Picture by Wini Caudell


Galena is the county seat of Jo Daviess County. It's located in the extreme northwest corner of Illinois Galena is situated on both sides of Galena River, generally called Fever
River. six miles from its junction is the Mississippi.

The ground on which the city is built rises abruptly from the river, except a narrow strip of bottom land below Bouthillier Street on the east side, and extending above Warren to Commerce Street on the west side.

The highest point in the city is on High Street, near the cemetery, where the bluff is nearly 210 feet above the river. This high bluff composed of limestone, and encircles the whole city, pierced by Meeker's branch on the north, and by two ravines extending westward from the river, one near the center and the other near the south side. The city is literally built on hills, although not the classic number seven.

Prior to 1820, the present site of Galena was occupied by the Indians, mostly Foxes, and was a favorite trading post for the migratory traders. It is more than probable that it had been temporarily occupied by these traders for many years.

Until this town was laid off by Lieut. Thomas, and named Galena by the settlers in 1826, the place was called Fever River in official documents, but was generally called La Pointe by the French, or " The
Point " by the Americans.

It has been the home of eight Governors, four United States Senators, eight Congressmen, six Federal Judges, twelve state Supreme Court and Circuit Judges, two Mayors of Chicago, eight editors of Metropolitan newspapers, as well as the home of many other successful business men who achieved brilliant success in Chicago and other cities of the Northwest.