The Galva Standard was established in August, 1881, by Messrs. Frank M. Riggen and Thomas F. McKane. In politics it is Greenback, and it ably advocates the principles of that party. It is a 48-column, 6-page paper. One side was printed in Chicago for a time. Upon the 1st of November, 1881, Mr. McKane retired from the firm, Mr. Riggen conducting the business alone, and employing B. H. Galleher as editor. In April, 1882, E. E. Eagan was engaged as editor, and discharged the duties of that position until November, 1883, when.T. F. McKane again "put on the harness.February 1, 1883, McKane purchased an interest in the paper, and since that time has had the entire management of the office.

In August, 1883, the size of the paper was changed to a 5-column quarto, and is now printed entirely at home on a Henry cylinder press. The body type used is bourgeois, brevier and minion. The office enjoys a very fair advertising and job patronage.

The Standard office is located in the basement of the Olson block, which was fitted up especially for it. The personnel of the office is Riggen & McKane, proprietors; T. F. McKane, editor; Carrie West and Mattie Husted, compositors; Jay Johnson, apprentice. May it live long and prosper in its "Greenback " harvests.


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