Judge George Wait

Geneseo Attorney-at-Law; born in Windham Co. Vt.; came to this county 1855; Rep; married Hattie N. Wells, of Conn. May g, 1859; has three daughters, Hattie M. Laura N. and Ruth; Judge Wait graduated at Wesleyan University, Conn. Class of '54; was elected firs: Mayor of Geneseo, was re-elected; held the office of County Judge for six years; he also was commissioned Collector by Governor Yates early in 1864; he was a member of the Constitutional Convention that framed the Constitution of 1870; has been member State Central Committee; went to Springfield and procured the charter of Geneseo.



Geneseo, Retired farmer; born in Sumner Co. Tenn, Nov 23,1814;came to Henry Co.1836, wife was Susanna Stewart, born Jan.23,1819,married March 6,1839, has four children, Mr. Allan spent the winter of 1836-37 at Vandalia where the Legislature then met and succeeded in getting Henry County set apart from Knox, he was also the first County and Circuit Clerk of Henry County, has filled the office of County Judge in 1850, he was elected to State Legislature to assist in getting a charter for C.R.I.&P.Railroad, and strange as it may seem Mr. Alan informed us it was a difficult matter to obtain, as the Governor and many of the leading men of the state were much afraid that a railroad constructed in the vicinity of the canal would prove detrimental to the detrimental to the interests of the state. Mr. Allan also held the honor of teaching the first school in the county.



Editor Henry County avtcv,-, Geneseo; born in Shafer's Valley. Perry Co. Pa. Feb. I, 1851; came to III. in early life; educated at Farm Ridge Seminary, LaSalle Co.; commenced profession of journalist at the age of seventeen as a contributor to the NorthwestAdvocate of Chicago, afterwards to various Eastern literary periodicals; filled position of reporter on Chicago city papers some time; commenced the editorship of the Nevus at the age of twenty-three, which paper he still control; Mr. Kiner has contributed various articles poetical and prose to prominent Eastern journals, some of which have received very favorable criticism from eminent literary writers, one a personal letter from the poet, Henry W, Long fellow.




Retired, Geneseo; born Greene Co. N. Y. Oct. 7, 1805; came to Co. 1852; Democratic in politics;-maintains the doctrine of individual and state sovereignty; Humanitarian and Freethinker in religion; his wife was Harriet Rice, of N. Y.; she died Jan. 14; 1862; second wife was Mrs. Maria S. Mathews, of Oawego Co. N.Y., married March 2, 1871. Mr. Munson was the original proprietor of the present business part of the town. The township of Munson , Henry Co. was named after him. He formerly edited the Geneseo Republic ; it was then neutral in politics. He was the first President of Town Council; was Justice of the Peace many years.

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