Weller Township


This is a splendid township of land, is well improved and settled by an industrious class of people. It’s history is largely included in that of the Bishop Hill Colony. . James Withrow was the first settler in this part of the county. He located at the east end of Red Oak in 1836. He died on his farm in 1839 and his estate was the first probated in the county.

There seems to been few or no other settlers in this part of the county prior to 1853. Among those who came to this township were Lars Anderson who came in 1846 and died November 16, 1869, leaving a son, Gilbert A. Andrew and Jonas Bergland came from Sweden to this county in 1846; John Bjork came to America, 1840, returned to Sweden and in 1847 settled in Bishop Hill; Peter Bloomberg came in 1846; Jacob Bricker came in 1851, John P. Chaiser came in 1851; Jonas Elblow came in 1846; Lars Ericsson came with hids parents in 1847, Lars Frosberg in 1847,. John H. Grammar born in Germany, came to this county in 1847

William Grammar came in 1843. Hans M. Hollander came in 1847. Jacob Jacobson and wife came “on foot” in 1847. John E. Lindbeck 1849; Olof Moline came 1846; William L. Neuman, German, came 1846; Hans Nostrum 1846; Eric Olson came with the Swede Colony. He was rich in the old country but was made treasurer for the colonists and paid out for the necessaries for others all he had in the world. Jonas Olson came at the same time and he also paid out his total fortune. Olof Olson came in 1847; John Piatt came in 1840, he was one of the oldest settlers in Weller, Henry Poppy came in 1847; J.E. Stoneberg in 1847; Olof Stoneberg in 1846; Andrew Stoneberg came in 1846; Swan Swanson came 1846; Peter Wexell and Peter Wickblow in 1847

From: Portrait and Biographical Album of Henry County Illinois




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