Edford Township is in the northwest part of the county. Its northern boundary is nearly traversed from side to side by the track of the Chicago & Rock Island Railroad. A short distance north of the railroads is Green River, as it passes through Hanna Township in nearly a direct general line running west in the lower tier of sec­ tions.

Edford is bounded on the west by Colona Township and on the north by Hanna,—two of the first settled places in the county, unless Edford itself,— which there is no doubt but that it can lay claim to being the second settled point after Colona.

There were very few additions to these early settlers that are enumerated elsewhere until 1852, when the conviction weat abroad that the rai'road was going 10 be built, and those who knew about where its line must run through the township moved in, and secured themselves farms and homes.

The township is rich in agricultural and mineral resources ; portions of it were in the Green River swamps, that are now drained and made into splendid farms. Other portions again are quite rolling and parts bluffy, but underlying these are rich and inexhaustible veins of coal and fire clay.



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