1875 Platt Maps

These Platt Maps are from The Atlas of Henry Co. & The State of Illinois

I will add more as I edit them.


Eastern Section of Weller

Western Section of Weller


Eastern Section of Edford

Western Section of Edford


East Section of Clover

West Section of Clover


Northeast Cornwall

Northwest Cornwall

Southeast Cornwall

Southwest Cornwall


East Section Hanna

West Section Hanna


N.W. Section Munson

N.E. Section Munson

S.W. Section Munson

S.E. Section Munson


N.W. Section Andover

N.E. Section Andover

S.W. Section Andover

S.E. Section Andover


N.W Section Alba

N.E. Section Alba

S.W. Section Alba

S.E. Section Alba


N.W. Section Loraine

N.E. Section Loraine

S.W. Section Loraine

S.E. Section Loraine


N.W. Section Annawan

N.E. Section Annawan

S.W. Section Annawan

S.E. Section Annawan


N.E. Section Geneseo

N.W. Section Geneseo

S.W. Section Geneseo

S.E. Section Geneseo


N.E. Section Kewanee

N.W. Section Kewanee

S.E. Section Kewanee

S.W. Section Kewanee


N.E. Section Osco

N.W. Section Osco

S.E. Section Osco

S.W. Section Osco


N.E. Section Yorktown

N.W. Section Yorktown

S.E. Section Yorktown

S.W. Section Yorktown


E. Section Oxford

W. Section Oxford


N.E. Section Lynn

N.W. Section Lynn

S.E. Section Lynn

S.W. Section Lynn


North Section Colona

South Section Colona




N.E. Section Burns

N.W. Section Burns

S.E. Section Burns

S.W. Section Burns


E. Galva

W. Galva


N.E. Section Phenix

N.W. Section Phenix

S.E. Section Phenix

S.W. Section Phenix


N.E. Section Wethersfield

N.W. Section Wethersfield

S.E. Section Wethersfield

S.W. Section Wethersfield


N.E. Section Atkinson

N.W. Section Atkinson

S.W. Section Atkinson

S.E. Section Atkinson