In the year 1856, Jacob Weber and Elizabeth Sand Weber left their home in Grosenbuseck Hessen Darmstadt Germany . And came to America with them was their family of five sons Henry, Conrad, William, Philip, Christopher, and two daughters Katherine, and Margaret.  Christopher Weber died not long after their arrival.

  After spending 60 days on the water they landed in New York and came by rail to Geneseo Illinois .  Jacob Weber and a friend Henry Dremer started on a 10 mile walk to the home of Phillip Sand a brother of Mrs. Weber.  While crossing the river on the ice they fell through and barely escaped with their lives.  At Mr.Sand's they secured a conveyance to bring the rest of the family, that is all but Katherine who found work in Chicago .

  The family lived with relatives until a two room log cabin could be built on the land that they bought in 1857.  It was in Loraine Township 10 miles northeast of Geneseo. They lived in this cabin for 20 years.  Henry & Conrad served in the Civil War. Henry was in the 14th IL Cavalry. Conrad was in the 15th IL Infantry.  Henry was captured at Macon GA and put in Andersonville prison.  He was exchanged for southern soldiers.  Henry married Susan Ott.  They had eight children;  Freeman, Mary, George, Cora, Samuel, Susan, Mabel and Phillip.  later Henry married Caroline Papenthein.  They had six children; Henry, Jacob, Edward, Herman, Casper , and Lydia .

From the Henry County History Book

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