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Apr. 15, 2013

Robin Pardus and Fama Prokup have submitted more Geneseo Vitals. They have also submitted 40 new obituaries and more death notices, newspaper stories and weddings. These two ladies are fabulous!! They contribute so much to this site!

Denise Border has transcribed 30 new biographies. Thank you all of your help Denise!

Bob Lager and Linda Matthews have generously submitted pictures of Carl Lager's General Sore in Geneseo and a notice of Carl Lager running for State Senator. In the following weeks I'll be adding information to the Lager family history that Linda and Bob have contributed.

Oct. 31, 2013

More obituaries, newspaper stories, weddings and death notices submitted by Robin Pardus and Fama Prokup. A huge "thank you" to both of you wonderful ladies!

More Bishop Hill maps submitted by Bob Nelson. Thanks Bob!!

Marcia Moran Jacobson has submitted a newpaper article on Marie Sandblock plus a picture of Marie and one of Lena Sandblack. Thanks so much Marcia!!

Dennis Krebbs has generously submitted two obits for Edward F. Nass. I sure appreciate it Dennis!


Feb. 14, 2014

Pat Ruiz has submitted a memory card for Huldah G. Hutchinson. Thanks so much Pat!

Business directory for Kewanee in 1905/1906 includes, City officials, Churches, mail carriers, schools and clubs.

New updated databases for Bollen, Ebeneezer, McHenry, Morristown, Spring Creek and St. Johns cemeteries compiled by Robin Pardus and Fama Prokup. These include obits and other important information.Such imortant work ladies!!

More obituaries, newspaper stories, weddings and death notices submitted by Robin Pardus and Fama Prokup.

Aug. 14, 2014

News Briefs or Cambridge and Orion

30 new obituaries submitted by Robin Pardus and Fama Prokup. Thanks my dear ladies!!

Weddings and Death Notices submitted by Robin and Fama also.

Some new mystery pictures submitted. Please take a look!

Lilly Setterdahl has written an new book about Swedes in Cleveland. A great read even if your ancestors ren't from Cleveland!!

Robin Pardus has submitted pictures of her class at Millikin and Wildermuth Schools. Thanks Robin!

Mar. 13, 2015

Charlene Deutsch has submitted many "mystery pictures". Take a look and see if you recognize anyone then contact Charlen or Robin Pardus. Thansk so much Charlene!!

Robin Pardus and Fama Prokup have submitted databases for Ebeneezer, Pink Prairie, Edford, McHenry, Lorraine, Morristoen and Spring Creek Cemeteries. These databases contain a wealth of information and also obits. Thank you Fama and Robin for all that you do!!!

Many death notices and weddings and obits have been added courtesy of Fama and Robin.



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