Pleasant View Church. This church is located four miles northeast of the Town of Galva, in Galva Township, and was built at a cost of 1,000; completed and dedicated Nov. 26, 1816. The members first met for religious meetings at the house of Daniel May, and were organized in the Fall of 1876, at the residence of Geo. Huffman, about a quarter of a mile west of where the church now stands.

Some of the original members were Daniel May, Geo. Huffman, R. D. Sprague, R. Huffman, Mahaly Sprague, J. Wilson, Mason Huffman, Margaret Wilson, Nancy Huffman, Hannah Huffman, Mary White, Lizza Huffman.

There are at present seventeen members who are under the ministerial care of Rev. Barnard Wagner. At present there is no Sabbath-school.

METHODIST. Organized June 26, 1855. First board of trustees, Isaac M. Witter, John T. Carran, Isaac E. Denis, Amos Denis, William Pierce, John B. Nixon, Norman E. Pomeroy. In 1857 an edifice was erected costing three thou­sand dollars. In 1881, an edifice costing fourteen thousand dollars was erected. Rev. John Morey was first minister.

CONGREGATIONAL. Organized September 15, 1855. Charter members, George Farr, Rebecca Farr, Charlotte M. Cholette, George Fairla inb, William H. Fair lamb, Henry H. Parker, Mary Fairlamb, Hannah Carrigan, Thomas and M. E. Harrison. Elizabeth J. Hill, George Hill, Jr. Rev. S. G. Wright was first called. In 1856 an edifice was built. This was sold in 1866 to the Free Methodists, and a new building costing twelve thousand dollars was dedicated May 29, 1869.

SWEDISH LUTHERAN. Organized 1869. Church edifice cost three thousand dollars. Rev. P. M. Sandquist, first pastor.

FREE METHODIST. Organized 1866. First pastor, Rev. D. W. Drake.

BAPTIST. Organized 1855. Charter members, William L. Wiley, Mrs. Louise Wiley, H. D. Ward, Mrs. Angelina Ward, J. M. Carson, Mrs. Ann D. Carson, Mrs. Margaret Bushnell, Mrs. Dorothy Getty, Henry H. Clark, 0. P. Bigelow. First edifice built 1856, cost two thousand dollars. Second edifice 1867, cost twenty-five thousand dollars. First pastor, Rev. M. H. Negus.

EPISCOPAL. Organized 1866. First edifice 1868, cost eight hundred dollars. Charter members, Mr. and Mrs. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Whipple, S. M. Etter and wife, Mrs. Sowers, Mrs. Trowbridge, Mrs. McKane, C. J. Whipple, Mrs. Pernell, Mrs. Hoyt, L. P. Edson. First rector, Rev. Tiffard. S. M. Etter was for years state superintendent of schools for Illinois. He was a prominent member of this church.


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