BAKER HOWARD, miner; P.O. Galena.

Baker Jacob, renter; P. O. Galena.

Bouatal Peter, retired farmer; P. O. Galena.

Boutch Francis, farmer; P. O. Galena.

Boutch John, farmer ; P. O. Galena.

Brooks T. farmer and miner; P. O. Galena.

Brein Rudolph, farmer and fisherman; P. O. Galena.

Brink Rudolph, farmer; P. O. Galena.

Burns Morris, farmer ; P. O. Galena.

Burns Thos. farmer; P. O. Galena.

CALVERT RICHARD, laborer; P. O. Hanover.

Campbell David, farm ; Sec. 2; P. O. Galena.

Campbell Jas. farmer; Sec. 2; P. O. Galena.

Creighton John, Sr., farmer ; Sec. 23 ; P. O. Galena.

Collins M. farmer ; Sec. 25 ; P. O. Galena.

DATER ANTON, farmer; P. O. Galena.

Dater Bernard, farmer; P. O. Galena.

DICK ROBERT K. Farmer; Sec.25 ; P. O. Galena ; owns 400 acres of land ;was born in Co. Antrim, Ireland, in Oct.,1810 ; came to this country in 1829, and
settled in Pa., in which state he remainedeight years ; during his stay in that state he was married to Miss Margaret Marshall,Feb. 9, 1836; she was born in Ireland
Dec. 23, 1808 ; they came to this 1837 ; Mr. Dick has held various townand school offices during his residence inthis Tp ; they have had seven children ;
the living are : Ann Jane, now Mrs. JamesSpeers, born Aug. 10, 1838 ; John E., May20, 1844; Elizabeth L., Nov. 3, 1845, she isnow Mrs. J. Wilson ; Robert K., Dec. 25,
1846; William H., Aug. 17, 1849.

Dick Win. H. farm ; Sec. 25 ; P. O. Hanover.

Donavan Daniel, farmer; P. O. Galena.

ENTWHISTLE ROSS, farmer; Sec. 24; P. O. Galena.

FLANNAN JAMES, farmer; P. O. Galena.

Fidler Edward, miner; P. O. Galena.

Freil Charles, renter; P. O. Galena.

Freil Frank, renter; P. O. Galena.

Funston Adam, farmer; P. O. Galena.

Funston David, farm; Sec. 15; P. O. Galena.

Funston George C. farmer; P. O. Galena.

Funston John, farm ; Sec. 14 ; P. O. Galena.

Funston William 8.

GAMMON JAMES, farmer; P. O. Galena.

GIN, JAMES, Farmer; Sec. 12; P. O.Galena ; owns 350 acres of land ; was born in Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 29, 1830; moved to this Co. with his parents in 1834;
on the 2d of Feb., 1859, he married Miss Jane Funston, in Town of Rice; she wasborn in Ireland Nov. 1, 1839 ; Mr. Ginnwas elected Supervisor of this Tp. last
Spring (1877) and is the present incumbentof that office; he has held the office ofSheriff of Jo Daviess Co. two years ; wasalso Deputy Sheriff two years ; in 1861 he
enlisted in Co. H, 3d Mo. V. I. ; served as a Sergeant; was honorably discharged at St.Louis, Mo., Nov. 2, 1864 ; he has been inmany severe engagements, among them
being the battles of Vicksburg, Atlanta,and a series of battles around each one otthose places; his father (Johnson Ginn)came to this Co. in 1834, thus becoming
one of the pioneers of the Northwest, resides in Galena.

Golden H. farmer; Sec. 26; P.O. Hanover.

Gray David, farmer; Sec. 35; P. O. Hanover.

Gray James, farmer; Sec. 35; P. O. Hanover.

Gray Wm. J. fanner; Sec. 9 ; P. O. Galena.

Guebsmith P. farmer; P. O. Galena.


Heckelsmiller Peter, renter; P. O. Galena.

Heffern V. farmer : Sec. 22 ; P. O. Galena.

Henies Max. farmer ; P. O. Galena.

Henry Robert, farmer ; Sec. 10 ; P.O. Galena.

Hines John, farmer ; P. O. Galena.

Hughs Ellis, retired ; Galena.

Hysel G. W. miner ; Galena.

Hysel Wm. A. teamster ; Galena.

JENNINGS ANDREW, renter; P. O. Galena.

Jerome Ambrose, laborer; Galena.

Johnston John C. farm; Sec. 2; P.O. Galena.

KAMPHOUSE WM. miner; Galena.

Katen Patrick, farmer ; P. O. Galena.

Kipp Bernard, farmer ; P. O. Galena.

Kipp Henry, farmer; Sec. 4; P.O. Galena.

LAMPA BERNARD, farmer; P. O.. Galena.

Lucy Dennis, laborer; Galena.

Lucy Jerry, miner; Galena.

Lucy Michael, laborer; Galena.

Lyden Martin, farmer; Sec. 26; P. O. Galena.

McAFEE WM. laborer; Galena.

McAllister A. farmer and school teacher ; Sec. 35; P. O. Hanover.

McCormack D. farm ; Sec. 13 ; P. O. Galena.

McCormack John, farmer ; P. O. Galena.

McCormack Patrick, retired ; Galena.

Miller John, laborer; Galena.

Morris James, renter ; P. O. Galena.

Mougin A. farmer ; Sec. 15 ; P. O. Galena.

PERSHANG NICHOLAS, farmer; Sec. 27; P.O. Galena.

QUIGLEY JNO. farmer; P. O. Hanover.

Quinlin John, laborer; Galena.

ROBINSON ADAM, farmer; Sec. 2; P.O. Galena.

Robinson David, farm Sec. 2 ; P. O. Galena.

Ross R. M. farmer; Sec. 35; P. O. Hanover.

SANDERS FRANCIS, miner; Galena.

Sanders Joseph, renter; P. O. Galena.

Sanderson David, renter; P. O. Galena.

Sanderson James, renter ; P. O. Galena.

Sanderson John, school teacher; Galena.

Sanderson Saml. farmer ; P. O. Galena.

Sanderson Stewart, renter ; P. O. Galena.

Sharp A. farmer; Sec. 16; P. O. Galena.

Sherrill John, renter; P. O. Galena.

Sherrill Lafayette, laborer; Galena.

Shubert August, farmer ; P. O. Galena.

Shuleyr G. farmer; Sec. 9; P. O. Galena.

Shuleyr Wm., miner; Galena.

Sincox John, miner; Galena.

Spratt Geo. W. miner ; Galena.

Spratt John, farmer ; Sec. 5; P. O. Galena.

Steele R. farmer; Sec. 35; P.O.Hanover.

Steele John A. laborer; Hanover.

Steele John J. school teacher ; Hanover.

VIRTUE DAVID A. farmer; Sec. 11;P. O. Galena.

VIRTUE DAVID, Farmer; Sec. 12;P. O. Galena ; owns 100 acres of land ; was born in County Donegal, Ireland, in theyear of 1805; came to this Co. in 1845, and located in this Tp., and it has been his
home since ; in looking among the Tp.Records we find that he has held most Records we find that he has held most every office known in the catalogue of Tp.
and School offices, among them being thatof Justice of the Peace, which office he has held twelve years, Town Treasurer twenty fourconsecutive years ; he is the present incumbent of the offices of Justice of the Peace and Town Collector; he has been twice married; first wife was CatherineRead ; she was born in Ireland in 1804 ;they were married in 1828 ; she died in1829; present wife was Margaret Roe;they were married in Ireland; they have had five children, viz. : William Roe, born Nov. 10. 1830 ; Eliza Jane (now Mrs. J.Gray), Nov. 16, 1834; Robert, Nov. 28,1837; he enlisted in Co. A, 96th Regt.I. V. I. ; was in many hard-fought battles,among them being the battles of Nashville and Franklin; he died on Dec. 6,1865; Ellen, in 1842; James, April 20,
1845, died in infancy.

Virtue J. S. farmer; Sec. 12; P. O. Galena.

Virtue John, fanner ; Sec. 12 ; P. O. Galena.

VIRTUE WILLIAM I. Farmer;Sec. 13; P. O. Galena; owns 200 acres of land ; was born in Galena, in this Co., on Sept. 25, 1841 ; in 1861, when the dark clouds of war overshadowed our land and
armed hands threatened the dissolution of the union of our fathers, he answered his country's call and enlisted in Co. A, 96th Regt. 1. V. I., in which Regt. he served three years ; he was honorably discharged ;was in every engagement with the enemy that his Regt. was; he was promoted Corporalin 1863 ; was married to Miss Martha Campbell in this town (Rice) on March 7, 1867 ; she was born in Galena in 1842 ;they have six children: viz.: Adam Howard, Feb. 14, 1868; Mary Jane, April14, 1870; Margaret Eliza, Nov. 11, 1871; Anna G., July 11, 1873; David Samuel, Jan. 9, 1876 ; Sarah Rebecca, Nov. 12, 1877.

VIRTUE WILLIAM ROE.Farmer; Sec. 12; P. O. Galena; owns 140 acres of land ; was born in Ireland Nov.10, 1830 ; came to this Co. with his parentsin 1845 ; in politics he has always been Republican, casting first vote for Winfield Scott ; is the present School Trustee, which office he has held for the last sixtee nyears; he married Miss Jane Virtue in this town on May 3, 1860 ; she was born in Galena on Oct. 12, 1839 ; they have had two children : M. Emma, born Aug. 15,1861 ; Addie Lavina, March 7, 1864, diedMarch 17, 1874.

Few the starry Summers,
That o'er her path had flown,
Ere the angels called her
To the far unknown.
Smiles of gleaming brightness,
Wreathed that lair young face;
Till its placid whiteness
Told of death's embrace.

Mrs. Virtue's father (Adam Virtue) wa sborn in Ireland in 1809; he embraced religion in 1832, when he identified himself with the M. E. Church, of which he remained a faithful member; he came to this Co. in 1836, thus becoming one of the pioneers of Jo Daviess Co.; he worked earnestly for the establishment of schools and churches in the community in which he lived; his wife was Margaret Boyd; they were married in Ireland ; he died in this Co. on Sept. 12; 1863.

WATSON JOSEPH, farmer; P. O. Galena.

White Hugh, farmer ; P. O. Galena.

White Matthew, fanner; P. O. Galena.

Wise John, miner.

Wollweaver H. farmer; Sec. 4; P. O. Galena.

Wollweaver John, laborer ; Galena.

Wright Adam, Galena.

YOUNG, HUGH, farmer; Sec. 25; P. O. Hanover.