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These were taken from : The Milan Weekly Independent

A Newspaper published in Milan, Illinois until the mid 1970’s

March 22, 1906

Miss Rose Lundeen and Miss Marie Johnson have returned from visiting relatives at Gowrie and Jewell Junction, Iowa

*29 March 1906

ORION, Henry County: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Nelson, a daughter, last Thursday.

ORION, Henry County: Mrs. Clauson was called to Geneseo Monday due to the death of her father.

ORION, Henry County: Wm Stingley married Miss Anna Jordan recently.The bride is formerly of Orion.

ORION, Henry County: Miss Myrtle Sayer has returned from visiting, her sister at Morgantown, Virginia.

ORION, Henry County: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Emil Frost of Cambridge, formerly of Orion, a daughter.

ORION, Henry County: Sanford Lawson married Miss Gertrude Wilkins last Thursday in Rock Island. The bride is a former resident of Orion. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Lawson of Orion and has always lived in Orion


April 12,1906

Mr and Mrs. R.L. Rice have moved to Wataga

April 19, 1906

Miss LuLu Turner of Peterson, Iowa is visiting her aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. J.H. McGovern

May 3, 1906

Chas. Norman of Beresford South Dakota is here visitng her sister Mrs. G.L. Anderson

Mrs. Hitchcock of Greenfield, Iowa is here visitng her sister Mrs. G.W. Ferguson

May 31, 1906

Mrs. Wm.Smith of Calif. a former resident of Orion is here visiting.

Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Anderson of Texas have moved here to live.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Englin attended the funeral of his brother Gus Englin in Rock Island on Sunday. He died Friday.

June 7, 1906

E.E. Peterson has moved to Graettingen, Iowa.

Mrs. Geo. Sprouse of Holdredge, Neb. is here visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Minor

June 14, 1906

Miss Sadie Warnock of Loveland, Colo. is here visitng her aunt Mrs. Anna Bollman

July 26, 1906

Mrs. Bert Sylvester of Bloomington, Il is here visitng her parents Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Larson

Thurs. Nov. 8, 1906

Miss Veta Tomlinson is visiting her sister at Grand Island, Nebraska

Mrs. E.J. McCahon is visiting her son R.J. McCahon of Kansas City.

Mrs. Anna Wessman is visiting her daughter at Roseland, Ill

Oct. 18 1906

Wm. Trego of Pa. is here visitng his brother B.F. Trego

 Sept. 27, 1906

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Baugh M. Baugh of Cambridge and his father from Kansas are visiting in Rock Island County.

Miss Jenn Burchinal of Smithfield, Pa. has been here visitng relatives.

Dec. 20, 1906

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Asplund attended the wedding of his brother Frank in Rock Island County.

Dec. 13, 1906

Mrs. Henry and daughter Tillie of Wakefield, Neb. Have been visiting relatives in Rock Island County.

Dec. 20, 1906

Miss Anna Cravens has returned from Eaton, Colorado where she has been for some time.

August 30, 1906

Hulda and Emily Peterson of Chicago are here visiting their mother Mrs. J.J. Peterson

Miss Helen Olander of Minneapolis, Minn. And C.N. Olander of Fairport, Iowa is visiting old friends here.

Mrs. R.P. Acsell and son Luther of Savonburg, Kansas were here visiting relatives.

Sept. 13, 1906

Mrs. C.M. Phoenix of Eagle Grove is here visiting her mother, Mrs. J.B. Richardson

June 28, 1906

P.O. Frost has purchased the Mrs. Anna Sandhill property in the east part of town.

Mrs. P.E. Westerlund has learned of the death of her sister Miss Edna Emonds of Woodhull on Monday. The funeral was Tuesday.

July 5, 1906

Gilbert and Miss Christine Palmgren of St. Paul, Minn. Are here visitng their uncle C.A. Palmgren.


May 31, 1906

Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Anderson of Texas have moved here to live.

Sept. 25, 1902

Grace, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kapple of Clover Township was killed Sept. 5 in an accident. Aged 3.

July 10, 1902

Miss Emma Mitten of Colona is in Rock Island visiting Mrs. Hugh Cannanand and her aunt Mrs. Oliver Taylor of Bowling Township.

May 22,1902

Mrs. J. Frost of Orion is being visited by her sister Mrs. W.F. Tenges of Rock Island.

Mrs. J.A. McLaughlin and son Lewis of Geneseo are in Rock Island visiting Mrs. R. McLaughlin in Rock Island Lewis is a clerk in the Geneseo Post Office.

Mrs. R.B. Olmstad was here attending the funeral of her uncle Mr. Griffin of Cambridge on Saturday.

May 15, 1902

Albert Ericson of Bishops Hill was badly injured from falling of the Coal Valley trestle on Saturday.

July 23, 1903

Mr. and Mrs. Rollie Smith of Cambridge has moved to Milan, Illinois

August 6, 1903

Gustav Jovabard an inmate of the Henry County Infirmary was found on Rock Island County's Big Island. He was taken to the Rock Island County Infirmary.




MARRIAGE LICENSE: Edward W. Bainbrick of Orion, Henry County and Nellie R. Robinson of Cambridge , Henry County .

Mrs. W.F. Tenges is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. Frost at Orion, Henry County .

Mrs. R.B. Olmstead attended the funeral of her uncle, Mr. Griffin at Cambridge , Henry County on Sunday.

Albert Ericson of Bishop's Hill, Henry County was badly injured from falling off the Coal Valley trestle Saturday.

James Moore of Cambridge , Henry County , formerly of Milan, brother-in-law of J. Griffin, was at Buffalo, Scott Co., Iowa to attend the funeral of Mrs. Frank Moore who died Thursday from burns. Burial was Sunday.


Richard Clark, aged 8 years, drowned at Geneseo, Henry County ; the body was recovered Sunday.

George Franklin of Galva, Henry County has been arrested for stealing a horse from Charles Chavis

Mrs. Mary M. Harris, an old resident of Henry County , died Wednesday at her home in Kewanee. She was the mother of C.P. Harris of Milan . She was born 7 July 1822 ; burial was Saturday at the family home.

Mrs. Elizabeth Squires, a resident of Galva, Henry County for more than 20 years, died July 19th at Peoria . Burial was in Galva. The funeral was in the Baptist Church of which she was a member. She was born at Warsaw , Kentucky in 1835 and came to Rock Island in the spring of 1849. She married Joel Dean in 1851 and they had 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls, of whom 4 survive, one having died 5 years ago. The surviving children are Almedia, William, Squire and Henry. She joined the Baptist Church at Edgington when she was 18 years old. Her husband died in the Civil War in 1862 and she married again in 1876 to Mr. Squires who died In 1883. She joined the Baptist Church at Galva in 1898. (from the Galva STANDARD). Squire Dean and his 2 daughters Rachel and Rattle of Milan attended the funeral.

Grace, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kepple of Clover tnp, Henry County , was killed September 15th in an accident, aged 3 years. ( Cambridge CHRONICLE

Dec 18,1902

Ed R. Wilson married Margaret L. O'Leary of Orion, Henry County last week.

25 December 1902 Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Clow jr of Osco , Illinois a new baby.

Jan 1, 1903

The frozen bodies of Charles Arch ----- (torn), (torn) Smith, and William Donnel --- (torn) were found Christmas night near Andover in Henry County


Camille Geloude of Moline died Friday at Colona, Henry County from injuries incurred while working there on the Hennepin Canal . He was aged 28 years and single.

5 March 1903

Squire Dean attended the funeral of his brother Henry's wife at Galva, Henry County . Henry Dean's mother, sister and wife have all died within 8 months. Mrs. Dean is survived by her husband, and 3 children, the youngest aged 1 month.


31 March 1904

Mrs. VanVooren, mother of D. VanVooren, died March 25th at Annawan, Henry County aged 62 years. Her maiden name was Martens and she was born in Belgium and came to this country 13 years ago. She is survived by her husband and 8 children - 5 daughters and 3 sons and by 25 grandchildren, all residents of Henry County except for D. VanVooren of Milan. The funeral was Saturday at the Catholic Church in Annawan with burial in the Annawan Cemetery


5 October 1905

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Lafferty attended the funeral of his niece, Miss Mattie P. Chilberg at Cambridge , Henry County ; she died Thursday. She was the daughter of S.J. Chilberg and Miss Maggie Lafferty - the latter at one time taught in the Milan schools. Mattie was born in Swedenia , Illinois in the spring of 1872, but moved to Cambridge with her parents as a small child. She was a schoolteacher. She is survived by her parents and a brother Guy in Chicago .

Thursday. 12 October 1905

Charles Baugh, aged 17 years, was killed in a fire at Cambridge , Henry County . His funeral was Monday.


Born to Mrs. Mary Wright, living near Kewanee, triplets. The mother is 17 years old.

3 May 1906

ORION, Henry County : Miss Francis Thorstenberg of Snolen , Kansas has been here visiting her cousin, E.T. Anderson.

ORION, Henry County : Andrew Peter Larson was born 25 May 1825 in Vest Ostergottlands, Sweden and died 27 April 1906 at his home, aged 81 years, 11 months, 2 days. his wife, Britta Stina Larson, died about 30 years ago. They came to America in July, 1857, settling near Swedona, Ills. In 1861, they moved to Western tnp, Henry County . He is survived by 3 sons: Chas. P. Larson of Orion; Gust and Albert Larson both of Crampton Station; and by one sister

17 May 1906

ORION, Henry County : Born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Kettering, a daughter, last Friday

ORION, Henry County: Miss Ella O'Leary has returned from visiting her sister, Mrs. E.R. Wilson at Peculiar, Missouri.

ORION, Henry County: Dr. Edwin Long of Chicago is visiting his parents, Dr. and Mrs. H.R. Long.

ORION, Henry County: Mrs. M.A. Bolles is visiting her daughter in Des Moines, Iowa.

31 May 1906

ORION, Henry County : Mrs. Wm Smith of California , a former resident of this place, is here visiting.

ORION, Henry County : Mr. and Mrs. Louis Englin attended the funeral of his brother, Gus Englin at Rock Island on Sunday. He died Friday.

ORION, Henry County : Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Anderson of Texas have moved here to live.

7 June 1906

ORION, Henry County : Mrs. Geo. Sprouseof Holdredge , Nebraska is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Minor.

ORION, Henry County : E.E. Petersonhas moved to Graettinger , Iowa .

ORION, Henry County: Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Blood of Tiskilwa and Mrs.

Emaline Cowperthwaite of New York are here visiting Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Tomlinson.

ORION, Henry County: Miss Sadie Warnock of Loveland, Colorado is Bollran here visiting her aunt, Mrs. Anna Bollran.

ORION, Henry County: Chas. Lund and daughter Anna of Wayne, Nebraska are here visiting relatives.

21 June 1906

ORION, Henry County : Miss Landenberger of Olney , Illinois is here visiting her sister, Mrs. Rev. W.C. Rutherford.

ORION, Henry County : Mrs. R.S. Millett of Jewell , Iowa is here visiting her mother, Mrs. A.P. Johnson.

ORION, Henry County : Mrs. Ed Hambrick of Pleasant Plains , Iowa is here visiting relatives

28 June 1906

ORION, Henry County : P.O. Frost has purchased the Mrs. Anna Sandell Sandell property in the east part of town.

ORION, Henry County : Mrs. P.E. Westerlund has learned of the

Edmonds death of her sister, Miss Edna Edmonds of Woodhull on Monday. The funeral was Wednesday.

Beauprice ORION, Henry County : Mrs. L.S. Beauprice of Chicago is here

Peterson visiting her mother, Mrs. J.J. Peterson.

Chris Peterson has sold his farm here and has purchased a 120 acre farm in Wisconsin and plans to move there.

5 July 1906

ORION, henry County : Gilbert and Miss Christine Palmgren of St. Paul , Minnesota are here visiting their uncle, C.A. Palmgren.

16 November 1905

Hider Bodine who had recently been living in Kewanee , Henry County was found dead Friday on the farm of Ira Kelsie near Annawan.


29 March 1906

ORION, Henry County : Born to Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Nelson, a daughter, last Thursday.

ORION, Henry County : Mrs. Clauson was called to Geneseo Monday due to the death of her father.

ORION, Henry County : Wm Stingley married Miss Anna Jordan recently. /The bride is formerly of Orion.

ORION, Henry County : Miss Myrtle Sayer has returned from visiting her sister at Morgantown , Virginia .

ORION, Henry County : Born to Mr. and Mrs. Emil Frost of Cambridge , formerly of Orion, a daughter.

Wednesday, 1 August 1855

Esek Aldrich of Geneseo lost a child on Monday by poison. It was a boy, aged 12 years.

Newsbrief Submittted by Robin Pardus

Geneseo Republic 1904 (Unknown month)  Morristown news; “Happy” Rahn started Tuesday for Northwestern Iowa , to visit his uncle Fred Furmann and family.

Looking Back............

Geneseo Republic Looking Back
100 years ago  July 8, 1910
Elmer Bessee, formerly of Geneseo and Gladys Caufield were married Thursday evening at the home of the bridegroom in Moline.

Geneseo Republic Looking Back
100 years Ago  March 25, 1910
William Fischer and Miss Minnie Pulser of Geneseo were married on Monday afternoon at the German Lutheran pasrsonage.

Geneseo Republic Looking Back
100 years Ago  April 15, 1910
Miss Nellie F. Thompson of Geneseo and Leo Sickler of East Moline were married last Thursday in Rock Island.

Geneseo Republic Looking Back
100 years Ago  April 15, 1910
This Thursday afternoon at St. John's Lutheran chrch in Edford occured the marriage of Miss Martha Erdmann to Earl Weimer Christner.

News from the Henry County News-Henry County, Illinois
August 18. Rev. W. M. Collins killed in awful railway wreck at Chatsworth. Body buried at Geneseo.

August 28. Rev. W. M. Collins, Methodist minister, formerly of Geneseo, is missing. Body of man supposed to be Collins found on shore of Lake Erie. Body has one toe missing, similar to Collins. Insurance Company not satisfied. Refuses to pay ten thousand dollars insurance to Mrs. Collins. Set detectives on case. Collins found at Toronto. Is disguised, and wears name of Myers, which is really his middle name. Collins killed soon after in excursion train wreck at Chatsworth, Illinois. Body buried at Geneseo.


Copied from Geneseo Republic of Aug. 30, 1962
Pearl Begley, Roy Sand Marry in Clearwater
Mr. and Mrs. Alden Smith entertained at a family dinner Sunday, August 26, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sand.  The formier, Pearl Begley and Mr. Sand were married at Pearce Memorial Presbyterian Church in Clearwater, Florida, August 16.

Technician (5th grade) Howard Weber, son of Mr. and Mrs. Casper Weber of Geneseo, arrived here recently to spend a 60 day re-enlistment furlough with his wife and parents after spending nine months in Tokyo, Japan.  He will return to Japan for another year and a half after his furlough.  His wife, the former Kay Maynart, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lunn, of Aledo, plans to join her husband in Japan in September.  Mr. Weber arrived in the states June 20th, after serving in Japan with the 71st quartermaster corps.  He entered service, February 23rd, 1945, and received his basic training at Camp Maxey, Tex.  He will report at Seattle Wash., Aug. 24th before returning back to Japan.  He re-enlisted at Tokyo, May 23rd for 18 months.  Mrs. Weber plans to work as a clerk typist in Japan under civil service.  She has applied for her appointment and is awaiting word from Washington.  She was employed some time under Civil Service at Camp Gordon, Ga.  The couple will live in a Quonset hut colony provided by the army at Tokyo in what is known as Palace Heights, which is near the Japanese Imperial palace.  Mrs. Weber was graduated from Viola high school and was employed a year and a half at the Modern Woodmen office in Rock Island and year at the Farmall Works in Rock Island.  She has recently been employed at the Fulk Food store in Geneseo.  After her appointment, Mrs. Weber will be required to stay for one year in Japan.  She will travel by boat and will be allowed to take one and one-half tons of clothing and personal articles.  After their arrival in Japan the Webers plan to purchase a jeep at a cost of $550.  

Geneseo, April 6, 1926--Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rahn of 525 West North street entertained forty relatives at a dinner at 6 Friday evening, in celebration of the 12th. wedding anniversary. Their home was decorated in the colors of the bride of 1919--pink and white. A larage wedding cake was usd as a centerpiece for the table. A niece of Mrs. Rahn, Edna Tessley, wore the wedding dress used twelve years ago, and Evertt Bartz took the place of the bridegroom in a representation of the wedding. Table waiters were Ruth Redmann and Ruby Rahn. The evening was spent playing games. mr. and Mrs. Rahn were presented gifts and a sum of money.

Year 1944 Dispatch
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rahn of Geneseo entertained 55 relatives at dinner Saturday evening in Legion Hall in celebration of their silver wedding anniversary, and event of today.
A 3-tier cake topped with a silver ornament and 25 roses, gift of their eldest daughter, Lois, served as the centerpiece for the table. Pink, blue, and silver, colors used at the wedding, wre carried out in the table decorations.
Mae Erdmann, Shirley Weber, Eleanor Jaquet, and Verda Neuleib served as waitresses. They wore white organdy aparons trimmed in blue and pink, made by Mrs. Rahn niece, Mrs. Vernon Walters. Mesdames Ed Erdmann and Albert Jaquet of Geneseo and Mrs. Ernst Erdmann of Orion prepared the dinner. Following the dinner a dance was held for relatives and friends of the coupl from nearby towns.
The former Leona Roesner, youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Julius Roesner, was married to Mr. Rahn, April 3, 1919, in Cambridge. They farmed in Osco township following their marriage, and now reside at 108 South Spring street.
They have three children, Lois, Duane, and Fama, all at home. Mrs. Rahn has three sisters, mrs. August Gehn and Mrs. Henry Redmann of Geneseo, and mrs. Will Redmann of Woodhull, and two brothers, Ed Roesner of Orion, and Arthur Roesner in California. Mr. Rahn has a brother, Arthur, of Moline.

James Gleason informs us that there was no fire made in the stove set up in the house he rented to Gus. Rahn.  He thinks the fire was set to the house by somebody who wished to keep Rahn from occupying it.

Copied from Republic of July 3, 1896
Lena Rahn was before Magistrate McArthur Monday on charge of threatening to kill some of her neighbors.  The evidence was such that he placed her under bonda of $200 to keep the peace.  She could not give the required bond and was committed to the jail at Cambridge

Copied from Republic of July 24, 1896
Fred Fuhrmann had a bad accident Sunday.  He was riding home on horseback from the Grove church when a dog ran out and frightened his horse, throwing him and breaking one of his legs near the ankle.
(now I have never heard of the Grove church.  I think it may be up by Morristown someplace as he lived up that way.)

Geneseo Republic Jan 18, 1929
Dr. O. H. Horrall, physician and surgeon for the Burlington railway and who was here to attend the funeral of his father-in-law Phillip Arnett returned to home in Chicago Wednesday evening.

Geneseo Republic Jan 18, 1929
John Castle of Moberly MO., was unable to reach here in time for the funeral of his father-in-law, Phillip Arnett, because the train on which he was traveling was wrecked near Hannibal, MO.

Geneseo Republic Jan 18, 1929
Mr. and Mrs. John Cheesbrough and daughter, Joan, accompanied Mrs. Ruby Horral to her home in Chicago Thursday evening for a visit before leaving for their home at Elk Mt Wyoming.  They were called here by the death of their father Phillip Arnett.

Geneseo Republic Jan 18, 1929
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Werkheiser, of Cornwall township announce the marriage of their only daughter Viola Mae, to Mr. James C. Woodward of Cornwall which was quietly solemnized Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1929, at the Evangelical parsonage in Geneseo.  The Rev. G.H. Wykle read the impressive wedding ceremony.  The bride was charminingly attired in a tan georgette gown.  Mr. and Mars Woodward will receive the congratulations and good wishes of their many friends in this vicinity.

From the Oct. 1895 Files of the Geneseo Republic
Spring Hill--Today the teachers of the township, or most of them are holding a meeting here in accordance with the wish of Prof. Johnson, the county superintendent, who is working for a closer organization and acquaintance of the whole teaching force of the county.


Copied from Geneseo Republice of March 4, 2011
From the Archives of Looking Back on March 10, 1911 100 years ago.
At the Loraine parsonage Wednesday morning, Feb. 23, Miss Alice Heller and Lee Kline were united in marriage.


Copied from Geneseo Republice of March 4, 2011
From the Archives of Looking Back on March 10, 1911 100 years ago.
The residence on the farm of Aaron Rapp, north of Geneseo, the home of Mrs. and Mrs. William Berge, son-in-law and daughter of Mr. Rapp, was entirely destroyed by fire Sunday  afternoon.  the fire started on the kitchen roof near the chimney and broke out into flames while Mr. and Mrs. Berge were away.  the fire was discovered by the neighbors after it was well underway.

Copied from Republic of Feb. 13, 1885
Another reduction has been made in ocean passage tickets, and Mr. P. S. Schasbeie, who is agent for some of the best steamship lines, now sells tickets from New York to Europe for $7.  A bettor chance to visit the fatherland or to see friends who desire to come to America will never offer.  See him regarding the present low rates.

A group of friends and neighbors surprised Mrs. Ben Sand at her home on North Russell avenue Wednesday, January 3, on the occasion of he eightieth birthday anniversary. A pot luck dinner was served at noon, followed by games of Chinese checkers with Mrs. Cora Woehr receiving the prize.
She was presented a purse of money as a gift from the group. She was also the recipient of many cards and letters.
Mrs. Sand is a native of Cedar Lake, Indiana, having been born there on Jan. 3, 1860. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Urban and came with her family to Geneseo at the age of five years. In 1867 the Urbans began farming in Hooppole community. Since her marriage to Ben Sand in September 1893, she has made her home in this city. She is a member of Grace Evangelical church.
Mrs. Sand's family consists of one daughter, Mrs. Adam Benson, of Andover, three sisters, Mrs. Ella Rapp, of Geneseo, Mrs. Martha Melvin, of California, Mrs. Ida Holiday, of Mitchell, S.D. three brothers, Geo Urban, of Texas, Fred Urban, of Lakeview, Iowa, and Frank Urban of Sioux City, Ia

Copied from Republic of 1/5/40

Geneseo Republic Jan 16, 1969
A 6 pound, 14 ounce daughter, Christine Lynn, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Sand of route 2, Geneseo, on Friday January 10, in the Hammond Henry hospital, Geneseo. Mr. and Mrs. George Pavel of Osco are the maternal grandparents and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Sand are the paternal grandparents.

Geneseo Republic Sept. 15, 1887
J. D. Beuchmuiller is dead. He was an old resident of Henry County, and was associated with the settlement and subsequent growth and prosperity of the Rock River region. He died on Sunday at 1 o’clcok and was buried on Tuesday, at the Pink Prairie cemetery. He left a quite a large family of grown up children.

Geneseo Republic March 14, 1919
Soldiers Returning
Herbert Godfrey Blankenfield, Seaman, Great Lakes, Geneseo Enlisted April 26, 1918 Released from active duty Feb. 26, 1919.

Geneseo Republic March 14, 1919
Soldiers Returning
Henry William Sand, Seaman, Camp May, New Jersey,  Geneseo, enlisted March 22, 1918  Released from Active duty Feb. 19, 1919.

Geneseo Republic Jan 21, 2011
Schallow to celebrate 90th birthday Jan. 23
Louis Schallow of Geneseo will celebrate his 90th birthday on Jan 23. A family dinner will be held in honor of the occassion. He was born Jan. 23, 1921, in Chicago, the son of Louis and Flora Schallow. He married Helen Ikkala Sept. 7, 1946. His family includes two children and spouse, Michael and Gwen Schallow of Hammonton, N.J. and Cori Waldbusser of Geneseo: three grandchildren and spouces, Sarah and Chris Shrake of Davenport Iowa and Scott and Becky Waldbusser of Glen Ellyn and Kristin Waldbusser of Columbus Ohio: and twin great granddaughters, Lillian and Emma Waldbusser of Glen Ellyn.

Geneseo Republic Jan 21, 2011
Looking Back Jan 27, 1911
At the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wahl on Wednesday evening, January 25, occurred the marriage of Miss Henretta L. Wahl and Robert Harms. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Chr. Bergen, pastor of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Ulah News section.

"Herman Stephens and John Curran went to Ottawa Thurs. to attend a percheron horse sale.
Wilfred Spiegel and Merton Stephens attended the high school ball Fri. evening. [This should have been about 1907 or so.]
Mrs. John Malcolm is visiting her mother, Mrs. J. M. Stephens of this place.
Miss Jennie Atkinson of Nekoma, visited her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Stephens spent Sun. in the Tri Cities.
Mrs. Bert Vincent of Monsoon, spent Fri. at the home of her mother Mrs. J. M. Stephens.
For loves, kisses and up-to-date hugs, call on Willie Spiegel!!!!!!!!! [I don't know what this was all about.]
Wm. Smith and Emma Perkins were Kewanee visitors Sat.

Ulah News clips
Hallie Stephens returned from Alta Fri. where he and his mother went to spend Christmas. His mother remained for a few days.

Mr and Mrs. Axel Nelson spent Sun. with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith.

Hallie Stephens commenced work for John Rogers Mon.

Wedding bells are ringing in Ulah. ?????
Art Stephens is quite sick with the grip. [old name for the flu]

Wm. Smith and Charlott Knight were quietly married at the brides parents Thur. nite.

Quite a number of relatives and friends gathered at the home of Miss Kitty Smith Wed. nite to celebrate her 19th birthday and presented her with a fine gold watch as a token of love.

Rock Island Daily Union Saturday, 20 May 1871
A little son of Mrs. John Fone living on Spring Creek Henry Co. was burned to death in a fire on Tuesday. Another son, aged 3-4 years survived.

Rock Island Evening Argus December 17 1869
Louis Braims
Louis, broke into the house of Mrs. Julia Pershing in Hanna Twp. Henry Co. on 1 Dec. 1869. She sent her daughter to a neighbor, E. Knorr, for help. Braim was killed in the ensuing scuffle. Louis Brains, a Belgian, was recently killed at Edford, Henry Co. by Mr. Knorr.

Rock Island Weekly Union Jan. 18 1865
Brewer Rowland of Co. I 8th Kansas Regiment from Spring Hill, Henry Co. Ill. was killed in the Battle of Nashville 8-10 Dec. 1864.

Rock Island Evening Argus December 3 1869
A little son of Thomas Fones living at Crane's coal shaft in Osco Henry Co. was scalded to death on 26 Nov. 1869 aged 3 years.

Rock Island Weekly Union January 18 1865
Laugdon Seth E. of Co. I, 8th Kan. Regiment, from Spring Hill Henry County was killed during the battle of Nashville on 8-10 Dec. 1864.

Geneseo Republic reported in the Rock Island Argus October 25 1867
Frank, Charles, son of Jacob Frank of Geneseo Henry County was killed Wednesday near Spring Creek by a horse. Charles is aged ca. 12 years.

Unknown Paper and Unknown Date
Mr. John Sippel who had been very sick since July 4th, died Sunday evening and was buried in the Loraine cemetery Wednesday Aug. 6th. (I show he died on August 3 1902)

Geneseo Republic May 6, 1898
Mrs. Rader, son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Will Schutter, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Ott, Mr. Jacob Roos and daughters all from Geneseo, attended the funeral of baby Beda Rader last Sunday.

Republic of Sept. 24, 1920
Early in the eighteenth century there lived in Pennsylvania a family named Heller. There were four sons, namely David, Simeon, Abraham, and Daniel, who came to Loraine township, Henry County, Illinois, in the latter thirties. David, the eldest married Catherine Arnett, March 10, 1838. He died in 1883. Ten children were born to this union. Caroline, the eldest, married John Bollen, she died in 1872, leaving three children, William, Mrs. Sara Hines, John-Wesley dying in infancy.
Louis Heller married, Margaret Wagner. He died in 1902. To them were born nine children, Mrs. Elizabeth Sand, George, Edward, Mrs. Mabel Johnson, Roy, Gloy, and Earl. Twins Laura and Leonard died in infancy. Susan married William Weimer who died in 1880 and to them were born eight children, Mrs. Emma Christner, Albert, Mrs. Minnie KeLeon, Mrs. Edith Hippler, Mrs. Byrde Thompson, and Mrs. Susie Coe, Frank, and a baby passing away. Lafenas married Rebecca Roos. and passed away June 22, of this year (1920). To them were born four children, Albert, Frank, Mrs. Clara Swanson, and Mrs. Inez Wallingford. Solomon married Louise Roos and to them were born six children, Mrs. Nettie Kyner, Ralph, and Harold. Daniel passing away 17 years ago. Winnie and her twin dying in infancy. Samuel married Charlotte Sommers and to them was born one child, Mrs. Edna Curtis. Wesley married Clara Buechel and to them were born six children. Mrs. Sylvia Brugeler and Rena, Ray, David, Roy, and Jennie passing away. Ellen married F. F. Rieger and three children were born to them, Mrs. Pearl Davis, Howard, and Mrs. Edna Guild. Lavina and Mary passed away years ago. Simeon the second of the brothers who came west, married Susan Arnett, who passed away in a few years leaving one daughter, Mrs. Susan Leininger. He then married Mary Pobanz and to them were born twelve children, Louis, Emma, Joseph, William, Sibley, Mrs. Alice Kline, and Perry. Elsie, Louise, and Leonard passed away. The father died in 1887. Abraham the third brother who came west, married Margaret Shellhammer. He died in 1910. To them were born four children all of whom passed away. But the noble couple gave a fond parent love to three orphan children, Prof. Wm. Riley, Mrs. Alma Lloyd, and Mrs. Mary Park, the latter whose life was devoted to them who sheltered and cared for her in her infancy. Daniel, the fourth brother who came west, married Mrs. Steiner and moved to California where he passed away a number of years ago. There was a reunion of the Heller families at the Outing Club grounds were present 129. An organization was formed and plans were made for in August of each year. The oldest person present was William Weimer, who now lives in Minneapolis, Minn., and bears his eighty-three years with ease and grace. The youngest was Gladys Mae Hines, aged six weeks. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bollen and Irene, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Hines and Lois, Mr. and Mrs. John Bollen and Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. A. Sand and Archie, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Christner, Esther, Bernice and Alice, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Wimer, Iva and Eva, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Weimer, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Weimer, Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Reiger, Mr. and Mrs. John Swanson, Mildred and Dale, Mr. and Mrs. E. Wallingford, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Heller, Mr. and Mrs. E. Guild, Ruth and Hollis, Mrs. Lay Heller, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Kyner, Rev. and Mrs. C. S. Fehr, all of Geneseo, Mr. Floyd Sand, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Swiger, Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Johnson, Janet and Cyril, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Heller, Forest and Arlene, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson, Rhoda and Lois, Mr. and Mrs. Gloy Heller, Clarice and Loren, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Helle and Dwight, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Heller, Rollan and Milford, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hell and Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hines, Dorothy,Viola, Herbert and Gladys Mae, Mr. and Mrs. Chas Raser, Oral, Dale and Arlyn, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sand, Iona and Anita, Mr. Willard McCracken and Mrs. Donald Bollen all of Geneseo R F D. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Heller and Rena, of Prophetstown, Joe Heller, Mrs. Simeon Heller, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Heller, Catherine, Robert and Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. Ia Urick and Miss Esther Sippel, all of Prophetstown, R F D., Mr. Martin Roose, Avon, S. D. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Weimer, of Minneapolis, Minn,, Mrs. Minnie DeLeon, Mrs. F. Norton, Bernadine and Charlotte, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hippler, all of Rock Island, Mr. and Mrs. A. Heller, of Keokuk, Iowa, Mrs. Roy Heller and Irene Mae, of DeKalb, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heller and Ruby, Mrs. Blanche Goss and Harold, of Erie.

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Geneseo Republic 6-22-1963
Mrs. Grace Bowers Of Morrison Dies
Mrs. Grace Bowers, 78, of Morrison, sisterof Mrs. Henry Tomlinson of Geneseo, died Tuesday evening, June 11, in the Morrison Community hospital.  Funeral services were Friday afternoon, June 14, in the Tomlinson funeral home, Reynolds.


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