William L. Dalrymple  is Deputy County Clerk; was born in Knox County, Ohio, April 7, 1827 and came to this county Dec. 14, 1853.

James P. Dodge died at an early day. His widow married a Mr. Burton. She again became a widow and married Thomas Stagg. He died recently, and the widow removed to Whiteside County.

Reuben Cone came with the Geneseo Colony in 1836, bringing his wife and three children. One child was born here. Mrs. Cone was Miss Harriet Thomas, of Canada. Mr. Cone removed to Kansas in 1862, and in 1871 went to Colorado, where he died in 1883. Three of the sons live in Colorado.

J. W. Epperson was born in Indiana, in 1829. He came to Knox County in 1849, and to Henry County in 1853.

Geo. S. Emmert is a native of Germany, where he was born in 1839. He came to Henry County in 1851.

Thomas Fitch came to Henry County in June, 1837

John M. Follett was born in Essex County, New York, March 18, 1832. Came to Henry County in May, 1852.

Sylvanus Ferris was a native of Pennsylvania. Came and settled in Wethersfield, 1838. Died Feb. 11, 1877.

Thomas Glenn, a brother of James Glenn, came in the spring of 1835. He never married; died in 1850, of consumption.

Dr. George Gager was an herb doctor, and lived near Dayton. He was a droll character in many ways. He died at an early day.

George Garland was born in Pennsylvania in 1836. He came to this county in 1859.

L. B. Goodell was born in Pennsylvania in 1834. He came to this county in October, 1857.

Joseph Goodrich was born in Wethersfield, Ct., July 31, 1794. He came to Henry County in 1836. Died Feb. 19, 1852.He had been a missionary to the Sandwich Islands.

Patterson Holmes, native of Redfield, Vt. Born Sept. 1, 1830. Came here in 1853.

Dr. S. T. Hume, second physician to locate in Geneseo. Some of his early experiences, when every new man was suspected of being a horse-thief, are given elsewhere, and are not only illustrative of the times but also amusing.

Charles Atkinson, one of the organizers of Henry County and one of its first officials, came to this county in 1835 and located in Cleveland. He came from Massachusetts and took an important part in the early history of the county. He moved to Moline and is now one of the wealthy and prominent citizens.

Henry S. Aldrich, the county’s first “Baby Mine,” was born in Phenix Township in December, 1835. See biography of Earl P. Aldrich, page 305.

Royce Allen came to Henry County in 1852; was born in Camden, N. Y., June, 1819; died in 1880, aged 62 years.

Harriet K. Adams, wife of Geo. Adams, was born in Jefferson Co., N. Y., Dec. 27, 1825; came to the county in 1855.

William C. Bartlett, born in Montgomery, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1797; died Sept. 3, 1878. Catherine, his wife, was born in Champlain, N. Y., April 17, 1803. They came to this county May 4, 1836.

Jerome Brittain was a pioneer carpenter. He built for C. W. Davenport the first log house, a large double one, and the first “out on the prairie,” in Morristown, in 1836, five miles south of Bradensburg. He died in 1839.

John Boyd, Sr., was born in Philadelphia, April 9, 1802; came to the county in 1848; died in Cambridge, Feb. 2, 1877. He served three years in the army. Died Feb. 2, 1877.

Joshua Browning was elected one of the first County Commissioners. He died at an early day.

George Brandenburg was born in Maryland July 28, 1799; came to this county Sept. 9, 1835. His wife, Phoebe, was a native of Vermont, and was born Jan. 22, 1795; came to the county 1836. George Brandenburg was always known as “Judge”. When questioned as to what court he had presided over by a Boston “tender-foot”, he replied that he was “Judge” of one of the earliest elections in the county! A son and daughter, Frank and Elizabeth, reside in Dayton, in this county.

Francis M. Brandenburg, native of Indiana, born July 11, 1834; came to this county in 1835.

Cornelius Bryan settled in Henry County in 1837; died June 23, 1854, aged 64 years.

Mrs. E. J. Blodgett, came to this county in 1849. She was born in 1832.

Redding Busenbark, born in Ohio in 1821, and came to this county in 1855.

Preston Browning and family came from White Co., Ill., in an early day. He returned to Southern Illinois. His son resides near Geneseo.

Pg. 699    1885 Portrait & Biographical Album of Henry Co., Illinois

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