Andrew Oliver, a native of Scotland, was born March 20, 1820. He came to this county in 1838.

Marcus B. Osborn, native of New York ; born in 1803; came in 1837 ; removed to Salt Lake City.

Erie Olson came to this country with the Swede Colony. He died in 1880, aged 73 years.

Edward A. Mix was in his earlier life a sea Captain and came from New York city. He was one of the founders of the Andover Colony. He returned to New York and took an active part in the late war.

Eben Townsend was an old man when he came to the county. He was one of the Andover Colony. Lived to extreme old age, and was buried in the Andover Cemetery.

Adrian Van Winkle was an extensive farmer in an early day. Afterward he was a grain-buyer in Geneseo. Died in 1883.

S. B. Shumway was born in Bradford Co., Pa., April 15, 1822, and came to Henry County in 1853

Luther Sheldon, a carpenter, was born in New York, November, 1809, and came to Henry County in 1839. He died May 4, 1877.

George Tyler kept the first ferry on Rock River in this county. He died in 1838. His widow kept tavern in Cleveland, where many of the newly-arrived pioneers boarded and lodged on their arrival.

Joseph Tillson, the first actual settler in Cambridge Township, was born in Wrentham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, March 11, 1801. He left Boston in September, 1836, and came West, arriving in Henry County in1837. In 1838 he built the cabin in which Mr. Stackhouse found him when he came here in 1840.

J. M. Timberlake was born in Sangamon Co., Ills., June 8, 1837. He came to Henry County in 1857.

Ralph A. Tenney, a native of New Hampshire, was born Oct. 13,1826. Came to Henry County in 1851. Removed to Chicago.

Charles F. Tenney is a native of New Hampshire, where he was born March 28, 1832. He came to Henry County in 1853.

Thomas H.Maine, was born Sept. 17, 1815. Came to Tazewell County in 1836, and to Henry County in 1855. His wife, Maria E., came with him. She was born in Ohio in 1823.

G. W Timberlake was born in Henry County, Oct.24, 1843

Ebenezer Tyler came from New Hampshire to Wethersfield Township in 1848. Died April 25, 1877.

Aunt Polly Vincent came in 1845. Died in Cambridge in 1881, aged 70 years. An elegant pioneer woman, widely known and beloved. She was a native of Canada.

William J. Vannice was Sheriff of the county at one time. He was born in Montgomery Co., Ind., Feb. 17, 1838, and came to the county in 1852.

Zacharinh Welch, a native of Pennsylvania, came in 1851. Died March 1 4, 1877, aged 53 years. By occupation he was a farmer and carpenter.

David Wiley is a fine specimen of a jolly Irish laborer. He was the chief sod-fence maker in the county. He lived in Morristown, and died there without issue in 1840.

Street C. Welton, born in Litchfield, Conn.,1 816, and came in 1849.

Mrs. Adaline Welton was born in Orange Co., N. J., in 1824, and came to Henry County in 1849.

Col. John H. Wells came from Orange Co., N. Y., in 1838. He died May 20, 1844.

Lester C. Welton, a native of Litchfield, Conn., was born in April, 181 7, and came in 18 49. His wife was a native of Hartford, Conn , and was born in May, 1819.

Jesse Woolsey was the first landlord at Andover— then the favorite stopping place with all the travelers on the old Knoxville and Galena road from 1840 to .. about 1850—and was widely known. He died some years ago.

Ebenezer Walters lived in Bernard's Grove, about five miles north of Geneseo Left the county years ago. None of the family here.

Chauncey E. Washburn was born in Massachusetts, May 17, 1834. Came to Henry County in 1837.

John M. Withrow is a native of the county, and was born in 1848. He is a son of W. W.

Abisha Washburn was a native of Massachusetts. He settled in Colona. He died in 1872, on the last day of August. He came in 1837. His widow is living in the county.

Lucinda Washburn was born in New Hampshire in 1809, and came to the county in April, 1836.

William C. Wilson was born in Norway in 1839, and came to this county in 18 58. Was Captain in the army ; served five years.

John P. Potter, born in Coshocton, Ohio, Sept. 14 , 1823. Came in 1838. His wife, Charity A., was born at Young's Mills, Ohio, Feb. 25, 1829. Her family settled in Whiteside County, 1837.

David Potter, born Oct. 1. 1799. From Knox Co., Ohio. Came in October, 1838. Born in Crawford Co., Pa.Died in Wethersfield, Oct. 8, 1860, aged 61 years.

John Henry Poppy, of Germany, was born in 1797. He came in 18 47 and died in December, 1875.

Thomas Miller was a noted hunter. He looked a good deal like an Indian and was still more so in his acts and manners. He died in Hanna Township years ago.

Hannah Paddelford was born in New Hampshire, May 11, 1790. He came to this county in 1837.

Rufus P. Parish was born in New Hampshire, Sept. 4, 1816. Came to county in 1855.

Isaac Paden was born in Fayette Co., Pa., Nov. 6, 1800. He came to this county in 1852.

Ithamar Pillbury was the chief founder of the Andover Colony. He was the first Presbyterian preacher in the county. He was buried in the Andover Cemetery.

Caleb Pillsbury was a brother of Rev. Ithamar Pillsbury. Caleb's son, Levi, lives near Andover. One of his daughters lives in Lynn Grove.

William K Robinson was born in Southampton, Sept 24, 1829. He came to this county in May, 1842.

N. H. Robinson was born in 1788, Long Island. Ca to this county in 1839. Died in Kansas, March 8 1877.

Solomon Penny, widely known as " old Sol Penny," the happy story-teller of the county. Many think he was nearly Lincoln's match in this respect. He was also a great wit. Penny's Slough was a great resort for the disciples of Izaak Walton. Penny's house was a welcome and favorite resort, and "Old Sol " was a great attraction.

Henry C. Sleight was born Aug. 15, 1792. Came to the county in 1844. Died at Sag Harbor, Jan. 7, 1877.

Luther C. Sleight was born in Russellville, Ky., in April, 18 r7. Came in 18 37. Removed to Sag Harbor.

John D. K. Sleight was born in New York in January, 1834. Came to county in 1844 . Removed to Richmond, Va.

Heilman A. Sleight was born in Jamaica, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1828. Came to County in 1844. Was Treasurer of Henry County five terms. Died in the county,

William Stackhouse, native of Burlington, Vt., was born in 1814. Came to county in 1838. In a short time went away, and returned in 1840.

Henry Sullivan was a prominent man at an early day in the politics of the county. He was at one time Recorder.

Isaac N. Stewart was born in New York, Oct, 12, 1814. Came to Henry County in August, 1847. His wife was born Oct. 2, 1828. Came to county in 1855.

Lyman Snow was born in Massachusetts in November, 1809. He came to Henry County in 1840. Died in Cambridge in 1880.

Austin Sykes was born in Rutland Co., Vt., April 28, 1815. Located in Henry County in 1850.

Roderick R. Stewart, one of the founders of Gen­ eseo. His three daughters were the first school teachers in the county. He held many offices in the county and his family was the prominent leading family in the county.

Arba M. Seymour, the first Surveyor of the county. His wife was a Miss Crocker. Mr. Seymour removed to Wisconsin.

R. L. Sheppard was born in New York in 1819. He came to Henry County in 1858.

John Searles was born in Ohio in 1804. He was one of the pioneers of Henry County. He came in 1836.

Samuel Sullivan and brother and two sisters carn e here together. They were:from Ohio. They left the county and went further West many years ago.

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