Luman Woodward

Luman Woodward, a successful farmer of this county, residing on section 21, Osco Township , is a son of Hiram and Cynthia (Root) Woodward, natives of Vermont and Ohio . The grandfather of Mr. Woodward of this sketch, Asa Woodward, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Luman’s father and mother after marriage settled in Licking Co., Ohio , where they resided following the vocation of farming until 1852, when they came to this county with a team and wagon and settled in Osco Township . For a more extended notice of their lives see the biography of Hiram Woodward, elsewhere in this volume. The children of the parents were nine in number.

   Luman Woodward was the eldest in order of birth of the children of his parent’s family. He was born in Licking Co., Ohio , Feb. 4, 1831 . The school privileges of Mr. Woodward were limited, and his accumulation of practical knowledge is due to his own individual efforts, and what education he is possessed of was acquired by the same perseverance on his own part as the practical knowledge that he possesses. He resided at home on his father’s farm in Licking Co., Ohio , assisting him in the labors thereon until 1851. In the spring of 1855, Mr. Woodward came with his wife and one child to this county, and purchased 60 acres of land on section 21, Osco Township . He with his family settled on his land and engaged vigorously and energetically upon the task of its improvement and cultivation. He has erected fine buildings, set out numerous shade trees on his farm, and by economy and energetic labor has increased his landed interests until he is at present the owner of a fine farm containing 140 acres, all of which is under an advanced state of cultivation.

   The marriage of Mr. Woodward took place in Licking Co., Ohio , Aug. 15, 1852, and the lade chosen to accompany him through the trials of the future was Miss Laura, the accomplished daughter of Norman and Mary (Edelblute) Woodworth, natives of Vermont and Virginia respectively. After her parents’ marriage they settled in Licking Co., Ohio , where they reared a family of six children, namely; Charles, Laura, Rebecca, Gilmore, Seibert and Norman, and where they continued to reside until their deaths.

   Mrs. Woodward was born in Licking Co., Ohio , Aug. 11, 1834 . She has borne her husband one child, Cynthia Alice, who was married to John W. Hadley, a resident of Newman, Jasper Co., Iowa , and who were the parents of two children, Mary A. and Laura M. Mary A. died April 24, 1882, in her 27 th year, of diphtheria, and Laura M. died in 1864.

   Mr. Woodward has held the office of Commissioner of Highways, as well as other minor offices within the gift of the people of his township. Politically, he is a believer in and supporter of the principles advocated by the Republican party.

   In selecting persons in different parts of the county to represent the different callings and professions in the portrait department of this work, we find in Osco Township a number of truly representative agriculturists. Prominent among these, however, ranks Mr. Woodward, of this sketch, and we give his portrait in connection with this sketch.


1885 Portrait & Biographical Album of Henry Co., Illinois page 551



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