The first election was held at Brandenburg 's Tavern on June 19, 1837 , to elect three county commissioners, sheriff, coroner, surveyor and recorder. Judges of election were John P. Hanna, Charles Atkinson, and Roderick R. Stewart. James M. Allan and Arba M. Seymour were clerks.

The entire list of voters in the order in which they voted: George Brandenburg, Samuel Sullivan, David Wiley, Washington B. Colbert, Samuel Withrow, John L. Smith, Thos. R. Saunders, Smith Bennett, John McLinn, Henry Sullivan, Jas. Withrow, Neely Withrow, George A. Colbert, Edward C. Hall, Preston Browning, Alfred Beck, George Tyler, George Goyer

Edward A. Mix, Thos. Miller, William Hite, Elisha Cone, Cromwell K. Bartlett, Wm. C. Bartlett, William H. Hubbard, John Sullivan, Henry G. Little, Ithamar Pillsbury, Eben Townsend, Albert Jagger, William S. Woolsey, Adrian Van Winkle, Alfred Ball, Thos. Glenn, Earl P. Aldrich, Stephen Marshall

Anthony Hunt, Solomon Penny, Caleb Pillsbury, Jesse Woolsey, Wm. Potts, Samuel Clark, Jerome Brittain, Ebenezer Walters. Joshua Browning, Geo. McHenry, Robt. McCullough, Jas. P. Dodge, Wm. McNevin, Philip K. Hanna, Joshua Harper, Rufus Hubbard, John P. Hanna, Chas. Atkinson, Roderick R. Stewart, Jas. M. Allan, Arba M. Seymour, Reuben Cone.

History of Henry County

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