Lodges and Associations.

Stewart Lodge, No. 92, A. F. and A. M.—Officers: George Richards, W. M.; D. F. Sargent, S. W.; John Harper, J. W.; J. D. Grant, Secy.; Joseph Hammond, Treas. Meets at Geneseo, first Friday evening before full moon, each month.

Woman's Temperance Alliance , Geneseo. —Organized in March, 1864. Officers: Mrs. H. T. Miller, Pres.; five Vice-Presidents; Mrs. G. A. Hobbs, Secy.; Mrs. O. Olmstead, Treas.

Young Ladies' Temperance Union , Geneseo. —Organized in January, 1876. Officers: Mrs. Agnes Wells, Pres.; Miss Ellen Davis, Vice-Pres.; Miss Emma Chapin, Secy.; Miss Ella Sawyer, Treas.

Reform Club (Gentlemen), Geneseo. —Organized in May, 1876. Officers: R. Harrington, Pres.; three Vice-Presidents; Emery Graves, Secy.; William Cole, Treas.

Kewanee Lodge, No. 159, A. F. and A. M.—Organized Oct. 2, 1854 . Grand Lodge of Illinois granted a dispensation to Rev. Wm. White, as W. M., and, on the 31st of October, a Master Mason's Lodge was opened in Wethersfield , under the name of Wethersfield Lodge, U. D. , William White, C. C. Blish, W. S. Charles, E. Pinney, Jas. Elliott, and Henry Sillon being present. Three petitions were received and referred. On April 14, 1855 , the Lodge was moved to Kewanee, where it has since remained. Oct. 3,1855 , a Charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of Illinois to Wethersfield Lodge, No. 159.

In the Summer of 1867, the Lodge built a new hall, and incurred a heavy debt, which is now very nearly paid.

The line of the succession of the presiding officers is as follows: Wm. White, Chas. C. Blish, Matt. B. Potter, Hamp.Way, R. A. Tenney, Henry T. West, Chas. Trowbridge, Chas. S. Clapp, S. W. Warner, Wm. T. Cross, John B. Moffitt, Albert B. Ashley. Oct. 4,1876 , permission was given to change the name from Wethersfield to Kewanee Lodge, No. 159.

The Lodge is now in a thrifty condition, in comfortable quarters, with a membership of seventy. Regular meetings on first and third Tuesdays of each month.

Kewanee Chapter, No. 47, R. A. M.—Organized Oct. 29,1858 . Under dispensation a Chapter was opened in Kewanee by Rev. G. E. Peters, H. P., assisted by several companions. One petition was received and referred. In October, 1859, the Grand Chapter issued a Charter to Kewanee Chapter, No. 47, R. A. Masons.

The Chapter is in a thrifty condition, with a membership of fifty -seven. The presiding officers have been: G. E. Peters, C. Bassett, and Chas. Trowbridge, who was first installed Jan. 9,1861 . Regular meetings on first and third Wednesdays of each month.

Sherman Lodge, No. 535, A. F. and A. M., Orion.—Officers: Frederick Thompson, W. M.; E. J. O'Neil, S. W.; Wm. Lembke, J. W.; H. H. Parks, Secy.; J. H. McGovern, Treas.; H. W. Rishel, S. D.; S. J. Ickes, J. D.; L. H. Muman, T. C. Williams, Stewards; O. P. Wade, Tiler. Meets on Wednesday evening, on or before the full of the moon in each month.

The following are the officers of the Masonic bodies for the year 1877:

Kewanee Lodge, No. 159, A. F. and A. M.—A. B. Ashlev, W. M.; C. H. Bogue, S. W.; Matt. B. Blish, J. W.; S. W. Warner, Treas.; W. T. Cross, Secy.; C. K. Ladd, S. D.; A. B. Spickler, J. D.; C. Otis and S. Enos, Stewards ; C. P. Leonard, Tiler.

Kewanee Chapter, No. 47, R. A. M.—Chas. Trowbridge, M. E. H. P.; J. B. Moffitt, E. K.; Geo. D. Elliott, E. S.; C. K. Ladd, C. H.; C. H. Bogue, P. S.; A. B. Ashley, R. A. C.; J. R. Clapp, M. 3d V.; A. E. Matteson, M. 2d V.: A. T. Johnson, M. 1st V.; S. W. Warner, Treas.; Wm. T. Cross, Secy.; C. P. Leonard, Sentinel.

Cambridge Lodge, No. 49, A. F. and A. M. — Officers: J. E. Ayers, W. M.; A. R. Mock, S. W.; W. J. Vannice, J. W.; E. D. Richardson, Treas.; P. H. Beveridge, Secy.; T. G. Ayers, S. D.; W. B. Dean, J. D.; T. S. Kline, Tiler. Meets at Cambridge first and third Thursday evenings in each month.

Wethersfield Lodge, No. 128, I. 0. 0. F.—Officers: A. Maul, N. G.; C. L. Rowley, V. G.; C. P. Remick, P. S.; W. C. Loomis, Treas. Meets at Kewanee every Monday evening.

Kewanee Encampment, No. 105, I. 0. 0. F. —Officers: L. E. Rowley, C. P.; W. C. Loomis, H. P.; D. W. Payne, S. W.; H. H. Bryan, J.W.; C. P. Remick, Scribe and Treas. Meets at Kewanee on the first and third Friday evenings of each month.

Geneseo Lodge, No. 172, /. 0. 0. F.—Instituted March 28, 1855 . Officers: J. C. Rockwell, N. G.; Geo. W. Cash, V. G.; Geo. M. Cooper, Secy.; H. R. Canfield, Perm. Secy.; F. H. McArthur, Treas. Meets at Geneseo every Tuesday evening.

Johann Buss Lodge, No. 320, I. 0. 0.F .—Instituted in September, 1865. Officers: John Buderbrod, N. G.; Michael Ledig, V. G.; George Ernst, Secy.; Henry Steibel, Treas. Meets at Geneseo every Wednesday evening.

J. 0. Harris Encampment, No. 84, I. 0. 0. F. —Instituted February 20, 1866 . Officers: Henry Canfield, C. P.; W. Ash, S. W.; L. Wood­ ruff, H. P.; H. Steibel, J.W.; H. O. Fisher, Scribe; Geo. F. Godfrey. Treas. Meets at Geneseo first and third Thursday evenings of each month.

Cambridge Lodge, No. 199, L 0. 0. F.—Officers: Rev. J. Cairns, N. G.; Samuel Steele, V. G.; Chas. Jackson, Secy.; Sylvester Rockwell, Treas.; T. A. Cook, Perm. Secy. Meets at Cambridge every Tuesday evening.

Galva Lodge, No. 408, I. 0. 0, F.Officers: E. B. Lutes, N. G. ; Chas. Stowe, V. G.; S. S. Hoyt, R. S.; E. P. Utley, P. S.; J. W. A. Miller, Treas.; H. Higgins, G. R. Meets at Galva every Monday even­ ing.

Galva Lodge, No. 243, A. F. and A. M.Officers: S. G. Jarvis, W. M.; O. P. Stoddard, S. W.; H. A. King, J. W.; J. L. Finley, Treas.; C. W. Williams, Secy. Meets at Galva first and third Tuesday evenings of each month.

Post No. 88, G. A. JR.—Officers: A. F. Miller, Post Commander; J. Babbitt, S. V. G.; S. P. Johnson, J. V. G.; J. L. Finley, G. M.; N. Flansburge, O. of D.; B. M. Dorr, Chaplain; E. W. Smith, Adjt. Meets at Galva every alternate Wednesday evening.

Woman's Temperance League. —Officers: Mrs. H. M. Higgins, Pres.; Mrs. M. E. Holmes, Secy. There are no saloons in Galva.

Clover Lodge, No. 383, I. 0. 0. F.Officers; E. C. Rosseter, N. G.; John W. Shutler,V. G.; L. C. Houghton, R. S.; Geo. H. McClung, P. S.; W. A. Fraser, Treas. Meets each Monday evening at Woodhull.

Woodhull Lodge, No. 502, A. F. and A. M.—Officers : J. W. Willis, W. M.; L. J. Elliot, S. W.; J. Kingdon, J. W.; James Doyle, Treas.: W. A. Fraser, Secy.; R. H. Magner, S. D.: Chas. Wilkins, J. D.; Jas. Stiers, Tiler. Meets at Woodhull every Friday, on or before the full moon.

Cambridge Library Association. —Organized in May, 1876. with N. B. Gould, C. J. Gruey, W. A. Shepherd, C. R. Wheeler.T. G. Ayres, and B. W. Seaton as Directors.

Number of volumes about 400. Open every Saturday afternoon. B. W. Seaton, Librarian.

Y. M. C. A., Cambridge. —Organized April 3, 1876: forty-seven members. Officers: E. Buck, Pres.; A. Morse, Vice-Pres.; J. W. Cairns, Secy.; W. K. Wight, Cor. Secy.; James Keagy, Treas. Meets at Cambridge every Monday evening.

Galva Grange, No. 1,591, P. of H.Officers: J. M. A. Miller, Master ; Mrs. M. Aby, Overseer; Alex. Aby, Treas.; C. C. Palmer, Secy.; Geo. D. Palmer, Steward. Meets at Galva on the afternoon of each month.

Lecture Association, Galva. —Organized in November, 1876. Officers: G. W. Butters, Pres.; N. E. Phillips, Vice-Pres.; H. W. Young, Secy.: Dr. J. F. Todd, Cor. Secy.: W. F. Wiley, Treas.

Library Association, Galva. —Organized in 1874. Officers: S. Mun- ger, Pres.; W. F. Wiley, Secy, and Treas.: C. E. Davis, Librarian. About 500 books in the library. Open at all times.

Radiant Star Lodge, 612, I. 0. 0. F. of Annawan.—Officers: J. L. Robinson. N. G.; B. W. Vaughan, Vice G.; L. R. Craig.

Sec. Annawan Lodge, 433, A. F. and A. M.Officers: L. R. Craig, W. M.; Chas. Vaughn, S. W.; F. W. Steinhart, J. W.; S.N. Barker, Treas.; .John. M. Brown, Secy.; James McNeill, S. D.; Joseph Hilding, J. D.; M. A. Harrett, Tiler.


On Wednesday, Feb. 16, 1853, a meeting of citizens of the county was held at Cambridge to organize an agricultural society. Col. Sylvester Blish presided at this meeting, and G. M. King acted as Secretary. A constitution was adopted, and the following officers elected: Frederick P. Brown, President; Sylvester Blish, Vice-president; Henry G. Griffin, second Vice-president; Thomas F. Davenport, Recording Secretary; Ben. Graham, Corresponding Secretary, and Alfred W. Perry, Treasurer. About forty persons joined the society at this meeting, the dues being fixed at one dollar each. It was decided to hold a fair on the 5th and 6th days of October following, and after appointing a meeting for the executive committee and officers to be held on April 4, this meeting .adjourned. As was agreed upon, the first fair of this society was held in October, and considering the primitive condition of the county at that date, was a decided success.

The fairs were held in the court-house yard two or three years after commencement, when the society purchased twenty acres from H. W. Wells. Quite a large tract of land, including this spot, was held by a Mr. James Wade, of Pennsylvania, under mortgage. He foreclosed this, and the entire tract was purchased at the sale by Amos Gould, who deeded to H. G. Little, J. C. Edwards and A. W. Perry as trustees, the same twenty acres to be used athe society's grounds as long as they should continue the fair, and for five years after its discontinuance, should that occur. This arrangement was continued until Feb. 17, 1875, when the society purchased the grounds from Mr. Gould through these trustees. That, in addition to ten acres purchased in August, 1869, gives accommodations for a large exhibit. The value of the property is now about $12,000, and the sum of $5.000 is yearly offered in premiums. The fairs are annually held in the Autumn, and are considered equal to any in the state.

When first organized and held in the court-house yard, members were admitted on the payment of one dollar annually, and for a few years no admission fees were charged. This was found to be impracticable, and life memberships were issued on the payment of $10 each. In 1871, the entire plan was changed. A stock company was formed, the citizens of the county favoring this plan, and investing very generally in it. Owing to the unsettled condition of the country during the late war no fairs were held during the years 1862 and :63 : but with these exceptions, the exhibitions have been continuous sicne the commencement.

The present officers are : P. H. Beveridge, President, Cambridge : A. A. Crane, Vice - president, Osco; R. H. Hinman, Secretary, Cambridge; F. G. Welton, Assistant Secretary. Cambridge; William H. Shepard, Treasurer, Cambridge ; J. C.Edwards, General Superintendent, Cambridge. One of the most important features added to the fair is the premium of 875 offered for the best educational exhibit. The plan and prizes offered are fully given in the chapter devoted to educational inter- ests of the countv.


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