This "Wishlist "is for people or families out there that might have what a person is looking for. This wish list is a type of list mainly to be used for a death or birth or marriage certificates or photos of a certain person, or a document, or even for photo of tombstone. 

This is a wonderful way of sharing as all of us genealogists like to do!!

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1895 wedding announcement that Robin has in her possession She would like to know if this is in anyone’s family and would like them to contact her. She is trying to find family to make contact with.

Robin Pardus Wishlist as 7-4-2007

***Does anyone know if Bishop Hill sells postcards of the Poppy Barn?  I ran up and down that barn as a kid when mom and dad milked cows and would love to have a couple.


***Death cert from HC; Does anyone have any of these they can share with me?  I would love to have for my family tree records!

Theresa Amalie Hollatz Rahn  Died 11-5-1894

Henry Weber  Died 2-21-1890

Casper Weber Died 10-1-1975

Viola Hoover Weber  Died 10-7-1975

Ludwig "Louis" Weber  Died 6-21-1951

Elsie Rahn Gradert  Died  3-3-1954

John Papenthien Died 2-9-1919

John Papenthien  Died 10-25-1939

John Papenthien Died 6-23-1889

Johann Jacob (Jacob Johann) Weber Died 6-10-1894

 Elizabeth Sand Weber Died 12-16-1893

David Rahn Died 6-20-1870

Caroline Christine Stienke Rahn Died 6-11-1873

Ferdinand Rahn Died 4-26-1881

Minnie P Rahn Died 4-30-1883 (1882?)

Fred W. Rahn died 1907

Emma Rahn Died 1-10-1911

Christine Hintz Rahn Died 2-20-1893        

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Pictures, biographies and grave pictures of Henry County.

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The last account I have on George Jones McCorkle, b 1832 Delaware, is that he was living in 1900 with his son Joseph, b 1857 , b. West Va, and Josephs wife Lefa. They had children Earl, Wrna, and Fred. D. I would very much like to know if there is mention of this family in any Henry County material. I am really in need of George's death place and date of death. I've searched the Illinois death records online, but can not find him. I've tried alternate spellings.



I would like to know where Joshua and Mary Stewart died and were buried. They are in the 1860 Census in Wethersfield Township along with their children John W, Mary, Ellen, Susan, Sarah and Thomas. The parents are gone in 1870, probably died, and the children are living in S.W. Weller Township at different farms. Family stories say they settled in the Red Oak area around 1857. Any help would be appreciated.

Steve Peterson






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