Vandalia Missouri
Jim Robert Hursman was born September 4, 1927 in Vandalia Missouri, to Mosie and Pearl (Goins) Hursman. Jim attended Vandalia Schools.  As a young boy, he sold the Saturday Evening Post and Cloverine Salve, and he had a paper route and delivered the St. Louis Democrat on his bike.  Jim attended the Methodist Church.  There was talk of building a New Methodist Church, and all the Sunday School Classes had a contest for the children to draw a picture of what they thought the new church would look like.  Jim Hursman's picture took first place.  The first part of the new church at 201 North Jefferson resembles the picture that Jim drew.  Jim was around 11 years old when he went to work for Fred Detienne at the Vandalia Leader office, operating the little press that they used to print sale bills, auction notices and movie schedules.  He learned to set type and run the press that printed the Vandalia Leader and operate the folder.  He quit over a dispute about wages and got a job at the Vandalia Mail, but the day he was supposed to go to work, Waters Furniture Store caught fire and also burned the Vandalia Mail office.  In the early 1940's Jim helped Fred Detienne on the last cattle drive through Vandalia.  The cattle drive started from the old city park (in the area of the Pete Steiner Reservoir) through town, down Route W and south of town to Fred Detienne's farm.  At the age of 16 Jim left vandalia and went to Rock Island, Illinois, where he got a job at Farmall WOrks delivering mail.  He left there and went to International Harvester Works in East Moline, Illinois where he became a millwright;  he became a millwright supervisor and retired in 1986.  In 1947 Jim married Vera Clingingsmith in Geneseo, Illinois.  They have three children; Darla Jean, Robert Earl, and Cheryl Ann.  Jim passed away June 26, 1993, at the age of 66.
(both articles were submitted to the paper by Archie and Phyllis Hursman) 

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