Almanac, ten cents.

One half dozen knives and forks, two dollars.

Two yards calico, fifty cents.

Fourteen pounds sugar, two dollars.

On quire paper, thirty-seven cents.

One pair buck mittens, one dollar.

One horse shod, two dollars and fifty cents

One pair boots, two dollars.

Two pounds raisins, sixty- two cents.

Two bushels meal, two dollars.

One pair shoes, one dollar and twenty- five cents.

Two ounces camphor, twenty-five cents.

One pair rubber over­shoes, two dollars.

Two ounces nutmeg, fifty cents.

Four table spoons, (iron) twenty-live cents.

Use of yoke of oxen one day, one dollar.

Eight pounds candles, at nineteen cents per pound.

One-fourth pound pepper, twenty-five cents.

One and one-fourth pounds honey, twenty-five cents.

One tin pail, one dollar and twenty-five cents.

One pound tea, one dollar.

Six pounds salt, thirty-eight cents.

Straw hat, sixty-three cents.


The History of Henry County

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