The days pass busily for Samuel G. Wigant for a farm of one hundred and sixty acres claims his attention. It is situated on section 31, Cornwall township, and its attractive appearance indicates the careful supervision of its practical and progressive owner. A native of this township, he was born on section 19, February 9, 1871, his parents being Hiram and Mary (Long) Wigant, of whom mention is made elsewhere in this volume.

As a boy Samuel G. Wigant enjoyed the educational opportunities afforded by the district school near his home, while he acquired practical training for his future work through the assistance he rendered his father in cultivating the home farm. When he attained his majority he hired out to his father for a year, after which he married and, with the natural desire to establish a home of his own, rented some land in Burns township. He was industrious and ambitious, and in 1895 had saved enough to enable him to purchase eighty acres in Cornwall township, where he now lives. He paid forty-seven dollars an acre for the tract and in 1900 was able to buy the eighty acres adjoining at the same price, although the land, if placed upon the market today, would bring one hundred and forty dollars per acre. Plowing, planting and harvesting largely occupy his time and with excellent results, but he has recently turned his attention to raising, feeding and shipping stock, and finds this enterprise also makes him a profitable return upon his investment of thought and labor, for he is painstaking as well as persevering, and being satisfied with only the best that can be produced and sparing no efforts to attain his ideal of excellence, finds a ready market for both his crops and his stock.

In Geneseo, April 3, 1893, was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Wigant and Miss Sarah J. Clark. She is a daughter of William and Martha (Shakespeare) Clark and was born upon the old Clark homestead in Munson township, this county, July 19, 1872. There are five children in Mr. and Mrs. Wigant's family, namely : Bessie, who was born April 13, 1894; Harry, January to, 1897; Alice, October 13, 1898; Hazel, March 2, 1906; and Clara, March 23, 1909.

Since age conferred upon him the right of franchise, Mr. Wigant has been a stalwart champion of republicanism, having cast his first presidential ballot for William McKinley. He has never aspired to official distinction. however, although his devotion to the general welfare was manifest in the able manner in which he filled the position of road commissioner during the six years he held that office and in the progressive policies he advocated while he was school director. He is a young man of enterprise and ambition, and as he has based his life upon the sound principles of upright manhood he may look forward not only to successful future, but to one which will bring him the esteem of his associates, a guerdon that is even more enviable than financial prosperity.


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