) in Galesburg on July 8, 1858. According to Leonard's marriage register his parents were Andrew Sykes and Kath Schweigtert. In 1880 Leonard is in Cook County working as a painter. I have no idea how long he lived in Knox County. Any help would be great. (Posted on Sep. 1, 2003)

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Romona's Brick Wall

I am looking for any descendants of Brazil Powers and Ida Britt who lived in Galesburg.  Ida, Brazil's second wife, had two children with Brazil: George B. and Betty.  Brazil's first wife, Matilda Mahurin, had one son with Brazil: Clarence Sandford, my grandfather.  Brazil Powers died in Galesburg on February 18, 1932.  I would love to find Brazil's kin as my father, Clarence Sandford's son, is still living at the age of 79 and I would love to introduce him to his family! (Posted on August 17, 2003)

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Jennifer's Brick Wall

I am looking for anyone else researching John Basil Allen. He was born in Indiana around 1828, according to census, his parents were also born in Indiana. He married Julia Diana Hubbell, daughter of Ephraim and Rachel McLeod Hubbell in 1866. Although on the marriage certificate her name is J. Dinia. Their children were William, John B., Jacob Homer, Gertrude Elizabeth, Arthur Sylvester, Thomas Ephraim, and Edward Burk Allen. John Allen is on the 1850 (22 yrs old) census for Orange Township. In the 1870 & 1880 census he and Julia were in Truro Township. In 1868 they were in Yates City for the birth of son William, in 1870 they were in Truro Township for John's birth, in 1872 in Elba Township for the birth of son Jacob, in 1877-1879 they went back to Truro Township for the birth of Arthur and Gertrude, 1881-1883 in Elba Township again for the birth of Thomas and Edward. John died in London Mills on October 10, 1903 and is buried in Maquon. I am stuck on finding his parents and siblings. Can anyone help?

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Scott's Brick Wall

My brick wall is the enigma of Jeremiah H. Patrick. Jeremiah was born in 1825 in Bath County, Kentucky. I believe that Enoch Patrick was either his father or uncle. Enoch was born in Virginia in 1802. He married Polly Martin in 1823 in Bath County, Kentucky. Enoch died on Valentine's Day in 1865 and is buried in Knoxville, Illinois in Knox County. Polly died seven years later.

Jeremiah married Martha Jane Cox on New Years Eve in 1846 in Knox County, Illinois. Martha Jane was born in Indiana in 1827 or 1828. Jeremiah and Martha Jane had six children : Mary Elizabeth, George, William, Enoch, Elzie, and unknown.

Jeremiah served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. He was 1st Sergeant of the 27th Illinois Infantry Volunteers, serving in company H. Jeremiah was wounded during the Battle of Chickamauga in north Georgia and died of his wounds six weeks later. He is buried in the Chattanooga National Military Hospital in Chattanooga, TN.

Martha Jane died in Orion, Illinois in 1883 or 1888 and is buried in Western Township Cemetery in Henry County, Illinois. Her sons George and Elzie are buried with her.

I am trying to establish the parents of Jeremiah and Martha Jane. Jeremiah could be the son of Enoch Patrick or Herod Patrick. I have no information on Martha Jane's family. Could anyone please provide any scraps of information concerning Jeremiah H. Patrick and Martha Jane Cox Patrick? Thank-you!

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R. F. Curtis' Brick Wall

I am looking for the burial place of Samuel S. Kelsey and his wife Diantha. Samuel died Oct. 18, 1863 or 1862 and his wife died soon after in Galesburg, Illinois. I also would like any info on his family, children, etc... (Posted on May 02, 2004)

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Kathy's Brick Wall

I am looking for James and Josaphine Lacey who lived in Galesburg in the 1880's. Where did they go from there?  Josaphine's maiden name was Baddicker perhaps.  Any information on their children would be appreciated as well.  HELP! (Posted on April 30, 2004)

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Gizzy's Brick Wall

I am looking for Richard (from Wales) and Sara (from Dewey, Illinois) Williams who had 4 sons and 2 daughters, one of whom was Anna Elizabeth, born in 1884. They lived in Knox County somewhere though I'm not exactly sure in which township.  Any information on this family would be most welcome!(Posted on June 1, 2004)

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