Phenix Township


This township nestles along the borders of Rock River, in the northwest part of the county, the natural places for those first pioneers to settle who formed those outer fringes of civilization, where the solitary pio­neer piloted his lonely way. The second white family to settle in the county was Earl P. Aldrich's, who came in the summer of 1835, and in his little log cabin was born, on the 15th of the following December, the first white child in Henry County that with wide eyes looked out astounded, but not dumb­ founded, upon this new and curious world.

A very full account of all these early settlers is given in other chapters, to which the reader is referred. Amariah Withrow landed in the township but a every short time after the Aldriches. He was a native of White County, Illinois, born May 4, 1831, and came with the large family of Withrows, of whom also is given a full account in another place.

Amariah Withrow married Mary J. Huston, born in Licking County, Ohio, Oct. 6, 1832. They were married August 8, 1856. Had four children.

It properly should have been stated above that the families, the widows and children of the Aldriches are still living, and the aspirations and hopes of all for these two venerable old grandmothers are that the quiet comfort of their declining years may be long in the land, with only a gradual flow and increase of temooral blessings to their departing hour.

Jacob F. Butzer settled on section 4, in 1837. He was only second to Anthony Hunt in the coming of a German into the county.

David B. Barge, a native of Ohio, came in 1841. His fine farm contains 620 acres. He married Eliza M. Aldrich, born in Pickaway County, Ohio, May 7, 1828.

George Arnett, whose family first settled in Loraine, removed into this county at an early day, and secured his valuable farm of 640 acres.

The township is untouched by a railroad. Has no town. Sharon postoffice is a little north of the center of the township.

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