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We think we have a photo id of these folks:  (in birth order vs sitting/standing order)

children of Lorentz and Salome Schnabele Lehman  resided in Yorktown Twnshp, Henry Co., IL

Edward Alvin Lehman  1876-1938 
Clara Alvena Lehman  1878-1974  (never married)
Nora Mathilda Lehman  1879- ?    married a George Rhoda
Elfrieda Bertha Lehman 1881-1958  (never married)
Edna Malinda Lehman  1882-1981  (married Perry Mathis)
Nellie Grace Lehman   1888-1990  (married Earl Mathis)


Unknow Geneseo family submitted by Cheryl Bader



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The unknown photos were from the Clarence Lohr estate sale up in Luverne, MN.  (these photos were sent to me by a woman there who's written about the Ott family...Elzora Ott).  
I found out who had those unknown photos in Minnesota (Luverne, MN)...

It was the estate sale of Clarence Lohr   he was a
son of George and Anna Rapp Lohr...Anna Rapp was the daughter of Jacob
and Elizabeth Schuler Rapp....Jacob was the son of Johann (Jean) and
Catherine Spinner Rapp.
George Lohr (dates unknown)
Anna Rapp (1860-1937)
Jacob Rapp (1807-1883)
Elizabeth Schuler (1819-1882)
Johann (Jean) Rapp ? - 1882)
Catherine Spinner (dates unknown)


Bonnie Wynne's thoughts and input.

I recently went over some Sand and Ott material, and now believe that the  man in the back row  is  NOT Louis Sand as I  once thought --but  rather Casper Ott, Jr .In the book "Under Our Family treee (Otts 1782-1982) self published by Goerge and Elzora Ott, on page 188 is a photo of Casper Ott, Jr taken about 1910 from a History of Henry County, 1911"--and this photo looks so much like the man in the Mystery photo, I really believe it must be he. Furthermore, today  I  came aross a photo given to me some time ago by the late Leslie Zinser  of  Casper Ott, Jr and his 2nd wife, Louisa Sand, I now believe that the woman in the Mystery photo  with the dark blouse and her hands on her knees is she.  Louisa Sand was born 20 Mar 1845 and died 20 Oct 1934. Her first husband was Adam O. Ott (b. Feb 1843-d. 2 Oct 1869. a brother to her 2nd husband, Casper Ott, Jr.  Casper Ott Jr had first been married to Mary Elizabeth Rapp (b. 28 Feb 1843-d. 30 Dec 1876)---and Casper Ott, Jr and Louisa Sand Ott were married 7  Aug 1877.    Louisa was a daughter of Ludwig Sand and his wife Mary Dorothea Lehman, and a sister to my great grandfather, Louis Sand.

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Carol Kooi has submitted some mystery pictures.

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