Thomas Ward, now retired from the active labors of the farm after a well spent life, was born in Somersetshire, England, February 19, 1844, and is an ex­ ample of the best class of men his country has given us. He is a son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Andrews) Ward, both of whom were natives of England. The father was a teamster and small farmer, making a specialty of manufacturing cheese and working at the peat factory. He had eight children, of whom one died in infancy, and Thomas is now the only survivor. All of the others came to the United States except one. They were as follows: Robert died in Bureau county, this state; Eliza married William Cook, spent her life in England and, dying, left a large family; Hannah married John Lane, who lives in Geneseo, but she is deceased; Joseph passed away in Geneseo; Benjamin lived in Geneseo but went to Boulder, Colorado, where he died; Fannie married Henry Ole and her death occurred in Geneseo; Thomas is the seventh; as well as youngest.

Thomas Ward was only fifteen years old when he lost his mother, but his father survived until 1870, being buried by her side in an English cemetery. The education of Thomas Ward was secured in England, he remaining with his father until nineteen years of age. He then worked at various things until he was twenty-two years old, when on October 22, 1866, he married Mary Nuttycomb. She was born in Somersetshire, England, December 28, 1845, a daughter of Frederick and Elizabeth (Cook) Nuttycomb, also natives of England. Her father was a gardener, who came to this country when Mrs. Ward was twelve years old. After four years spent in Dubuque, Iowa, he returned to England and there died in January, 1876. He had lost his wife in 1862 and they lie buried in English ground.

They had seven children, all living: Mrs. Ward is the eldest; Ann married Frank Milton and lives in England; William, living in Wales, was an English soldier, who served until twenty-one years old when he was honorably discharged; Jane lives in London; Sarah married Charles Cooper and lives in Minnesota; Thomas lives in Kansas; and Elizabeth married Daniel Dennis and lives in Syracuse, New York, he being deceased.

Immediately after their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Ward came from England on the steamer Edinburg and located in Henry county, Illinois, first renting land for three years. Following this Mr. Ward worked for Squire Harper on a farm in Geneseo township for nineteen years. Later he farmed on Dutch Bottom for several years, but he finally bought one hundred and twenty-three acres, which he now rents, and for the past six years he has been living on the old Mandle place. He is a strong prohibitionist and has never cast his vote for any but the candidates of his party. Both he and his wife are members of the Methodist church, of which he has been trustee for some years.

Seven children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Ward, namely: Elizabeth Ann, September 23, 1867, married Manuel Vonhosteen and lives in Idaho where he is a farmer. Joseph Walter. October 22, 1868, married Tillie Gerkin. They live in Phenix township and have two children, Jennie and Ernie. Fannie Bethel, February 28. 1870, married Frank Torence, and lives in Geneseo. They have seven children. Lulu, Hallie, Glen, Katie, Olive, Alice and Ward. Anna Malinda, born June 3, 1871, married Edward A. Potter and lives in Iowa. They have five chidren, Lucy. Florence, Lucile, Annetta and Merle. Nettie May, born June 22, 1873, married Edward E. Darin, who lives in Phenix, and has three children, Harold A very, Mary Eleanor and John Ward. Jessie C. born February n, 1876, married Louis Carl, of Whiteside county, and they have four children, Mary A., Ruby Irene, Florence and Russell. Forest B., born September 25, 1877, lives in Phenix township. He married Annetta Mortenson February 18, 1903.

Mr. and Mrs. Ward are most excellent people who have worked hard to make their way in life and most certainly deserve the comfort and prosperity that is now their share. They are justly proud of their children and grandchildren and are among the substantial people of Henry county.


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